what you see…

if you look in our living room, you might see carpet stains on the floor and pen mark on the couch. you’ll most likely see fingerprints on the glass and toys hidden under the couches. there are marks on the wall by the shoe basket and sometimes dust on the pictures because it’s one of my least favorite chores. 

but last week when i looked in our living room and saw sarah ann reading to the boys, the Lord gently reminded me again that it’s all about in what i choose to see. and during this stage of life, i will choose to look past the to-do list and what needs to be cleaned, and i’ll embrace these moments with my babies. because they won’t be little forever. and i want to remember that all those messes are worth it, because the stains on the living room floor come from rainy day picnics and movie nights, and pen marks from a certain two year old who always wants to play restaurant. “what you want eat?” the fingerprints come from the excitement of heading outside to jump and swing and play in the sun, and the toys bring the imaginations to life. the princesses visit the superheroes, and mickey mouse usually joins in the fun too. and we’re thankful for shoes in abundance and pictures that represent so many sweet memories. 

so when you come visit, i pray that you won’t see the fingerprints and the stains, but that you will see this sweet season of life that the Lord has so graciously blessed us with, full of memories and moments together. 


Our Little Artist!

This week Sarah Ann attended art camp at a local paint and pour place here in Lexington. The theme for the week was mermaids and pirates, and she had the absolute best time! They made a pirate flag and eye patch, created a treasure map, made a starfish and seashell mobile, painted and glittered seashells, made a message in a bottle with a special message inside for her cousin Annalee, and made several mermaid art pieces including an adorable mermaid on canvas! Her camp had five precious little girls, and they all had so much fun together! And Sarah Ann is already looking forward to going back next summer! Mrs. Stacy, her art teacher, was so complementary of Sarah Ann’s work and said that she was so diligent and dedicated. We are so proud of our sweet girl!





We also got to spend the evening with Mrs. Stacy at our church’s mommy/daughter paint night tonight! We enjoyed pizza with friends and then all painted a cross on canvas. Sarah Ann did such an awesome job, and it was such a fun night! I am always so thankful to spend some one-on-one time with my sweet girl, and painting was such a fun thing to do together!



And while Sarah Ann was at art camp, the boys and I had lots of fun together too, even though they were definitely missing their big sister too! Tuesday we had some friends over to play. Wednesday we went to the library and learned all about animal habitats and ways they protect themselves. The boys especially loved the snake skin and the touching the shark’s teeth! Today the boys and I went swimming at our friends’ house before picking up Sarah Ann from her last day at camp! I am so glad I get to be mommy to my sweet boys, even if their sister is their favorite!



Myrtle Beachin’ it, Part 2!

Sunday was another fun day spent at the pool and the beach! We went to the big pool first and then headed down to the beach until lunch time. Carson was content as long as he had his puddle jumper and toys, and Reece is getting braver and braver in the water! And Sarah Ann is just our little fish, pretty much spending most of her time under the water. And at the beach, Reece and Carson are our snackers and relaxers!

After lunch we went back down for some more fun in the sun! Sarah Ann went down the water slide over and over again, and Reece was much more comfortable with the waves once the tide had gone down. It was such a beautiful and calm afternoon on the beach, and Carson and Jeffrey also got to enjoy a nice nap in the shade!

We finally went inside around 5:30, and Jeffrey was so great to cook us all dinner while everyone else got showered and cleaned up. He made us some delicious spaghetti! Vacations would definitely not be possible without him. Not only does he work so hard to provide for us and treat us, but he also always takes care of all the loading and unloading, carrying bags, cleaning up…and cooking us dinner this time too! Jeffrey, we are so very thankful for you!

After dinner we went out on the town to eat ice cream for national ice cream day and then our family all went to play putt-putt together for the first time while the Hensons went to Broadway at the Beach. Carson was such a trooper, and the big kids did great! Reece even got a whole in one! They were also very happy that we picked the course that had the dinosaur and the castle. Jeffrey, of course, beat us all! It was such a sweet way to end another great day at the beach!

