Father’s Day 2018


happy father’s day to the most amazing daddy! 

jeffrey, you love us fiercely, lead our family so very well, point us to jesus, encourage us in all we do, and works so very hard to support us and spoil us.

you are the very best part of us, and we love you very much! 

and it has certainly been a sweet day celebrating jeffrey, pops and uncle jeremy with a day at the beach, swimming at the pool, golf carting around the island, and enjoying family time together!


Dance Recital Weekend 2018

2 days… 6 times she took the stage… 2 “let’s go to the movies” recitals… 2 ensemble performances… 1 “wizard of oz” ballet… 1 beautiful and graceful “poppy”… 1 “incredible” superhero jazz dance… and 1 awesome darth vader, who totally killed it in his hip hop routine!

this girl is the absolute happiest when she is dancing, and we are so very proud of her love and commitment to dance!

way to go, our dancing queen!

more may memories…

oh, may! you will full and crazy and fun and so very, very sweet! and in the midst of so many big moments in may, we also made some more great may memories…

National Foster Care Month


Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Today is the last day of National Foster Care Month, and I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to say thank you to our family and friends who didn’t ask to be on this journey with us, but have loved us and helped us and supported us and come along side us as we have opened our hearts and home to foster children, and especially J over the last 15 months. It truly does take a village, especially with four kids and all that entails, and we are so very grateful for the village that we have around us.

J has now been with us for 15 months, and he just finished his first year of pre-k. He has come so very far in the past year, and he’s always adding new words to his vocabulary and learning new things. He loved riding the bus to school, playing on the playground, and doing centers in class. He loves puzzles and games, and always wants to be outside. He definitely knows how to push the limits, and he’s the slowest eater ever. His hair has gotten shorter and shorter, and he’s gotten so tall too! He loves to swim and be in the water, he’s always asking for his “bading soup.” The kids absolutely love to aggravate him, and they always argue over who gets to help put him to bed or wake him up from his nap. He follows their every move and always wants to be right in the action! We are always praying for his caseworkers, DSS, and for J’s forever family! The journey is long and hard, but it is sweet and beautiful and worth it all!

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

“We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.” –Ronald Reagan


Friday morning we left the rainy weather in Columbia and went down to the Isle of Palms for the most perfect day! The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the beach was not crowded at all. And taking 8 kids to the beach is a dream, because they all play together, and they had the best time playing in the sand, boogie boarding, jumping waves, and digging holes! And I, of course, enjoyed getting to spend time with two of my dear friends, Jen and Holly! It was the sweetest day!

T-ball was cancelled for Saturday because of all the rain we’ve had recently, so we enjoyed an unexpected Saturday morning at home! Anna Claire and Charlie got to come down and play for a bit, and they all had fun playing Clue with Jeffrey! We grabbed lunch at Five Guys Saturday afternoon, and then Sarah Ann attended Ensemble auditions while Reece and Carson went to Hannah’s swimming birthday party! Saturday evening, Jeffrey grilled out for dinner, the kids all took their baths and showers, and we headed to bed early before another fun day!

Jeremy, Melanie, and Annalee came into town on Sunday to celebrate Pops’ 60th birthday, so after church, lunch, and cleaning our rooms, we headed over to Nanny and Pops’ house to swim and hang out! We had cupcakes to celebrate Pops’ birthday and Krispy Kreme doughnuts to celebrate Carson’s preschool graduation! Sunday evening we headed downtown to the Fireflies game! Pops got to throw out the first pitch for his birthday, and we also got picked to be the “coolest family at the game!” We all had such a fun night together watching the game, eating dinner, bouncing, hanging out, seeing the fireworks and running the bases!


