Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12


“It’s not the activities or accomplishments we string together that make lives well lived as much as it is the hearts of wisdom we gain and use along the way.”

Lysa Terkeurst, “The Best Yes”

Tonsils, Adenoids, and a Hospital Stay

Tuesday morning we woke up before the sun came up to head to the children’s hospital for Carson to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He was so very brave all morning long, as they pricked his finger, showed him the mask he would use to fall asleep, and waited until it was time for surgery. He was nervous and anxious, but we stayed occupied, and he was such a trooper! And then it was time for him to go back to the operating room… They had to practically pry him off of me, and it broke this Momma’s heart to see him crying and reaching out for me as they walked away. Thankfully the surgery went by very quickly, and I was able to be in the post-op recovery room with him while he woke up. And one of my sweet friends from my small group at church was our nurse in recovery! He was a little fussy at first when he was waking up, but he calmed down fairly quickly while we snuggled and drank some juice until our room was ready.

Our current ENT prefers to keep younger children overnight after surgery to keep them on fluids and make sure that there are no complications. We arrived in our room about 10:30 and then spent the day coloring, watching TV, playing with play dough, putting together puzzles, playing with blocks, visiting the play room, taking a short nap, and we also got to watch a Cinderella play that was put on by a local theatre group! Carson ate ice cream, yogurt, chocolate pudding, mashed potatoes and popsicles! And the day passed much quicker with the help of several sweet visitors!

Carson actually slept pretty well most of the night, and only woke a couple of times when it hurt when he coughed. We got to watch some Blues Clues in the middle of the night when we was up for a bit, but overall he did awesome! He didn’t seem to mind having the IV in his hand at all.

Dr. Giles came by fairly early on Wednesday morning and then we were ready to get home! We’ve stayed on top of his pain meds, and he’s been doing a good job of drinking and eating. He has slept well too, and tonight he seemed to be feeling much better than he has been! We are praying for a good nights sleep tonight, and hopefully he will be feeling even better in the morning and back to himself soon!

Thank you for all the prayers for our sweet boy! We are thankful that they were able to do the surgery quickly, and we are looking forward to him feeling better and healthier very soon!

low country lovin’


yesterday we took a trip down to the low country and visited the children’s museum and folly beach!

this was our first visit to the children’s museum downtown, and it was awesome! the kids had the best time playing in the castle, doing arts and crafts, building with blocks, playing on the pirate ship, shopping in the market, and splashing around in the water room! it was a such a neat museum, and we loved having daddy with us to experience all the fun! he plays way better than mommy does!

after our trip to the museum, we headed over to folly beach to have family pictures made. this was the kids’ first time going to folly, and they loved it! we took out pictures at the end of the island and we could see the lighthouse too! it was so hot and sunny, but everyone smiled their way through the pictures and i can’t wait to see them! jeffrey and i then got to relax a bit on the beach while the kids played and the sun was setting! it doesn’t get anymore beautiful than that!

we grabbed a late dinner on the way home, and carson was asleep before we were out of charleston! it was such a sweet and fun family day, and i’m so very thankful for the opportunity to make such sweet memories with jeffrey and my babies! we sure do love the low country!


Animal Art Camp!

Sarah Ann had the absolute best time at animal art camp this week! She was so excited to have Sarah and Caroline there with her, and she absolutely adores Mrs. Stacy! SA attended summer camp last summer and also did the homeschool art class this spring with Mrs. Stacy. She loves art, and I’m so thankful for such a sweet teacher and group of girls for her to spend a week with while she gets a chance to do something she loves! They did two canvas paintings, worked with newspaper and clay, made glue and foil owls, painted wood pieces to hang, drew and colored with oil pastels and so much more! It was such a great week for our sweet girl, and now we have a lot of art to hang up in our house!


On Monday during art camp Sarah Ann and Caroline discussed having a sleepover together at some point, and since Caroline was going to be spending Tuesday with us anyway, we decided to make the sleepover happen that night! The girls had a blast playing outside, watching American Ninja Warrior, eating popsicles, coloring, staying up late telling jokes, and fixing each others hair for art camp! And I know that between their lack of sleep during the sleepover and all the fun they were having at art camp, they definitely slept well on Tuesday night!