Monday morning after breakfast our crew made one final trip to the lazy river and pools while Jeffrey packed up the car. And then we continued our tradition of spending the day at Broadway at the Beach before heading home! Our first stop was Margaritaville, which is one of the kids’ favorites! They love the food, decor, music, and of course, the hurricane! We spent the rest of our time shopping, getting some candy for the road, and feeding the fish. Thank you, Jeffrey, for all of new shoes and goodies! The boys sure do look stylish in their new sunglasses!

Our time away together always goes by too quickly, but it is always time that I will forever cherish! I am so thankful for the chance to step away from our busy-ness and routines to enjoy time with our family and friends! And don’t you worry, Myrtle Beach, we’ll be back! You can’t keep us Broadwells away from the beach for too long!

Myrtle Beachin’ It, Part 1

Friday morning we got ready, loaded up the car, and headed to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend with the Hensons! I’m so thankful for such great travelers and that Jeffrey always does the driving! The kids watched a movie on the way, we stopped in Florence for lunch at Chickfila, and then Carson napped the rest of the way to the beach! And I even got to get some school stuff organized for the upcoming year!

We made it to the beach just in time for check-in, and the kids couldn’t wait to get to the pool! We got settled in, and then spent the rest of the afternoon going from the kids’ pool to the lazy river and back to the pool! The kids were definitely in their happy place! We ordered pizza for dinner and then took an evening walk on the beach. The girls collected shells, while the all the boys ended got wet from splashing and fighting with their swords! It took the kids a while to settle down Friday night because they were so excited! Carson got to share a room with Mommy and Daddy, while all the big kids had their own room to sleep in!

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then headed to the beach! We spent the morning playing in the ocean, building sandcastles and digging holes, collecting more seashells, and eating snacks! What is it about the beach that makes you so hungry? We went back to the condo for lunch, and then spent the afternoon by the pool! It was a beautifully sunny day for swimming, splashing, playing and eating snow cones too!

Saturday evening we got cleaned up and dressed up for our trip to the Pirates Voyage! It is so much fun! The food is delicious, and the show is so great! Reece literally stared at the show the entire time and barely ate anything until the end because he was just that into it! He loved it all! Sarah Ann clapped and smiled the whole time, and the mermaids were her favorite! Carson was a little unsure of it all at first, but now when we ask him what his favorite part was he says, “All of it!” It definitely made for such a fun evening! All the kids went to bed much quicker Saturday night after a very full day of fun and a little late night trip to the Lazy River!

And there was still a lot more fun to be had….

georgia friends!


lots of sword fighting and taking care of baby dolls. skipping naps. playing outside. riding the jeep and jumping on the trampoline. dressing up like cows. eating lots of free yummy food from chick-fil-a on cow appreciation day! staying up late playing and laughing. sleepovers on the floor. a magic show at the library. touching a snake! lunch and more play time. relaxing on the couch before lots of swimming. pizza for dinner out by the pool. giggles and smiles and catching up and enjoying the company of our sweet friends from georgia! it was such a sweet treat this week to have renee, brandi, lynsie, and kyle visit us this week! come back soon!



Last weekend Daddy treated us to a fun Sunday evening downtown visiting the dinosaur exhibit and having dinner at Jason’s Deli! The kids had a blast seeing the dinosaurs, digging for fossils, bouncing in the prehistoric bounce houses, riding dinosaurs, and playing mini-golf. And Mommy and Daddy, of course, enjoyed our delicious dinner! Thank you, Jeffrey, for such a fun afternoon together! We love you! Roar!!!

a very special saturday!

saturday morning sarah ann woke up super early and was super excited about getting her head shots done for the play and then heading to atlanta to shower aunt melanie and annalee! she wanted her hair straightened for her pictures and was completely giddy about all of the day’s events! she just is always enjoying life, soaking up the moments, and loving everything she does!


