A Fairy Tale Weekend

This past weekend surely was a fairy tale weekend for our dancing princess! Saturday afternoon she performed in The Academy’s recital, “Into the Fairy Tales.” Her hip hop class totally rocked their Pinocchio dance, and let me just tell you, our girl sure knows how to hip hop! She comes alive on the stage, and watching her dance is so much fun! Sarah Ann’s jazz class were Neverland mermaids. It was a tough and technical dance, but  it was simply beautiful! Sarah Ann practiced and cried and worked on it over and over again, and it all paid off! She was stunning in her sequins! We are so proud of her hard work, and we loved being able to see the calumniation of all their work over the past year! Saturday evening, Sarah Ann also got to perform in the ballet production of “Alice in Wonderland.” The dance studio did an incredible job, and Sarah Ann was a beautiful caterpillar! It was so neat to see all of the classes comes together and create such a wonderful ballet production! Sarah Ann loved being a part of the bigger picture and seeing it all come together! Sunday afternoon Sarah Ann’s hip hop class performed one more time in the recital, and she had a blast again! I think she was much more relaxed the second day! We also got to sneak in weekly date to Pelican’s, and then Sarah Ann and Jeffrey also got to enjoy a date to see the other cast perform “Alice in Wonderland.” It was the sweetest ending to Sarah Ann’s fairy take weekend!

take me out to the ball game!


that baseball cap and those baseball pants.

those little cleats and a new baseball glove.

and oh, that sweet focused smile!

my heart is a puddle.

and watching this little stud play t-ball just might be the cutest thing ever!

we are so looking forward to a few fun and hot weeks out on the ball field watching our sweet carson!


Broadwell Academy, Weeks 33 and 34

We spent time over our summer break last year continuing on with our math lessons, journaling, doing lots of reading, and reviewing our states and capitals, so we were able to bank up some days for the 2016-2017 school year. Plus, we also had some extra co-op days, field trip days, and travel learning days that gave us even more flexibility! And that led us to our final two weeks of school at the beginning of May….

Week 33: We started this week off with our co-op’s field day! The kids had so much fun doing relay races, playing tug of war, getting soaked during the water wars, having a picnic lunch with friends, and getting their face (or arms) painted. Tuesday was our usual library and Spanish day, and this week we learned about Spanish names for animals. We finished up our first language lessons this week with a poetry and grammar review! The kids did great! Carson did his letter X and Y activities this week too! The kids also created a plant poster labeling all the parts and took one final math assessment on Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, we ended our Asia unit with Daddy teaching us about Israel and telling us about his time there!

Week 34: Hooray! We made it to the final week of school! Monday morning while Carson was at preschool, the big kids took a zoo class on endangered animals. They really enjoyed it and loved getting to pet a ferret! We finished more spelling, writing, and reading this final week. Sarah Ann completed another short story, taking it through the whole writing process. She also finished the final Magic Treehouse book this week, which means she read all 28 this school year! Reece also finished his sixth reader for the year, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much his reading has grown! He has worked so hard! Thursday we did a continent and world review game, and Carson finished his alphabet activity curriculum with the letter Z! Way to go, Carson! We spent part of the day at the state museum with some of our friends on Thursday too! Friday we finished up our final assignments, did our end of the year questionnaire, celebrated our last day of school!

Mother’s Day 2017


My cup overflows….

I am eternally grateful that God has entrusted me to love, raise, encourage, teach, lead, and snuggle Sarah Ann, Reece, and Carson! From the moment they were placed in my arms, I have never, ever been the same! They are my greatest accomplishment and my greatest adventure! Oh Jesus, thank you for these most incredible blessings that call me “Mommy!”

And today I am also thankful for the opportunity to love on little J too for as long as possible! It is not always easy, but his smile and his laughs are all so worth it! My babies love him like their own, and he has helped our family grow in more ways than he will never know. This sweet boy, who has a Mommy, calls me “Mommy.” So today, and every day, I pray for her and for him, and I pray that J will know just how much he is loved by us and his Heavenly Father.

After a wonderful morning at church, we grabbed a quick lunch at Zaxby’s and headed out for a Mother’s Day hike at Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve! It was an absolutely beautiful day! And even though not every moment was picture perfect, we all had a wonderful time hiking and exploring together. These sweet days and these adventures are memories that we will never forget! And there’s no where else I’d rather be!

In many ways, this was an ordinary Sunday with errands to run, rooms to clean, leftovers for dinner, baths, and “Little Big Shots” before bed, but my crew sure knows how to make me feel extraordinary with their sweet gifts, cards, prayers, hugs and kisses! And we’re all looking forward to celebrating some more next month at “The Lion King!”


A Saturday Worth Celebrating!

Sarah Ann and Carson had their final soccer games of the season today! They both played great and both teams finished with victories on the field! Sarah Ann has grown so much in her skills this season, and she discovered that she really liked playing goalie! Carson has learned so much about passing the ball, working with his team, but he still scored a lot of goals too! And my Reecey, he was always such a trooper during all of the games–reading books, playing with toys, helping with J! It sure was a fun season, and we’ll definitely be back in the fall!

After soccer, we celebrated Mother’s day with Nanny and Pops with lunch out at Wild Wings! Nanny always thinks of others before herself and she is always willing to love on and keep her grandbabies, so it’s always great when we can treat her too! We are so thankful for the way she loves us, helps us, serves us, and spoils us! Happy Mother’s Day, Nanny! Thank you for showing me what being the most amazing mother looks like!

