spring break getaway

movies and games and snacks in the car with our awesome travelers. a sibling sleepover in annalee’s room. lots of snuggles and cuddles and playing with annalee! lunch at chickfila, ice cream, and a really fun trip to the park with our friends. lots of sweet sunshine and beautiful weather. an afternoon at catch air with nanny and annalee. lots of jumping, spinning around, climbing and fun! dinner at the varsity, reecey’s choice. a little triple party for nanny, aunt melanie, and reecey. and of course new star wars legos. sleeping in. everyone wanting to hold annalee. a trip to the atlanta zoo with cousins! lots of animals, lots of smiles, lots of snacks, lots of excitement. an absolutely beautiful day spent outside. a quick and easy trip home. and we’re all happy to be back home with daddy! our little spring break getaway to atlanta to spend time with our family was such a treat! we can’t wait to go back again soon!

Easter Excitement!

We have spent the last 11 days doing an Easter activity each day and opening one of our resurrection eggs each night before bed. Sarah Ann has done a wonderful job reading the story each night and leading us in our Easter devotion time. I have loved hearing the kids talk about the true meaning of Easter, ask tough questions, and ponder in their hearts and minds what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. And praise God, like Carson always says, “He’s not in the tomb anymore!”

Here’s a little peak into some of our Easter fun…

  • Having a picnic on the back porch and reading all of our Easter book during lunch!
  • Making Easter pictures to send to Granny and NaMe.
  • Decorating Easter cookies with Daddy on Friday night.
  • Last Saturday I gave everyone an Easter Lego Challenge. Daddy made the empty tomb, Sarah Ann made three crosses, Reece made an Easter egg, and Carson had fun playing!
  • Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday!
  • We made Easter goody bags to give to friends.
  • Tuesday we painted tape-resist crosses. They turned out so great, and I love how different each kids’ painting turned out.
  • We had an early dinner in the living room and watched an Easter movie before Awana.
  • We went on an Easter walk where we had to find things outside that helped us tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Friday we spent the afternoon at Fox Farm riding horses, going on a hay ride, seeing the animals, playing on the playground, and hunting for eggs with Anna Claire and Charlie. We also went to the Good Friday service at church last night.
  • Today we dyed and decorated our eggs, and as Reece was added some Easter stickers to his eggs, he summed up all of our fun so perfectly, “Easter isn’t about chicks and bunnies, it’s about Jesus!”

So tonight, the Easter baskets are filled, the new Easter clothes are laid out, and our hearts are excited to celebrate what Easter is all about– that Jesus is alive! Happy Easter, everyone!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 27 and 28

Week 27: Whoo! The time change definitely threw us all for a loop, so Monday definitely called for Sonic after a morning of co-0p, preschool, and a trip to the park! Tuesday and Wednesday we enjoyed lots of time outside in between on school work. In science we finished up our human body unit learning about the five senses, and the kids favorite part was definitely taste testing different things! Wednesday we also began our 12 days of Easter activities by doing our reading while having lunch out in the backyard! Thursday we had lots of St. Patrick’s day fun in the morning and did our school lessons in the afternoon. Sarah Ann was so excited to start multiplication, and Reece was super happy to have reached the point in his math curriculum where he has fact sheets to do every day just like his big sister! On Friday, Carson spent the morning with with Nanny and the triplets while the big kids and I spent the morning seeing Columbia City Ballet perform Alice in Wonderland. We had front row seats to the awesome production, and the kids had such a great time! Sarah Ann then spent the rest of the day dancing around the house! Friday afternoon we finished up some school work and the big kids both made 100s on their math tests! Sunday evening Daddy did the kids social studies lessons with them, and we finished up our midwest study learning about South Dakota and Wisconsin. We also made homemade butter while discussing Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Wisconsin prairies she lived on and inspired her books.

