what i’m loving wednesday

being outside! long play dates at the park. the sunshine! hallelujah! the kids playing and the mommies talking! friends from so many different facets of life. bible study, and all being on this mommy journey together. the good days and the hard days. being real. planning for the spring and summer. nap time and quiet time. getting all of our school done on time! awanas. running errands with carson. new books. the hair cut that jeffrey gave reece, and that we’ll be getting his hair cut tomorrow. sarah ann’s “picture sale” that she created, selling pictures she’s drawn for six cents. sweet tea and dr. pepper. a nashville and myabi jr. at home date with my love. and crawling under the covers to go to sleep! goodnight!


Weekends are our favorite!

Saturday morning we got started with our day bright and early! First, Sarah Ann and Jeffrey attended her Awanas’ Grand Prix! She was so excited about her Frozen car, and she and Jeffrey worked very hard it! She won a couple of the races and really enjoyed the quality time with Daddy! And while they were at the Grand Prix, the boys and I went to Reece’s karate test, the library, and Reece’s friends birthday party! Reece did awesome on his test for his green tip, and the boys had a blast running all around PAC for Marc’s birthday! Reece and Marc are best buddies at school, and it’s of fun to see them together!


After our fun morning, we packed up the car and headed towards Atlanta! Saturday evening we celebrated Aunt Melanie’s birthday with dinner at La Parrilla and cookie cake! The kiddos’ love going to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Melanie’s house to visit and play! They want to play in all of the rooms and closets and can’t wait to show them all the toys they brought.


Sunday morning we got ready, played some more, and then packed up our stuff and headed downtown. Our first stop was the Varsity, and I’m so glad the kids like it as much as I do. We sat up at the top so that we could see the torch, one of Reece’s favorite things to see in Atlanta. The kids are so intrigued by so many big buildings and tunnels and bridges!


After lunch we went to the Georgia Aquarium for one last visit before our passes expired. We got to visit all of the exhibits, see the Dolphin Tales show, and go through the new Aquanat Adventures section where we got to see some of the behind the scenes exhibits, complete challenges on an iPad, and get a hands on look at the Aquarium and fish! Daddy also let the kids pick out a new toy from the gift shop before heading home. I don’t think Carson has put down his beluga whale since!



We made it home around 8:15 last night after a stop in Augusta for dinner. The kids are such great travelers, and we are very thankful for that! The weekends also go by so quickly, but they are definitely our favorite because we so enjoy our sweet time together!

fabulous friday!

it has been an absolutely fabulous friday!

we started off our morning on a field trip to the koger center to see the ballet “oz”! it was a beautiful performance, and the kids really enjoyed it! even the boys really liked it, and sarah ann couldn’t stop dancing afterwards! i am on the field trip committee for co-op this semester, and this was such a fun field trip to plan! we had a great turn out, and we are so thankful for our awesome co-op and all of the opportunities it provides!


after our field trip we met maria and sarah for a yummy lunch at chickfila, and then they came back over to our house to visit and play. i think all of lexington was a chickfila today, but we had a great time and the kids of course loved the ice cream and getting to play! carson even spent a good bit of time playing upstairs with the big kids today!

we did a bit of school this afternoon. sarah ann finished up some of her weekly work and then took a math test. she also finished the chapter book that she has been reading this week. it was a quick 45 minute school afternoon, but we got a lot accomplished!

we were also so thankful to spend some time outside this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine! our crew has been missing anna claire and charlie, so they were so happy to spend the afternoon playing with them outside! they chased each other, played with dolls and swords, drew with side walk chalk, jumped on the trampoline and rode the skateboard down the driveway! anna claire was such a good sport when carson wanted to trace her over and over again with the sidewalk chalk! and after all that playing we ended the evening with dinner at san jose all together too!


what a fabulous friday! and now we’re ready for a great weekend!

Perfect Imperfections


Just when I thought we were going to have our first “normal” day in a couple of weeks, preschool was delayed today. But after missing five days with the stomach bug and cough, Reece was excited about going back for “Book Character” day. They also got to see some animals today from Carolina Wildlife including a rat snake and a skunk! It was a perfect short day to get my boy back in the groove of going to school, especially since he got to be Spiderman!


I see sleet and more rain and coldness, but this girl sees a reason to get outside for a few minutes and ice skate on the back porch. She always finds a reason to dance and smile and laugh. It might have not been perfect weather, but it was perfect for her!


His new favorite thing to do is to “work.” He pulls all of the DVDs off of the shelf and brings them to the cash register. Then he scans them, checks them, and writes on his little paper. Sometimes I see the mess, the 100th time of picking up the DVDs and the pen marks, but he sees the fun and the joy and is so proud of his “work.” This boy is a mess, and he’s so much fun!



