Broadwell Academy, Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5: We snuck in a little bit of school on Labor day, mostly because our handwriting and spelling are a 5 day curriculum, but since the kiddos like those a lot, they didn’t seem to mind! And then we really kicked off our week on Tuesday with a lunch date with dear friends and a trip to the library. Tuesday afternoon we finished up our assignments, and then studied Picasso in art! We used magazine faces to make our own Picasso style pictures. It was so fun! Wednesday the big kids worked hard on their school work while Carson was a preschool, and Thursday we did our school in the afternoon after helping at Families of Hope. The big kids also went skating in the cul-de-sac for PE, while Carson chased them around in his jeep. In Social Studies we travelled to Canada and explored Niagra Falls and the Hotel de Glace. Now the kids really want to go to Canada! Carson’s letter of the week was the letter D, and it was all about dinosaurs. He spent lots of time counting, gluing, and tracing! Friday we spent the morning at the Lake Murray Beach Park, and finished up the week of school starting our weather unit in science. We made a weather vane and used the compass and also used a thermometer to check the temperature throughout the day.

Week 6: Everyone was so happy for co-op to start back this week, and everyone had a great first day! Tuesday morning we helped make snack sacks at a local church and then spent the rest of the morning doing our reading, writing, and spelling work. Their favorites still are Spelling You See and Writing with Ease! Reece has really done great with the jump to first grade, and Sarah Ann can do so much independently which is awesome! Carson learned all about the letter E this week, and I’m pretty sure his favorite activities involve dot markers and lots of glue! After our library trip, we did our math lessons and then studied Van Gogh in art. Reece and Carson decided to recreate “Starry Night” for their project, while Sarah Ann recreated “Bedroom in Arles” by drawing her bedroom. Wednesday Sarah Ann began art class with some sweet girls and Mrs. Stacy, so Reece and I did his school work at the library. He loved the one-on-one time, and so did I! Wednesdays are full days, but we somehow manage to get it all done! Thursday was homeschool day at the state museum, so the big kids and I went to see the 4d movie and explore a bit before getting all our assignments done at home. We also finished studying Canada and used ice cubes to make our own ice houses! We ended the week with a super fun field trip to Hollywild Animal Park in the upstate! The kids had a blast seeing some new animals, feeding lots of big animals on the safari ride, going to story time and meeting a parrot, and completing a scavenger hunt for a prize! It was an absolutely beautiful day to spend outside too! And after a full and fabulous weekend, we even got a little school in on Sunday evening by visiting the good ol’ USA for social studies. We had a very American meal, grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs, and Daddy read us some USA books from the library during dinner! We did our activity sheets in our pajamas before bed and called it a night!

happy fall, y’all!


happy fall, y’all!

it doesn’t quite feel like fall here ye in good ol’ south carolina yet, but we were excited nonetheless to welcome fall today with a trip to the park, popcorn and apples for snack, reading lots of fall books, and painting fall trees!

the Lord is so gracious, and a new season always comes at just the right time. we are praying big things for this fall, and we are looking forward to what God has in store for our family and our faith during this new season!

oh, fall, we are so glad you are here!


so long, summer!

where else would you find us on the final saturday of the summer? 

why of course we were soaking up the sun and the sea at the isle of palms!

the weather was wonderful, the beach was clear, and the water was still warm!

it was a perfect way to say so long to summer. this summer has been so very sweet, and we made lots of wonderful memories!

and now we are ready for the fall….

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 3 and 4

week 3: we finished up our olympic studies this week by watching the closing ceremonies, making our own medals, graphing all of the usa’s medals, and having our own broadwell olympics at home! we also enjoyed our weekly library trip and making brownies and calzones. we read lots of books, played outside, and continued moving right along with our school curriculum and settling into our new routines. we also ended the week with a fun co-op field trip morning at hiwire!

week 4: we seemed to be out and about a good bit this week! errands around town, a trip to the airport with pops, an afternoon exploring the state museum with our friend faith, heading back to awana, and spending friday in north carolina at the children’s museum and apple picking! math, spelling, handwriting, reading, and writing are our usuals, and sarah ann had been flying through her magic treehouse series. reece’s reading is coming along, and he’s working so hard with our new reading curriculum! we also made scribble art on our art day, and began our new social unit by mapping north america and learning about annie Armstrong, who played such an influential role in north american missions.

co-op and dance

the last of our fall activities began today, so i guess we are now officially in full swing…

the big kids were so super excited to head back to co-op this morning! sarah ann is taking pe, an american girl class where they will be studying samantha, the great garden detective, and a “when i grow up” class with a different speaker each week! reece is taking spanish, pe, curious kids science, and a math lap booking class! they both had great first days! i have also taken on a new role this year of leading the nursery and preschool area, and it’s been so much fun to meet some new mommas and love on the little ones! we are looking forward to a wonderful semester of classes, time at the park, and field trips!


sarah ann’s new hip hop class started last wednesday, and she absolutely loved it! she came out smiling and sweating, and she couldn’t wait to show us some of her new moves! it’s going to be such a fun class, and she’s so excited! and lastly tonight, her ballet and jazz classes began! she so enjoyed being back with some of her sweet dance friends ready to take on a new year! when i asked her what her favorite part of ballet class and then jazz class was, she replied, “all of it!” it’s certainly going to be a fun year for our dancing queen!


