goodbye winter, hello spring!

we said goodbye to winter yesterday with a simply wonderful sunday together!

carson and i ran errands most of the afternoon and enjoyed a yummy treat at sonic. he couldn’t believe how big his ice cream cone was!


and we are so proud of our reecer piecer! he asked jeffrey if he could take his training wheels off yesterday and about 30 minutes later he was flying all over the neighborhood! he is a complete natural, and now he never wants to stop riding his bike! way to go, reecey!


and we were all quite happy to say hello to spring today!

after preschool and co-op, we spent a beautiful afternoon at the park! the sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and we, of course, loved the time with our friends too!


and all it took was a little motivation from her brother’s bike riding to get our princess motivated to ride her bike all by herself too! she did so awesome tonight and was riding all over the cul-de-sac! she never gave up, even though it wasn’t easy! we are so proud of you, sarah ann!


Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!


These four sure do make me the luckiest wife and Mommy in the world! I am so thankful that they are mine! 

I love to plan celebrations and activities for holidays and special days, but after being out of town, the best way to celebrate was to simply eat some delicious donuts, catch up on the past two days, and enjoy some quality time together!

It was the sweetest ending to a great St. Patrick’s Day!


Let it snow!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we woke up to snowflakes falling on Sunday morning! The kids were so excited!


And while I would much prefer the warmer weather we’ve experienced most of winter, if it’s going to get so cold before spring arrives, then we might as well enjoy some snow fun!


And because it’s Thursday, here’s a little throwback to all of the babies’ first snows!

Sarah Ann ~ February 2010

Reece ~ December 2010

Carson ~January 2014


Broadwell Academy, Weeks 25 and 26

Week 25: Even though Monday comes early and quickly, it’s always a favorite with co-op! Sarah Ann wrote a newspaper article in American Girl, and Reece really enjoyed the construction theme in learning centers and reading “The Cloud Book” in Eric Carle class. Tuesday brought lunch with friends, our trip the library, and learning the alphabet in Spanish. We welcomed March on Wednesday with more beautiful weather, lots of time outside and still getting all of our work done! Thursday we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, writing our own rhymes, and having green eggs for dinner! Friday we kicked off our animal unit for March with a trip to the zoo with some of our friends. We hadn’t been in a couple of months, and the kids were so excited to go back. Carson also decided to ride the pony since he is four now! So much fun! We finished up our reading and math lessons that afternoon, and then over the weekend we started our Africa continent study. We read books about Africa, looked at our Uganda photo album, and watched the video from our trip to Uganda! So many great memories!

Week 26: Sarah Ann had a fun and easy school day on Monday, since she was at the GWL with her friend Sarah and got to catch up on some reading on Monday night. Reece’s learning center class studied space and got to place with lots of fun manipulatives. He had fun playing money games and learning about the compass and directions in geography lapbooking. Tuesday we got most of our school work done in the morning before our library trip and and Sonic happy hour run! The kids picked our books for their science animal reports, and we reviewed the alphabet, numbers, and body parts in Spanish. Wednesday we did a bit of park school on another beautiful day and enjoyed the afternoon with friends. Thursday we spent time outside, learned out to write a check and sorted shapes by different attributes in math, reviewed poems and learned about synonyms, and Carson practiced with the letter S this week. Friday we finished up our spelling, Writing with Ease, reviewed poems, and researched our animals in science. We learned about South Africa and Kenya over the weekend,and made Kenyan bead necklaces.

A Table Full, Part 1

“For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.”

Matthew 25:35

Last spring our family began the the process of getting our foster care license. We spent lots of time filling out forms, getting physicals for all five of us, taking fourteen hours of classes, cleaning and reorganizing our home, turning in paperwork, having a fire inspection and DHEC visit, emailing DSS, and waiting, praying, and trusting in God’s perfect timing!

Before we left to go on our Disney cruise, we had sweet A spend the weekend with us while his current foster mom went out of town. He picked the perfect weekend because we had Carson’s birthday party, and we went to the circus! Oh, he loved bowling for the first time, and his excitement at the circus was just the best! All of the kids had so much fun together, and Reece was so very sad when A went home. Since he and Reece were both six, they really hit it off. We are so thankful for such a great first experience and getting to meet sweet A!



We accepted a placement right before our cruise for a 3 year old little girl, but just as we were boarding our boat, we received word that she was able to be placed with her two sisters which is definitely the best situation for everyone!