Week 29: Monday at co-op Reece learned about desert animals and made constellations in space class. Sarah Ann’s lego class made Easter inspired creations, and her chorus class is working on two songs that she loves to sing all the time! Monday afternoon we spent some time discussing spring. We made our spring bucket list, used our five senses to describe spring, and wrote and illustrated our favorite spring things. Tuesday called for the library, a few errands, and a beautiful early afternoon outside catching bugs, picking flowers, and enjoying a picnic. Reece has been working so hard on his reading, and Tuesday afternoon he read me all of his sight word books! Wednesday was a pretty laid back school day in-between a Bible study, preschool, time at the park, and Awana. Thursday we spent the morning out and about, so we did our school assignments in the afternoon again after quiet time. The kids worked so hard this week pushing through to spring break! We finished up school today, and the kids both finished levels on Reading Eggs and made 100s on their quizzes! Sarah Ann also had a poem memorization review, and she did perfect! We finished up our day with money and subtraction number sentences in math and reviewed all of the midwest states and capitals in social studies!

And now spring break is here! We are looking forward to a week off of our routine, but still sneaking in a couple of days of school with some field trip fun! And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, only 7 weeks to go!

A Peek into Broadwell Academy, Part 4



Two weekends ago my friend, Lil, and I travelled up to Greenville to attend the southeast homeschool convention. It was such a treat to spend the day spending time with Lil and visiting with my dear friend, Shelly. We also had the opportunity to hear and meet two of our favorite homeschooling mommas, Sarah MacKenzie and Heidi St. John. My mind is still processing all that we heard and all of the curriculum that we looked at in the exhibition hall. But the convention always comes at the most perfect time, just when we are trying to push through and finish a school year, the time at the convention always restores the excitement and gets me ready for even more! Plus, being a homeschooling momma doesn’t always allow a lot of time away, so it was a nice change of pace for the day and a blessing to have a bit of time to recharge.

And all of it would have not been possible without Jeffrey, Nanny and Pops! Of course the one day that I’m going away, the kids have 2 birthday parties to go to! But, just like they say, it takes a village, and I’m so thankful for their help and being willing to take the kids wherever they needed to be, so that I could spend the day in Greenville!

Now here we are with just over 7 weeks left of school, and I already can’t wait until next year! It’s crazy what the homeschool convention will do to you!

Welcome, spring!

Sarah Ann and Carson had their first soccer games on Saturday morning. Carson was pretty shy at the beginning, but he warmed up by the end and had lots of fun! He’s the tiniest little one out there, but he’s also the cutest!



Sarah Ann had an absolute blast during her game! She is not scared to get in there at all and get after the ball. She said that she prefers playing offense over defense, but she had a great time and played the whole game! It’s fun seeing some of her competitive spirit come out!



After a restful afternoon, the kids chose Smashburger for dinner and we enjoyed eating outside. The kids favorite part is always the milkshakes that Daddy gets them!


Sunday wasn’t your typical spring day, but it was a great day nevertheless! Carson was feeling a bit under the weather Saturday night, so he and Jeffrey slept in and rested on Sunday morning. The big kids and I went to church and to lunch at San Jose, and then all the kids spent the afternoon seeing Cinderella with Nanny and Pops. A local theatre was putting on the production, and the kids loved it! Here they are enjoyed a snack during the intermission…


We recently discovered the show “Little Big Shots” on NBC, and the kids have been waiting all week to watch it again. So last night we cuddled up in the living room to watch the newest episode. The kids think it is so fun! It was a sweet ending to our first spring weekend!

Today we spent a bit of time this afternoon talking about spring, and we created our spring bucket list! We are looking forward to lots of fun this upcoming season, and I love all the ideas the kids come up with! Sweet spring, other than your pollen, we are so glad you are here!


The Books of the Bible

This year in Awana, Sarah Ann had to learn the Old Testament books of the Bible and Reece had to learn the New Testament books. We found two super fun songs on You Tube to learn them to, and of course Carson loved listening and dancing to the songs with his big brother and big sister over and over again. And even though it’s been a few weeks since they completed this part at Awana, they still sing the songs all the time. This evening while we were getting ready for bed, Reece said “Mommy, can we sing the songs and then you can put them on the internet?” Um, what? But sure! So here you go…

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 25 and 26

We are just keeping on, keeping on….

The big kids are progressing right along with our math, reading, language arts, sight words, spelling, and handwriting. Most of these subjects are pretty cyclical, so we are continuously learning something new and reviewing things we’ve already learned.