Hiding the Word in Their Hearts!

This summer Lifeway had their own summer reading program. We really enjoyed reading all of the books, completing the activities, and memorizing several Bible verses over the summer. The kids were so excited when they got to pick out a free book and received Bible after they had completed it all at the end of the summer! Thank you, Lifeway, for such a great summer reading program!


And last week the kids were beyond excited that it was time for Awana to begin again! They absolutely love going, and we are so thankful for such an awesome program where our babies get to hide the Word of God in their hearts in such a fun and engaging way! Carson is now a Cubbie with Nanny, and Sarah Ann and Reece are together again in Sparks! Sarah Ann and Reece reviewed verses the first week, while Carson learned the Cubbie’s motto and theme verse. He was so very happy to get Cubbie vest last week after he said his verses!



“Bible memorization is absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation. If I had to choose between all of the disciplines of the spiritual life, I would choose Bible memorization, because it is a fundamental way of filling our minds with what it needs. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. That’s where you need it! How does it get in your mouth? Memorization!”

~Dallas Willard~

First day of 3K!


This awesome little dude had a great first day in 3k today! He was so excited when I woke him up this morning and couldn’t wait to take his red fire truck hat for red day! Once we go to school, he proudly hung up his bag on his hook, gave me a quick kiss, and waved goodbye to his brother and sister and never looked back! We are looking forward to a wonderful year, and we are so proud of our big boy! 


a lovely, long labor day weekend

we had quite a lovely, long labor day weekend, but it still went by way to quickly…

we kicked off the extended weekend ordering wings, wearing our garnet and black, and staying up late to cheer on the gamecocks and celebrate the return of college football!


friday morning we woke up to tropical storm hermine and lots of rain, but after doing some school work with daddy we headed north up 26 to escape the rain and enjoy a family field trip friday in north carolina! our first stop was downtown hendersonville. we had lunch at a cute little sandwich shop and then spent a couple of hours at the hands on! children’s museum. the kids enjoyed performing on stage, playing in the ice cream parlor and grocery store, building a crane, painting, taking care of baby dolls in the baby room, building race cars with legos, and doing some apple activities too! it was a fun little museum, and the kids loved it! and they especially loved that daddy was there too!



after our trip to hendersonville, we headed to flat rock and sky top apple orchard! this was our sixth annual visit, and it was once again so much fun! the weather was cool and cloudy, and i was so happy to be able to wear a jacket again! we met meme there and spent some time picking our own apples first. we picked mostly macintosh and golden delicious, and they were all so good! next up was the playground, apple donuts, apple slushies, and a ride around the orchard on the hayride! while waiting for the hayride, we also ran into my sweet roommate from college, and it was such a treat to see her and her sweet family for a few minutes! sky top, you are always so much fun! the kids already can’t wait to go back!



before heading back to south carolina, we stopped at meme’s house for dinner and to see the chickens, bees, and her garden! and because of all the rain columbia had on friday, our soccer games were cancelled on saturday morning. after our full and fun friday, we all enjoyed sleeping in on saturday morning!

saturday evening the hensons’ came over for dinner! and even though they didn’t win, we were super proud of our auburn tigers! it was a great game, and the kids of course looking awfully cute in their new auburn attire!



sunday brought church, lunch at groucho’s, yard work, a trip to costco, and then a super fun first trip to see the columbia fireflies play! the boys really enjoyed the game, and the girls really liked the fireworks! the stadium is really nice, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! our sweet friend, sarah, also spent the night with sarah ann, so the kids all enjoyed staying up way past bedtime!



today we did a bit of school and then spent the afternoon at nanny and pops’ house having lunch and swimming! the water was a bit chilly, but that didn’t stop the kids from playing and splashing all afternoon! we also had a laid back evening, cleaning up the house, eating a light dinner, and snuggling up with a show before bed!


and we definitely wouldn’t want to end this labor day without saying thank you to jeffrey, the one who labors and works so hard each and every day, so that we can make all of these sweet, sweet memories! we love you, jeffrey, and we appreciate you so very much!

happy labor day, everyone!