Disney Dream, Part 4

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–Disney just always does everything better! There was still so much to explore on the boat during our day at sea! There is no way that you can possibly do it all! So, we looked over all of the activities for the day and decided on a few favorite things to do!

After sleeping in a bit and eating breakfast, Jeffrey and the big kids took a trip all around the ship to solve an interactive Muppet mystery. They looked for clues, examined evidence, and found out exactly who did it! It was so neat! They also got to participate in the awesome Jedi Training at the Walt Disney theatre. Everyone got light sabers, robes, and of course got to defend the galaxy and fight Darth Vader! Carson wanted to spend the morning shopping with his Disney gift card and playing in the room. We really enjoyed the downtime together!

Next we met up at the pool and spent more time swimming, riding on the water slides, playing in the reef and eating lunch! We were sad to see our trip coming to an end, but we were definitely going to make the most of the last day! Jeffrey and Carson then went to meet Pluto, while the big kids and I took one more spin on the Aquaduck, and then we all met up at the Buena Vista movie theater on the boat to spend the afternoon watching the Moana sing-a-long! The kids loved it again, and this was the first time Jeffrey got to see it! He really liked it too, and Carson also got a nice little nap in!

The rest of evening was so much fun too! The final show, Believe!, was amazing! It was our family’s favorite! We got to see so many of our favorite characters and experience some of our most favorite Disney songs too! The kids went to the play area again, while Jeffrey and I got ready, and then we had dinner the last night at the Enchanted Garden. It was so beautifully decorated, and the flowers and lights and fountains were so pretty! After dinner the big kids did their souvenir shopping, and then we attended the “See ya real soon!” party in the main lobby. We got to meet several more characters and say goodbye to all our friends on the cruise! And since it was the last night, we let the kids go back to the playroom again for some late night fun and then we ordered room service, just to be able to say that we did! What a fun ending to a magical last day!

Disney Dream, Part 3

Our day at Castaway Cay was simply amazing from beginning to end!

I started off the morning doing the Castaway Cay 5K while the rest of the crew was still sound asleep! It was such a neat thing to be able to do while on vacation! When I got back to the boat, I met Jeffrey and the kids at Cabanas for breakfast. I needed those carbs after that run!

After breakfast we put on our bathing suits and headed down to the island! We spent the day swimming in the ocean, relaxing on the beach, playing in the sand, going down the water slides, snorkeling with Daddy, napping in a hammock, eating a delicious barbecue lunch and lots of ice cream, playing in Scuttle’s cove, shopping for some souvenirs, reading “The Magnolia Story,” and pretty much closing down the island. We all had the best day, and we didn’t want it to end!

When we finally made it back on the ship, we grabbed a snack and some ice cream and spent some more time by the pool as the sun set! We took turns riding the Aquaduck with the big kids and then warming up in the pool with Carson! The pool and slide didn’t have hardly any wait or crowds since it was getting so close to dinner time!

After we were all waterlogged, we went back to our room and got the kids dressed and then they went to play in the Oceaneer Club again while Jeffrey and I got ready! It was so nice that they could have fun playing while we had a little bit of down time too!

Before dinner we went to a special “Pirates in the Caribbean” character show, and we all became official pirates! And of course, Captain Mickey and his crew beat Captain Hook! We had dinner at the Animator’s Palate again on Wednesday night, and everything was pirate themed! Reece had a bit of a rough evening, but after some down time in the room with Jeffrey, we were ready to have more pirate fun! Jack Sparrow made a special appearance on the deck, and he even dropped down from the top of the funnel! He escaped from his enemies, and then there was a big firework celebration! No where else can you see fireworks right from the ship, and Disney always does fireworks the best! Sweet Carson couldn’t hang any longer, and he fell asleep on Jeffrey’s shoulder in the middle of the fireworks show! He was such a trooper! Jeffrey decided to take him back to the room, while I stayed with the big kids for the Club Pirate dance party! They had a late night snack and then danced the night away!

When the party ended at 11:30, we were all exhausted! The big kids were out in no time, and Jeffrey and Carson were already sound asleep! And I definitely went to sleep so very grateful for another wonderful day together!