After a super fun Sunday, we all enjoyed a bit of a lazy morning sleeping in a bit before heading out for the day! We went to Lifeway to sign up for their Summer R.E.A.D. program, and then went back to Nanny and Pops’ house! It was cool and cloudy, but that didn’t stop the kids from swimming and playing outside! We also grilled out for lunch and got to experience quite the “show” put on by the cousins before heading out to the lake. We spent the rest of the day at the lake with Grandpa and Ning. The sun broke through the clouds for a little while and we got to swing on Grandpa’s new swing, take a nice boat ride around the lake, and swim for a little while too! After dinner, the kids also got to take a golf cart ride, which they always love to do, and we ended up getting soaked in the rain that came through! It was quite the fun ending to a sweet family day!

It was a wonderful, long Memorial day weekend, and as we enjoyed our time together with family and friends, we are thankful for those that serve and have served, and remember those that died for the many freedoms that we have each and every day!

Carson’s Preschool Graduation

First day of preschool (Fall 2015) and last day of preschool (Spring 2018)!

Tonight was the end of an era for the Broadwell family! After having one of our sweet babies at St. Stephen’s since the fall of 2010, our final baby boy graduated tonight! He has been so excited the last couple of weeks leading up to graduation. They have practiced daily and worked so hard on their songs, and all day long he couldn’t wait until it was time to go to school and graduate! He smiled all day long!

The graduation was so very sweet, and Carson looked beyond adorable in his cap and gown! He was so proud to be standing up on stage, singing songs with his friends, and receiving his diploma! And we, of course, are so very proud of our big boy and how much he has learned and grown during his time at St. Stephen’s!

We have loved every minute of being at St. Stephen’s Preschool! We are so very thankful for Mrs. Beth, all of the teachers and staff, and all of the sweet friends that we have made while we are there! And while it’s going to be very odd to not drop anyone off at preschool next fall, we are so excited about having Carson officially join us at Broadwell Academy! I sure am grateful that I get to be his Mommy and his teacher! Kindergarten, here we come!

Broadwell Academy, May 2018

We only had two weeks of school left to do in May, and they absolutely flew by! We finished up Social Studies with the three branches of government and making our very own SC history timeline, with some of our most memorable events. We also finished up our final science unit with a review game day and awesome grades on their final test! We read “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” listened to the “Wayside School” series, signed up for the summer reading program, and made muffins to take to the librarians to thank them for always being so patient and kind when we check out half of the library at one time! We finished our writing, spelling, handwriting, and grammar studies, and ended our school year with another sweet poetry tea time! Carson also finished his alphabet activities that he had been working on throughout the year. Sarah Ann competed her Minecraft math review, and Reece was so excited when he finished his math curriculum! He loves him some math! May was a sort of catch up and finish up month, but the kids worked hard all the way until the end! It seemed a bit surreal when we celebrated our last day, because this year flew by quicker than ever! Maybe after four years, we had finally figured out some sort of groove, and we really had the most fun year together! I am so very thankful that the Lord has entrusted me to be their Mommy and their teacher!

Broadwell Academy, April 2018

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of summer break for the biggest two, and now are looking forward to Carson and Jordan’s final week of school this upcoming week, and then we’ll be in full time summer mode! And boy are we ready!

But before I get to far ahead of myself and fully into summer, we’ve got a few more weeks of school to remember! We took the the first week of April off for spring break, but the rest of April was filled with lots of field trips, lots of learning, and lots of fun!