Week 25: We spent a lot of time outside this week! The weather was just so beautiful! Monday was Leap day, and the kids learned all about Leap day in circle time at co-op. Tuesday we went to the park with some of our sweet friends and enjoyed exploring down by the creek. Wednesday was a fairly laid back day, and we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by reading some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, creating our own version of “Cat in the Hat” hats, and using green eggs and ham to review some of our recent math concepts. We’re continuing through the midwest in Social studies, and this week we learned about Missouri and Nebraska. We also started a human body study this week with our Magic School Bus science kits, and we made a lung model one afternoon and then learned how the heart pumps blood with a balloon heart model over the weekend with Daddy. Friday we also took a field trip to see Zootopia with some of our friends, and then did our school work in the afternoon.

Week 26: March was now in full force, and this week was on the go and lots of fun! Monday we had co-op, which we always love! Reece’s yoga class went outside to do their exercises, our animal class learned about the African Savanna and all the animals that live there, and he finished up learning about the plants in his space class. Sarah Ann’s lego class made food creations, our art class created our own versions of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, and her chorus class is working on a new song to sing at the end of the semester! Tuesday we took a field trip to the governor’s mansion, which was absolutely beautiful! Wednesday we met friends at the park for a wonderfully, well spent afternoon in the sun, and then finished up our math lessons before Awana. Thursday morning we went with our co-op to work at God’s Storehouse after getting to spend the night with Nanny. For science we did a few activities that showed us how our bones, muscles, and joints work together to help us move! And Friday we spent most of the day at the zoo! The kids requested a scavenger hunt again, and we had so much fun riding the carousel, train, and ponies! We ended our week with an afternoon of school, and then decided to do our SS work over the weekend. We learned some facts about North Dakota and Ohio, and we used oreos to make the phases of the moon since Neil Armstrong is from Ohio!

Our Disney Dream Come True, Day 7

Well here we are on our final day of our magical trip to Disney World…

And although we were sad to be heading home this day, it was nice to not have to wake up so early! We enjoyed sleeping in a bit, leisurely getting ready, and packing up all of our belongings. We loved our little home away from home for the week!

Before leaving our resort, we made one last trip the playground to play and fill up our mugs at the food court. The kids thought filling up their mugs by themselves was so much fun! We then said goodbye to Aruba and the beautiful Caribbean beach resort, but don’t you worry, we’ll be back!

Our final stop on our trip was to Disney Springs! We had talked with the kids at the beginning of our trip that we would wait and do our souvenir shopping when we were at Disney Springs, and they really did not ask for anything while we were at any of the parks. But today was the day, and Reece couldn’t wait to go to the Lego store! Sarah Ann and Carson also had fun picking out their gifts at the “World of Disney!” There is just so much to choose from! Sarah Ann was so happy to have Malificent ears and some Disney babies, Carson decided on a big Sven and baby Simba, and of course Reece picked Star Wars Legos. Disney Springs also has it’s own Sanuk store, so Daddy treated his girls to some new sandals! Thank you, Jeffrey! We had lunch at T-Rex, and it was so awesome! The food was delicious, and the kids thought it was so fun that we got to sit right next to the big T-Rex! Every 20 minutes, there was a meteor shower and all of the lights changed all throughout the restaurant. There were also different sections that we got to walk around and see, like an underwater area and an ice cave. After lunch we walked around Disney Springs a bit more and then stopped at Goofy’s candy shop to use up the rest of our snack credits for some candy on the trip home!

The kids were awesome on the way home, probably because they were tired! Carson got a bit antsy a few times, but we did get in some traffic because it rained almost the whole way home. We stopped a couple of times for bathroom breaks and for dinner at Chickfila in Savannah. Mommy was ready to have some real sweet tea again! And even though we were sad that our vacation had come to an end, home is always a great place to be too!

Oh, Disney, you were wonderful! So many precious memories that I will forever hold in my heart! And you better believe I’m already planning our next trip to see Mickey!

Jeffrey, none of this would have been possible without you! Thank you for driving all those miles, carrying and pushing strollers, carrying all the luggage, ordering food, riding rides, waiting in line, waking up early and staying up late, following all my directions, working so hard so that vacations like this are possible, and of course loving us through it all! You’re the best, and we are so very thankful for you!