Disney Dream, Part 2

We woke up Tuesday morning to an absolutely beautiful day in Nassau! We got dressed and headed upstairs to another delicious breakfast at Cabana’s before getting off the boat! The kids couldn’t wait to step into the Bahamas for the first time! They loved all of the sights, sounds, and people!

We spent the late morning on a city tour of Nassau. We visited Fort Fincastle, which had a beautiful view of the city, and of course, the boys liked the cannons! We also visited Queen Anne’s staircase and traveled down all 66 stairs. Our guide took us to see the public library, some of the government buildings, the market, hotels, the prime minister’s office, and we even took a quick stop by the playground and the beach! A playground is always fun, no matter what country you are in! We then hopped back in the taxi for a visit to the Atlantis! Once we made it back to the port area, we did a little souvenir shopping and stopped by the port office to get the kids’ very first stamp on their passports! What an exciting day!

We got back to the boat for a late lunch and then went to a pirate and princess dance party with Jake and Sofia! We have some dancing babies! Next up was more fun in the sun! We put on our bathing suits and headed to the pools! We spent the afternoon swimming, riding the Aquaduck and Mickey Mouse slide, playing in Nemo’s reef, eating ice cream, dancing by the pool, watching a movie on the Funnel Vision, and playing some relay games!

After getting the kiddos dressed, they went to play in the Oceaneer Club while Jeffrey and I got ready for the evening. The kids played in Andy’s room, drove the Millennium Falcon, and saw a silly science show! There was always something fun going on! We picked up the kids to go see the production for the evening, Villians Tonight! It was so good, and it was definitely Sarah Ann’s favorite! We saw lots of our favorite villains including Cruella, Malificent, and Scar! The music, costumes, and theatrics were so very great!

We took the kids back to the room to get bathed and dressed, and then headed down to dinner at the Animator’s Palate! This restaurant was so fun and bright! And the special guests for the evening on all the screens were the characters from Finding Dory. The whole dinner was so fun and interactive, and of course the food was delicious too! And we just couldn’t end our awesome day without seeing Belle before bed! The kids were so excited that even Mommy got to meet her favorite princess! Dreams really do come true!

Disney Dream, Part 1

After pushing through five weeks of work and school and anxiously counting down the days, we work up on Sunday, February 5th ready to head to Florida for our Disney Dream to come true! The kids were so very excited, and they were awesome travelers! We stopped outside of Savannah for lunch at a really fun Mellow Mushroom and then again to get gas near Daytona, and that was it! They watched several of their favorite Disney movies, played on the iPads, played with their toys, read, colored, and made a complete mess of the van! But they were happy nonetheless, and we had a super smooth trip down! Thank you to Jeffrey for doing all the driving too! We made it to our hotel right around dinner time, so we unpacked, ran to Subway to pick up dinner, and then had our very own Super Bowl picnic in our room! And even if we would have preferred for the Atlanta Falcons to win, we all went to bed quite happy to be boarding our cruise the next morning!

Carson woke us all up bright and early on Monday morning because he was ready to go! After breakfast at the hotel, we packed up and loaded up and headed to the boat! Oh, I wish I could accurately describe the kids faces and squeals when they first saw our boat, the Disney Dream! It was so big and so pretty, and it was so fun to see all their excitement! Just like everything else Disney does, they had the boarding well organized, and we even got to meet Captain Mickey right before we boarded the boat!

They welcomed every family on board by name, and the kids were just in complete awe as we walked around the boat! We headed up to eat lunch at Cabanas, the food was absolutely delicious, and everyone was so friendly and helpful! Sarah Ann and Jeffrey couldn’t wait to eat all the shrimp, and the boys were ready for pizza and french fries! After lunch, the kids got on their swimsuits and we spent some time by the pool. The sun was shining, and all of the pools were heated! We also visited the Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab and got the kids all signed up with their magic bands. The Millennium Falcon, Andy’s room, and the Disney Infinity room were big hits!

