Oh, the things Carson says…


When asking him about his school day: “I always wisten to Karen. I never go to time out like Molly. I don’t frow toys at school.”

“Deal Pickle!”

I recently started running, and last week I told him I would come give him kisses once I got back from running. He asked me “Why you have to run errands?” and I explained that I was actually just going to go run in the neighborhood. “Oh, why would you do that?”

“What in the world?”

Whenever I tell him it is nap time, “Can you set the time for just a few minutes so I can do some work? Then I’ll go to sleep.”

As soon as we get done praying before bed, and it’s time to walk to his bedroom, “will you way wif me for just a wittle bit?”

The other night at dinner when discussing that they learned about plants at preschool: “The need water and dirt and the sun, and then they will grow way up high!”

As soon as he wakes up and comes to find me, “Will you play Little People wif me?” He could play with his Little People toys all day long!

Whenever we see Jeffrey’s jeep in the driveway, “Yay! Daddy’s home! Daddy! Daddy!”

While he’s helping me make the sweet tea, “I just want to try it. Can I just have one sip or two sips?”

And lastly, I didn’t get to go to his soccer game this morning because SA had dance pictures, so when I saw him and asked him about his game he said, “I score 4 goals or 5 goals. I kicked the ball 24 times.” Ok, sure, buddy, but at least you had fun!


End of Co-op Fun!

We have wrapped up another wonderful year with LHC! This year has been such a treat, from all of the kids’ favorite classes and field trips to galas and play dates at the park. We are so thankful for the opportunity right here in Lexington to be a part of such a wonderful co-op! We have grown and explored, practiced and played, learned and made new friends! And being called to this homeschooling journey and getting to do it along side of so many other wonderful families is such a blessing!

Last Friday night, we had our end of the year potluck dinner and show! Sarah Ann did an awesome job making our sandwiches to take for dinner, and everyone enjoyed all of yummy food! Especially Reece–I’m pretty sure he ate enough fried chicken to hold him over until co-op starts again in the fall! Sarah Ann’s sweet chorus class sang “God’s Not Dead,” and they did a great job! It was a fun night celebrating a wonderful spring semester!


Monday was our last day of classes, and the kids were so sad to see it end! They both shared their animal and art projects in their classes, had fun playing on the playground in circle time, and played lots of games in space class. Sarah Ann’s chorus class had a little party for their chorus teacher, because her son is a senior and graduating, so they won’t be returning to co-op in the fall. And look how much my babies have grown since the fall…


And today was field day! It was a day full of relay races, tug of war, ships and sailors, picnic lunches, face painting, carnival games, water wars, the playground, a bounce house, and a water slide! The kids had an absolute blast, and the weather could not have been more perfect. It was cool and overcast all morning, and then the sun came out just in time for everyone to get wet!



Tomorrow night we get to go watch the co-op drama classses perform, and next week we are taking a field trip to the Battle of Columbia! So even though this semester has ended, I’m sure we’ll still be spending time with our co-op friends!

North Greenville University

Saturday after Sarah Ann and Carson’s soccer games, we grabbed Chickfila for lunch in the car and headed up 26 to visit our alma mater. Jeffrey and I have been back to NGU a few times, but we have never taken the kids. We were so looking forward to showing them around the beautiful campus. Some things were completely the same, but so much has also changed. It has grown a lot, and there are several new buildings and lots of renovations. The kids loved seeing some of the classrooms, ringing the bell, looking at all of the statues, running around in the grass, visiting the library, and seeing Daddy’s old dorm room where he lived for 4 years! Oh, it was such a joy to be back on campus with our babies. If you would have asked us what life would like 10 and 12 years after graduated, I don’t think we could have possibly imagined just how wonderfully sweet it would be!

We took a little break from our touring to get some ice cream and candy from the recently renovated and reopened Tigerville General Store, across the street from campus. I’m pretty sure I would have spent a lot of money there if it was opened when I was in college; my milkshake was so good! The kids also loved being able to sit outside and play checkers while they ate their ice cream!

And we couldn’t have completed our visit without stopping by one of the many white swings where Jeffrey and I spent countless hours talking, laughing, dreaming, and falling in love. In some ways that seems like a lifetime ago, but I can also still remember the butterflies I would get whenever we sat there talking and swinging for forever!