after pictures, we hopped in the jeep and headed for atlanta. sarah ann really liked having the backseat to herself, and we also got to stop at chick-fil-a and enjoy a little girls’ only lunch! and for this momma, there is just always something about heading into atlanta with all the big buildings and tons of lanes on the interstate. i could totally be a city girl all over again! we did hit a bit of traffic once we got into the city, but it didn’t take too long, and we got to the shower right on time!

we had so much fun celebrating aunt melanie and annalee! sarah ann loved helping give the presents to melanie and getting the first peek of what was inside the gift. it was such a sweet time of seeing family and friends! miss annalee now has a pretty stocked wardrobe with lots of pink! oh, i just can’t wait until she’s here! being an aunt is going to be awesome!







after the shower we got to have dinner at la parrilla with uncle jeremy too before heading back to south carolina! sarah ann is such a great traveler, and it was so very much fun to have a day to spend with her!

and while the girls were in atlanta, the boys had a great time playing with daddy and having dinner at moe’s with daddy and pops! i’m pretty sure they played with almost all of the toys in reece’s room and also got to have lunch in sarah ann’s kitchen! thank you, jeffrey, for taking such great care of the boys while i was gone! you are definitely the more fun one!


Summer Camp SARC, Weeks 5 and 6

We are now a little more than halfway through our summer, and whooo, some days I think summer is more exhausting than the school year was! Ha! But I am loving our routine, and we are having so much fun together! I am so thankful to spend my days with my babies!

We do most of our out and about activities the first half of the day. We have enjoyed the slower pace of the mornings before heading to meet friends and have play dates, run errands, or check something off our bucket list!

Then Carson naps from 2-4, the big kids have quiet time, and I exercise, cook dinner, and clean up from the morning. We have been doing “summer school” at least 3 days a week from 4-5. We read together and have snack. Reece has already started his kindergarten math and is doing some letter review work before we start his reading program in the fall. Sarah Ann completes timed fact sheets and then does reading comprehension activities, and Carson does a color activity for whatever color it is that week, and he’s usually done in about 2.5 seconds! We also do a couple of activities each week with the continent and countries we are studying, we we’ve been labeling them on our world map.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings Sarah Ann has theatre and Reece has karate. Sarah Ann is absolutely loving theatre, and is so looking forward to their production at the end of the month. She has learned so much about theatre process and can’t wait to dress up in her costume! Reece also really likes his new karate class too! He got to fight for the first time last night! On the other evenings we’ve been doing lots of our outside time after dinner when it’s not quite so hot outside, but out crew could live outside no matter how hot it is!

And now here’s a quick look into the last two weeks….

Week 5: USA and more Orange!

Carson learned about the color orange again this week by eating oranges and carrots, painting a basketball and coloring an orange picture. We also talked about the United States and the Fourth of July. We made a couple USA crafts and also made thank you cards to send to soldiers. We also had lots of fun with our friends at the Irmo Park, seeing Rio 2 at the movie theatre, going swimming twice, eating lunch at Chickfila, and enjoying a morning at the zoo!

Week 6: Africa and Yellow!

This past week we studied the continent of Africa, which made this Mommy heart happy! We talked about several different countries in Africa, made traditional African necklaces, read books about Africa, learned some Swahili words, and watched the Lion King during lunch one day with a picnic in the living room. We also made and decorated two giving boxes to collect our spare change and soda tabs to help the Ronald McDonald House and to support others who are going on mission trips to tell others about Jesus. This week we also went to the Irmo Park with friends, took our field trip to Greenville, saw a magic show at the library, splashed and picnic-ed at Saluda Shoals, went swimming with Nanny, went to story time at Chickfila, and kicked off the weekend with a water balloon fight with Daddy!

Summer, each year you just get more and more fun! And we are having a blast making so many great memories together! You are going by so quickly, but we are going to enjoy these last few weeks to the fullest!

9 years!


from dancing at our reception on our wedding day to having dinner out with our three kids at the same time nine years later…

i wouldn’t want it any other way…

and it is far better than i could have ever asked for or imagined…

the Lord is good!

happy anniversary, jeffrey! i love you!