After the mustard drill, we got to see all of the Disney characters at a big sailing way party! It was so much fun! We took some more time to walk around the boat, grab a snack, and meet Cinderella before going to see “The Golden Mickeys” live stage show! All of the shows were amazing! We were able to see some of our favorite characters and hear some of our favorite songs! Disney just always does everything better! After the show, we got cleaned up and dressed up for our late dinner! Our first night we ate dinner at the Royal Palace, and it was beautiful! The chandeliers had glass slippers, and we were surrounded by princess pictures! The food was great, and the kids really enjoyed meeting the wait staff and doing magic tricks with them. The boys picked steak almost every night, while Sarah Ann liked to mix it up a bit! We finished up our first evening with a quick visit for Minnie, and then we all crashed into bed after a full and fabulous day!

Valentine’s Day 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day from these four sweet little loves! 

It’s been a day filled with dentist appointments, laundry, cleaning up, getting back into the swing of school, our weekly trip to the library and Sonic happy hour, playing outside with friends, karate, and celebrating this sweet and special day with a Taco Tuesday Valentine’s Fiesta!

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a day like today, but there is absolutely no where else I would rather be!

“We love because He first loved us.”


Date Night!


Tonight was date night with our babies, and it was so much fun! 

Jeffrey, Sarah Ann, Devin, and Anna Claire danced the night away literally at the library’s Father/Daughter dance! They enjoyed seeing lots of friends, eating some yummy finger food, and dancing, dancing, and dancing! 

All the boys, Kathy, and I had a fun dinner out at Moe’s with lots of queso, and then some play time and ice cream at Chickfila! It was a great evening of catching up after being out of town all week!

Date nights are so very sweet, and I am so thankful for these precious moments with our babies!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 21-22


These past two weeks of school seem like a big blur that just blew right by. Between Carson’s birthday, the beautiful weather, our weekly activities, and a whole lot more fun in the mix, it’s amazing that we managed to push through! But push through we did! We are now 2/3 of the way done with school and we are ready for vacation!

Week 21: co-op registration, starting new spelling workbooks, star wars reading comprehension, more cursive handwriting, learning about prepositions and adjectives, memorizing poems, parts of the body in spanish, skip counting, telling time, multiplication facts, perimeter and measurement, following a recipe and making brownies, finishing up simple machine with the screw and the pulley, spending lots of time outside, and a picnic at the park to explore and create!

Week 22: doing school work at mcdonald’s and chickfila, learning about articles and abbreviations in english, sloths and little bo peep dictation in spelling, finishing up our europe studies learning about spain, france, and italy, creating sculptures and famous buildings with play dough, reece was determined to finish a series of stories! and he did it! sarah ann completed two more chapter books: a descendants book and a magic treehouse book! in math we learned about mental computation, used pattern blocks, reviewed lots of math facts, and finished the week with great assessments! we also had fun learning about groundhog day on thursday.

4 celebrations for our big 4 year old!

1. We kicked off Carson’s birthday celebrations with a Paw Patrol birthday party at the bowling alley! The kids all had a blast bowling together and eating cake and ice cream! We are so thankful for all of our sweet friends and family who came to love on our sweet boy!

2. After the bowling birthday bash, we spent the evening at Nanny and Pops’ house having a family birthday party with Jeremy, Melanie, and Annalee! Carson picked pizza for dinner, cookie cake for dessert, and a soccer theme! It was a fun evening of visiting, playing, eating, and enjoying family together!

3. Monday Carson was able to celebrate with his sweet preschool class on his actual birthday! He was so excited to go to preschool as a big four year old, and we loved getting to celebrate with him again! He picked out the Peppa Pig plates and napkins and all of the snacks. He was a little shy when everyone was singing to him, but he came out of his shell when he got to pick the Alligator song to sing and dance to at the end of the day!

4. And lastly Carson picked Outback for his family birthday dinner! He’s so much like his Daddy! We had a delicious dinner, and then he was so happy to finally open his presents from us! Carson and Sarah Ann were so excited to give him Peppa Pig’s car, and Carson was excited that he finally got a blanket that Santa forgot to bring him for Christmas!