After leaving North Greenville, we headed to downtown Travelers Rest to have dinner at Whistle Stop! It such a fun train-themed restaurant, and Carson couldn’t get enough of the train that went round and round and round! We met Jeffrey’s roommate and his family for dinner, and it was so great to be able to catch up with them and let the kids play! It was a great ending to a wonderful, wonderful day back at North Greenville!

just some moments to remember…

Kona Ice opened right down the street a couple of weeks ago, and Daddy bought us refillable cups! I see lots of icees in our future!
Sometimes they play nicely all together, sometimes!
Sarah Ann has learned so much this year in soccer, and we sure do love watching her play!
Um, boys! He sure does know how to get messy!
Dressing up for crazy clothes night at Awana was so much fun!
These two had a super fun park play date last week while their sisters were at art class. They play so well together!
We pulled out the kiddie pool and sprinklers last week! We are ready for summer and the pool!


Annalee came to South Carolina for the weekend, and the kiddos were so very excited to get to spend time with her again! Saturday morning Reece played with her while she watched Sarah Ann and Carson play soccer. She also came over Saturday evening to eat, play, and snuggle up with her cousins. They want to hold her all the time! Sunday afternoon they all went to the park with Nanny and got to play somewhere, and Monday afternoon everyone just had to have one last chance to hold her before she went back to Georgia! We are so glad you came to visit, Annalee! We love you!


Broadwell Academy, Weeks 29 and 30

It was nice to get back into the swing of things after spring break, and now I can’t believe that we only have 5 weeks left of school! Here’s a little peak into the last couple of weeks at Broadwell Academy…

Week 29: Monday we started back with co-op. Reece learned about forest animals and the moon, and Sarah Ann’s art class learned about Henri Matisse and had lots of fun cutting with scissors! Sarah Ann also began another art class at Lexington Paint and Pour on Tuesday with some sweet other homeschool girls! We are so excited about this sweet opportunity, and she has absolutely loved it! The boys and I spent the morning at the library. Our Tuesday school work day is now pretty short, but the kids worked really hard on Tuesday afternoon with all of our grammar, writing, sight words and reading. We also completed a magnet experiment and watched a movie about magnets and how they work. Wednesday was fairly routine and productive, and Thursday we took a really neat field trip to the Columbia Marionette Theatre. We got to see Aladdin, go backstage to see how the puppet show works, and we got to play with some of the puppets too! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we spent lots of time playing outside and then the big kids completed their school assignments while Carson napped. Friday we spent the first half of the day at the zoo! Can you tell that we love field trips and don’t really spend every day at home? We finished up most of our school work that afternoon. Sarah Ann made a 100 on her spelling test and Reece made a 100 on his Reading Eggs level quiz! They love doing some of their work with Jeffrey, so after dinner on Friday evening we took a trip to the new Kona Ice and then came home and did our social studies with Daddy. We started the southwest this week and learned about Arizona and New Mexico. It was a fun ending to a fun week!

Week 30: Even though we absolutely love co-op, it’s still hard to get up and get moving on Monday mornings! But once we all get there, it’s always the best day! Sarah Ann created an awesome Picasso self-portrait, and Reece got to try a dehydrated ice cream sandwich just like the astronauts eat! Tuesday brought art class, a trip to the library, lunch at McDonald’s, and an afternoon of reading! The kids do great completing some of their work at church on Wednesday mornings, but a Sonic slushie always help some too! After a fun trip to the park with friends, we finished up our day with math and Reading Eggs. Sarah Ann things multiplication is so much fun, and Reece had fun measuring! We had a laid back Thursday morning and kicked off our day with social studies during breakfast. We learned about Texas and Oklahoma and finished up our southwest unit by adding them to our map and adding local animals or our animal chart. After lunch, Kona Ice, and a quick trip to the library we did our reading work, cuddled up to read books together, and finished our day with math. Friday we took a field trip to Sesquicentennial State Park and did our school assignments after quiet time. Reece got to weigh with pennies and Sarah Ann learned more multiplication facts. Sarah Ann also completed her spelling curriculum for the year! And it never fails that something doesn’t get done during the week, but the kids don’t mind doing a bit on the weekend with Daddy too. Sunday afternoon they did two more experiments with magnets, loadstone, and iron fillings. Daddy always makes school more fun!