The placement coordinators knew that we would be coming back on Friday, and we got a call while we were on our way home, and we accepted another placement. We got home around 6:30, and little T arrived at 7:00. Oh, he was just the sweetest. He totally went with the flow, and he loved playing with our crew. Carson was the greatest “big brother” to him. We knew that his grandparents wanted him, and after the probable cause court hearing he left to go with them. We were sad to see him leave, but we were happy that he was going to get to be with his family again. And in that short time we learned that he preferred snacking over eating actual meals, and desserts were his favorite! He babbled and repeated words all day long. He liked to climb on everything and wake up in the middle of the night. He loved tractors, trucks, playing outside, looking at himself in the mirror, and watching Bubble Guppies. He was all boy, and all almost two. And we are so thankful that we got to love on him for a few days!






Even through these two short placements, it has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it. We are so grateful for this opportunity to love on these little ones, to point them to Jesus, and to let them be a part of our family. Having a table full is such a joy!

Birthday Extravaganza Weekend

From a super fun PJ Masks pajama party on Friday night for our friends Bridges….

And an awesome Saturday afternoon of skating, mini-golf, cupcakes, and ice cream to celebrate Anna Claire and Charlie…

To a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for Sarah Ann to be with her friend Sarah for her birthday…

This weekend sure was one big birthday extravaganza, but we so love getting to celebrate our sweet friends!

We are so thankful for the most precious friendships that the Lord has so graciously given us!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 23 and 24

Week 23: A dear friend reminded me to take it slow and give myself lots of grace when we started back to school after our vacation, especially since it was also right during the February homeschool slump. So that’s exactly what we did, and we had a great and easy first week back! We kicked off the week with a new semester at co-op, and the kids were so excited to go back! Reece is taking geography map lapbooking, learning centers, all about money, and an Eric Carle class. Sarah Ann is taking art, Charlotte’s Web lapbooking, fur and feathers, and an American Girl class all about Kitt Kittredge!  We spent the rest of the week getting back into the swing of things with math, spelling, reading and writing. Sarah Ann had several letter writing activities that week, and the boys joined in too and sent letters to some friends too. Reece also completed his Star Wars reading book, and his reading has really taken off. Everything is beginning to click! Hallelujah! In math we did patterns, multiplication, more math facts, ordinal numbers, and measuring. In science eel learned about fungi and put wet bread in a cabinet to watch for mold over the next week. Yuck! We finally finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we also reviewed the continents over the weekend!

Week 24: The week started with more co-op fun learning about the Carolina Wren, compasses, newspaper articles, and the quarter! For President’s Day that afternoon we also made a book about the former presidents that our on our U.S. coins. Tuesdays are for morning play time, our weekly trip the library, and Spanish in the afternoon. We are learning the spanish alphabet right now. Wednesday was an on the go kind of school day, and we finished up with math with pictographs and line graphs. This beautiful weather has meant lots of breaks in our school day to be outside, and Thursday we did our school work after a fun trip the park with friends. Sarah Ann’s spelling this week was all about beavers and Reece’s rhyme was “Old Mother Hubbard.” Reece finished another reading book this week, and he couldn’t put the book down! Sarah Ann, as always, flew threw her stack of library books, and she’s also really enjoying Charlotte’s Web for her class at co-op! Friday we finished up our fungi study by checking our mold and watching a Sid the Science kid, and over the weekend we did our SS with Daddy and learned about our 5th continent, Antarctica. The kids created their own Antarctica map, felt ice with and without blubber around their hands, and we watched a little bit of the Planet Earth series all about Antarctica and some Antarctic animals before bed.

Thank you, Jeffrey!


Our last morning we woke up bright and early to enjoy one final breakfast at the Enchanted Garden. The kids were happy to see Barry and Katty one last time before getting off the ship. After breakfast, we took one last stroll around the Disney Dream and then said goodbye to the most magical vacation!

The kids did so great on the way home, probably because they were worn out! We only made a couple quick stops, and we just had to get lunch at Chickfila so that we could all enjoy some sweet tea! And as sad as we were to see our vacation to come to an end, life is really sweet back in Lexington too!

Jeffrey, thank you for the most incredible family vacation. Thank you for working so hard and giving us the most magical gift of a Disney cruise. The shows, the food, the passport stamps, the exploring, the experiences, the most fun moments, the memories, and the most precious time together is something that we will cherish forever! Thank you for doing all of the driving, for carrying all the bags, for helping with all of the plates and drinks and getting all the ice cream, for staying up late and waking up early on vacation, and for loving us through it all! We might have enjoyed an amazing week on the Disney Dream, but you are the one who makes all our dreams come true! We love you!


farewell february!

well, february was certainly a month we will never forget! from our most amazing disney cruise to finally receiving our foster care license and started a whole new journey, it’s definitely been quite a month! we are so thankful for the sweet memories, the lessons we have learned, and all the day to days in between! farewell february! you’ve been quite the treat! now let’s see what march has in store!