This afternoon, I also got to spend some time with some of my dearest friends enjoying ice cream and pedicures! I am so very thankful to be on this journey of motherhood with these sweet mommas, and it was such a treat to spend some time with them today!

Our day was full, but it sure was sweet! And I’m so thankful for so many sweet blessings and reasons to celebrate!

Celebrating our School Year!


While one of my favorite parts of homeschooling is that school is really a lifestyle for us and our learning never ends, today we can officially say that we completed our 180 days of school for this year! Sarah Ann is now officially done with second grade, and Reece is officially done with first! I am so proud of these two, and I’m so very grateful that I get to be their teacher and their Mommy! And I’m so thankful for how much they have grown, explored, learned, experienced, accomplished, loved, and wondered at this year! Only by His never-ending grace, we made it to the end, and it has been filled with joy! Thank you, Jesus!

We celebrated our final day of school with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! The kids had so much fun playing lots of games, eating pizza, getting some fun prizes, and having a surprise visit from Daddy to help us win some major tickets!

Reecey’s Rockin’ It!

Reece has been helping Jeffrey with Carson’s soccer team during practice on Tuesdays nights. All of Carson’s sweet teammates love “Coach Jeffrey” and “Coach Reece!” He is an awesome leader and whistle blower, and he has been such a sweet encouragement to Carson’s team!


Last Saturday Reece had a big karate test for his black stripe. He practiced and practiced and practiced, and he did awesome! This was his first test using his bo, and he did great! He has grown and learned so much, especially in his confidence! We are so proud of his hard work, and we are thankful for how much he loves karate! He was so excited to find out on Sunday afternoon that he passed his test, and last night he smiled the whole time he was getting his new belt!

Today Reecey also participated in his first karate tournament at the dojo. He competed in weapons, forms, and fighting. He was nervous, but excited, and he did awesome! He placed second in both forms and fighting! Way to go, Reecer! And a big thank you to Daddy for taking pictures for this Momma!

And while Reecey is rockin’ soccer practice and karate, he’s also totally rockin’ his reading too! He has progressed so much, and last week he finished his third first grade reader! There is no sweeter sight than catching him flying through his library books before bed or reading to his brother! He’s just the best!


Broadwell Academy, Weeks 31 and 32

Week 31: It wasn’t too hard to get back into the swing things after Spring break when Emily got to come visit visit Sarah Ann’s Fur and Feathers class at co-op, Reece got to go “grocery shopping” in his All About Money class, and they both finished their lapbooks! Tuesday we car-schooled and listened to audiobooks and watched our Spanish DVD to review while also getting to spend a fun day with friends in GA! Wednesday brought art class about Monet and finishing up our school work in the afternoon. Sarah Ann has writing a narrative story, and Reece’s spelling has grown by leaps and bounds. Carson learned the letter V this week, and in math we’ve been doing measuring, skip counting, and adding and subtracting some pretty big numbers. We ended our week with a plant video and a trip to Cottle’s Strawberry Farm with our co-op. And over the weekend, we kicked off our last continent study with China. Jeffrey took the kids to see “Born in China,” we tried on his Chinese coat, learned some interesting and fun facts about the country, Daddy made us stir fry for dinner, we ate with chopsticks, and Daddy told us all about his adventures in China. What a great ending to a fun week back at to school!

Week 32: It was a sad/happy day seeing another semester of co-op end. The kids loved their classes, time with friends, afternoons at the park, and they learned so much! But this Momma was also a bit happy thinking about not rushing out of the house on Monday mornings anymore for a while. Tuesday we learned family words in Spanish, took our weekly trip the library, and reviewed lots of grammar. Wednesday brought the last art class for the big kids, and they made awesome Picasso self-portraits. Thursday was a pretty regular day with math lessons, spelling and writing, grammar and handwriting, and of course lots of reading. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so we finished our school day by reading books on the back deck and enjoying some popsicles! Friday we spent the morning at the Riverbanks Gardens and Waterfall Junction. We walked through the gardens and picked flowers to draw for a final plant study activity. And since it was so hot, we also had lots of fun playing in the water. We finished up our school day with math that afternoon. Sarah Ann got to to measure Reece and Carson, and Reece got to measure with blocks. Carson also did some activities with the letter W. On Sunday, Daddy treated us to Yamato for lunch since we were going to learn about Japan and India that evening. He also brought out his karate sword from Japan for us all to hold. It’s always fun when Daddy gets to be our teacher too!

And now here we are with only two weeks left to go! Summer is so very close!

Eight and a Half


Today my sweet girl is 8 and 1/2! She is our most precious dancer and actress, dedicated soccer player, loyal and sweet friend, helpful and loving big sister, avid reader, Jesus follower, favorite daughter, beach and outdoor lover, Disney enthusiast, and on-the-go girl! She enjoys every second of this beautiful life, and she makes the most of every day! She is our dreamer, and I know that God has some incredible plans for her and all of those dreams! I am so thankful to be her Mommy and a part of her beautiful journey of growing and falling in love with Jesus! This girl’s going to change the world!

Last week she decided that she wanted to participate in our co-op’s spring showcase. She was fearless and confident, and she did an incredible job singing while her Daddy played the guitar!