Daddy’s Little Helper

Sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten just how exhausting a three year old with lots of opinions can be, but then I also love seeing their independence and the way they are learning so much and beginning to see their precious hearts in action. Last weekend Carson helped Jeffrey cut the grass for a good part of the afternoon, and he was so proud of his hard work! It was such a sweet sight to see when I looked out the front window and saw Carson doing exactly what his Daddy did. I sure to love our littlest helper and his wonderful Daddy who loves him and leads him so very well!



Waterfall Junction


These sweet babies have been doing to Riverbanks Zoo since they were just that, bitty babies! We took Sarah Ann for the first time when she was about 4 months old, during her first spring, and we’ve had a membership ever since! Reece slept through his entire first visit to the zoo because we was only 10 days old! And I got brave when Carson was about 5 weeks old and took all three kiddos to the zoo for the first time by myself. There’s no way that I could even count the number of times we’ve gone or the many hours that we’ve spent there, but it still is one of the kiddo’s most favorite places to visit! When they were much littler, we could scoot around the zoo in just a couple of hours, but these days they could stay all day! They want to see all of the animals, ride all of the rides, and not miss a thing! And we definitely do not want to take for granted just how awesome our zoo is and how close by it is! We love Riverbanks, and they are always doing something to make it better and better!

And last week the newest addition, Waterfall Junction, opened in the gardens area, and it is awesome! We have already been twice, and the kids just can’t get enough! There is a dinosaur dig area, play houses, a vegetable garden, lots of room to run around and play, wooden blocks to build with, a play ground, the splash pad area, and a pond with hundreds of tadpoles! We are so looking forward to spending lots of time here this summer! And we’re so thankful for another awesome places to have to explore near our home! Waterfall Junction is the best!


My Girl

Saturday afternoon Sarah Ann and I drove up to Charlotte to have dessert with some sweet girls from my college days! These girls were in six grade when I became their d-group leader as a freshman at North Greenville. Now here we are 10 years later, and it was such a treat to spend some time with them! We had dessert at the absolutely cutest French bakery, Amelie’s! Sarah Ann especially loved her chocolate mousse with chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!



After dessert, we took a quick trip the American Girl Store. I mean, we were so close by, we just had to stop! Rebecca got her hair fixed, and Sarah Ann also picked out an activity set where she can make Rebecca some new clothes! We had lots of fun browsing the store and checked out some of the newer dolls too. Sarah Ann could spend forever shopping, just like her Mommy! It was a quick little getaway, but it’s always sweet to get some one-on-one time with my mini-me! Some days we drive each other crazy because we’re so much alike, but it also makes all of our time together that much more fun!




This evening Sarah Ann’s ballet and tap class had parent observation night! It’s always so much fun watching Sarah Ann dance, and we are so looking forward to seeing her on stage in just a few weeks! She has worked so hard and grown so much this year, and their dances have really challenged them and taught them so much! She’s always smiling when she’s dancing, and she’s always dancing, even on the soccer field!





low country lovin’

now that spring is in full bloom, i couldn’t wait any longer to head to the beach! there’s just something about the salty air and the sand between your toes that always makes for the most wonderful day! so sunday morning we loaded up the van and headed down to the isle of palms for the day…

the morning started off fairly cool, but the afternoon really warmed up! it wasn’t too crowded or too hot, and the kids had so much fun playing soccer on the beach, jumping in the waves, building sand castles and make sand cookies, and eating lots of snacks and popsicles! the beach is definitely our happy place, and our first trip of the year definitely did not disappoint!

after our time at the beach we headed downtown for dinner at wild wings, which reecey picked! he wanted to get wings for his birthday! dinner was delicious, but we can’t leave charleston without a stop by the candy store for candy to eat on the way home!

oh, low country, it was so good to be back, and don’t you worry, we’ll be back again soon! i think i can already hear the beach calling our name…