This world is full of “imperfections,” but there is joy. Joy in the delays, joy in the rain, and joy in the mess. Thank you, Jesus, for the imperfect perfections!


simple pleasures


seeing snowflakes when you wake up. warm coats and heated seats in the car. not setting your alarm. good morning hugs and kisses. new books from the library. imaginations at work. listening to sarah ann read. watching carson and reece play trains together. evening “races” around the living room. bubble baths and hooded towels. afternoon cuddles on a rainy day. having mommy’s lasagna for dinner. not having to cook. texting with friends. hooded sweatshirts and jeans. new toothbrushes. warm socks. checking on the babies once they are asleep. jeffrey always doing the dishes. getting all the laundry folded before bed. clean bedrooms and freshly vacuumed floors. nashville, the duggars, and grey’s anatomy. getting into the warm bed.

these days are busy and full, but there are so many sweet and simple pleasures to enjoy. i pray that i will always stop and soak up these sweet and simple pleasures that make every day special!

Gamecock Basketball

Not long after we moved to Columbia Jeffrey and I went to my first Carolina basketball game…and they were playing Auburn…and of course Auburn won! I can’t believe that was 8 years ago!


And today we took the kids to their first Carolina game! They had so much fun, especially because they got popcorn, sprite, and italian ices! Sarah Ann liked dancing and watching the dancers and cheerleaders, and the boys liked seeing Cocky! Unfortunately we didn’t win the game, but it was a fun game nonetheless! We were so happy to be out of the house after being inside most of the week, and we are always thankful for our family time on the weekends! Go Gamecocks!

IMG_7232 IMG_7238






Broadwell Academy, Week 19 and 20

Week 19: Eric Carle Week!

All this week we read books written and illustrated by Eric Carle. We loved reading several of his books each day and spending lots of time crafting after we read. We made cloud pictures, aluminum foil moons and stars, mixed up chameleons, painted bugs and insects, and learned that there is no certain way to do art! It was such a fun and creative week! I took all of the kids’ art projects from the week and created a notebook for them to look at. Eric Carle’s books are so much fun!

Week 20: “Pete the Cat” Week!

Some of our other favorite books are definitely the “Pete the Cat” books, so we spent a week reading a few of the books each day and doing an activity to go with them. They all have such great themes, which led to some great writing prompts and illustrations. We made another book this week, and the kids love going back to look through it and sing all of their favorite songs! Carson is always saying “Pop! Oh no!” from the Groovy Buttons book! We also learned about Groundhog’s Day at the beginning of the week and made puppets and read books about Groundhog’s Day.

Sarah Ann is also doing so well in math–she totally rocks her math fact sheets and she has enjoyed doing her workbook pages with Daddy before bed. She calls it her “homework.” I love to hear her read, and she is writing and spelling so great too! I love to see her learning and understanding new things, and it is so neat to look back at all she has learned so far this year!

Reece and Carson both really enjoy doing our activities in the afternoon, and I love when we can all do school together! Reece is also working hard on writing his numbers and letters, and he’s always counting everything! He really enjoys preschool, but he’s also looking forward to being home next year!

I’ve been horrible at taking pictures lately, but here are a few pictures I snapped while we were doing school…

a few firsts…

we’ve had a few firsts in our house this week…

after being “ma” for many, many months carson has finally decided to call me “mommy!” it the sweetest sound, even if i hear it over and over and over again now! he gets so excited when he says it, and there  is nothing better than being “mommy!” tonight he was playing in the sink while i emptied the dishwasher and he kept saying, “mommy! tea! mommy, tea!” i think he knows i love my sweet tea!


sarah ann finished her first sparks book last week, and she was so excited to begin her new review book this week! she has worked so hard on memorizing scripture and the books of the bible this year! we are so proud of her hard work and how she loves jesus so well!


and lastly we had our first experience at the emergency room last night. this stomach bug really took reece out, and last night he was very dehydrated. we got to the children’s er at richland around 11pm and made it home around 5am! reece was so brave, especially when they gave him his iv. he was so patient and strong, even though he was so tired. he slept a good part of today and is able to keep fluids down, so hopefully after a good night’s sleep he will be feeling much better! and hopefully we won’t be going back to the er anytime soon!


Praise God!

“Praise turns our hearts from ourselves toward the One we were made to adore.” ~Ellie Holcomb~


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.



This morning I finished a study on hymns from She Reads Truth, and today’s hymn could not have been more timely! Even though it is so cold outside and we’ve now got another one with the stomach bug, there is still so much to praise God for! Praise God that it’s so cold we wouldn’t want to be playing outside anyways, and we can have a chance to catch up on some schoolwork. Praise God that Reece already had the day off of school when he got sick. Praise God that Momma and Daddy so unselfishly kept the boys this morning so that Sarah Ann could go to co-op. And praise God for co-op, and how it has been such a blessing to our family! Praise God that we will all get through this winter of sickness, and at the end of the day it’s just all a viral bug. Praise God that we can rest and clean and recuperate. Praise God that Jeffrey will be home in just a couple of hours. And praise God that seasons always come and go, and that spring and new life and warm weather is coming! Praise God that we can learn and grow and enjoy all the seasons, both of weather and life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!