We continued on with our normal course work with handwriting, spelling, first language lessons, reading eggspress, and writing with ease, and our morning routine with that has worked really well this year. We also read “The Pirate and the Peanut Butter Problem,” for our chapter book read-aloud and listened to “Summer According to Humprey” in the van. For our poetry tea time, the kids all recited a poem they memorized this year in FLL, and Carson recited the Lord’s Prayer. Poetry tea time has been such a simple addition to our homeschool month, but it is one of their absolute favorites! Math is always moving along, and we’re always learning something new and reviewing what we’ve already learned. This month involved multiplication, division, money, graphing, measuring, fractions, and so much more! In Social Studies we continued down our South Carolina timeline and covered from reconstruction to today, and ended the month learning about the three branches of government. We spent at field trip friday at the SC State Museum reviewing our South Carolina history, which the kids loved! We also spent a warm field trip Friday at Waterfall Junction with some of our friends, and another field trip Friday at the park having field day with co-op! Speaking of co-op, Fluffles got to come visit Reece’s animal class in April, and we also had our spring showcase and where some of their art was on display! Sarah Ann, who we all know loves to be on stage, choreographed her own piece of “A Million Dreams” and danced in the talent part of the evening too. In science at co-op (and at home), we finished up our electromagnetic energy unit in April. We learned x-rays, heat waves, sound waves, and music. We had fun getting to explore those different types of waves and doing some experiments for us to see how they work! We also took a fun day trip with co-op down to Bee City! The kids learned all about the honey bee process, got to feed lots of the rescued animals, and explore the fun little zoo! The lemurs would eat right out of your hand! And all the animals were so excited to get their food! It was a cold, but super fun day away! With April having Earth day, we spent time at the park after field day picking up litter and trash. Our crew is pretty good about making sure things get in the trash can, but they always can’t believe it when they are able to collect so much trash so quickly when they slow down and actually look for it. Plus, they always make it a game to see who can collect the most trash and who finds the most interesting pieces of trash. And finally, we also studied “Swan Lake” this month with our Maestro classics. We enjoyed listening to it several times and doing some activities that go along with the music and the story. Plus getting to watch some of the ballet was the cherry on top of another month at Broadwell Academy!

a lot of “lasts”

last monday sarah ann and reece had their last day of co-op for the semester! i think we all had mixed emotions about it, ha! we were definitely happy to not have to wake up so early on monday mornings, but sad to see another semester with our wonderful co-op friends come to an end! the kids had a great semester, and they are already thinking about what classes they want to take next semester! and we are so excited that carson will be there with us next year too! we are so very thankful for our co-op and all of the wonderful mommas who teach and lead!


wednesday the kids also had their last awana for the year! carson completed his cubbie book, and they all did so awesome repeating all their verses on stage! he has learned so much and had an awesome two years in cubbies! and now he can’t wait to be upstairs with sarah ann and reece next year! sarah ann completed her first t&t book, and she has learned so much and worked so hard this year! she really enjoyed the time with jeffrey studying the bible and digging into the scripture! reece completed his final spark book and received the sparky award for memorizing 150 verses over the past 3 years! jordan also loved puggles, and jeffrey and i loved our date nights out!


sarah ann and reece made it to their 180 days of school last friday, and we couldn’t have been more thankful and more excited! they worked so hard this past year as we learned and grew and explored and experimented and travelled and helped each other! it’s always hard to start back to school after christmas and at some point i usually think “i’m not sure if we’re cut out for this,” but the lord is always so faithful! and we pressed on and persevered, and this was probably our favorite year as of yet! we really got into a groove and finished strong, and for that i am so very grateful! we celebrated our last day of school by finishing up a few assignments, having an end of the year/summer poetry tea time, taking another trip to the strawberry patch, and enjoying a treat at menchie’s!

lots of activities have been winding down, and we also had our last soccer games on saturday morning! all three teams had big wins, and they all three ended the season undefeated again! this momma is so very proud of her babies and how hard they play and work together with their teams. we are thankful for such awesome coaches (especially daddy) and their wonderful teammates! everyone is moving up next fall, and we know that it’s just going to get more and more fun!


this past tuesday carson also had his last preschool field trip ever! thankfully the rain held off for a bit, and we got to walk from preschool to the palmetto collegiate center to celebrate the summer birthdays. he had so much fun with this sweet classmates, and thanks to some of our sweet friends, i got to join him, and he so loved the one-on-one time with his momma!


and lastly, wednedsay morning was the last morning that it will just be sarah ann, reece and me, since preschool is quickly coming to an end for carson and jordan. he are so excited about all the fun that summer will bring, and we can’t wait for carson to be more involved with all of our homeschooling next year, but these past three years of having some school time and fun time with my big two have been such a treat! and i am forever thankful that i get to be their mommy and their teacher!