And while big sister was off doing her thing, the boys enjoyed their time together and being with Mommy! Nanny got to take Reece to a bowling birthday party on Monday while Carson and I played at home. He played library, drove his jeep outside, painted my fingernails, and got out pretty much every toy he owns! We also went to the weekly library program and got to see Larry the Duck, and today we spent way too much time at Target! These boys know how to push all my buttons, but they sure can be sweet too!



sweet summer snippets, part 2

for the past several summers i have themed our summers, from different weekly themes to an alphabet summer or the fruits of the spirit and around the world. but this year i decided to give myself a break and just rest. now there is definitely still scheduling and planning involved, and we are doing some “summer school” which i’ll blog more about later, but it has done this homeschool planning momma lots of good to just give myself some grace and rest from the day to day plans during this sweet season. and that is exactly what this summer has been–a very sweet season spent with family and friends, trying new things, soaking up the laid back schedule, enjoying lots of play time and pool time, date nights, and a super fun day trip to the beach! oh, summer, you have been so good! and, of course, none of these fun days and precious moments would be possible without the many hours jeffrey works each week helping patients and providing for us. thank you, jeffrey, for caring for us always. we are so grateful for you, and we love you very much!

Frippin’ It, Part 4

It’s been almost a month since we got back from our Fripp Island family vacation, but I haven’t forgotten about all our fun, and now I’m finally going to finish blogging about it!

We had some sleepy heads on our final morning, but I sure did like running on the beach! Once everyone else finally rolled out of bed and got ready, we spent a bit of time at the playground and then went to cool off and spend the rest of the morning at the pool. I don’t think these kids will ever get tired of swimming! We had lunch at the house, and then loaded up the golf cart one last time for an afternoon at the beach. The weather was perfect, and it was such a great afternoon! Lots of bocce ball, collecting shells, playing in the ocean, digging in the sand, and kicking the soccer ball. Friday evening we had a delicious final dinner on the island. Jeffrey grilled chicken, and we had shrimp, baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob and mushrooms! Yum! Cooking was always a group effort, and it really was fun! After dinner we took a final trip to the cabana pool, and they were having a dance party! The kids had a blast swimming, being in the freeze dance competition, and playing simon says. They all had some crazy dance moves that night, and Sarah Ann and Reece ended up competing against each other to win freeze dance! We also got to have birthday cake and ice cream before bed to celebrate Uncle Jeremy’s birthday a bit early! It was definitely a fun little treat for our final night, and everyone definitely slept well after all that fun!

Saturday morning the kids got to ate breakfast and played while we got everything all packed up. Luckily it was a quick and smooth process, and then we stopped by the activity center to see the animals one more time before we left the island! We then said goodbye to Fripp, and hello again to Beaufort! We had lunch first at Panini’s, and the manicotti was so good! The kids also got to play with pizza dough while they were waiting for their food, which they thought was really neat! After lunch we walked down by the water and headed to Waterfront Park to let the kids play on the playground. They loved getting to swing with Annalee and get a lot of their energy out before heading home! And then like most trips, we ended it with a trip to the candy store for goodies to have on the trip back to Lexington! We all left with sun kissed cheeks, happy hearts, and lots of wonderful memories to cherish forever!

Happy 10th Anniversary!


10 years

120 months

522 weeks

3,652 days

87,658 hours

5,259,488 minutes

315,569,260 seconds

Happy 10th anniversary, Jeffrey! I love you more and more each and every day! It has been an amazing ten years, and I’m looking forward to a lifetime more of memories and moments with you!

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” –Psalm 16:11


Yellow Belt


Oh, my Reecey! We are so very proud of his determination and work ethic when it comes to karate. He always looks forward to going to class, is always kicking and punching and practicing, and never gives up when he is learning something new! And he was so excited when he was invited to test for his yellow belt!

The first part of his test was a written/oral test that he took with Sensei. The test had 38 questions, and Reece only missed one! He had worked so hard practicing all of his memory work, and Sensei was very complementary with how confident and well-spoken Reece was during his test! Reece also had to write a three page paper on patience, discipline, and humility in karate and in life, and let me tell you, it took all three of those characteristics to get that paper done. Reece and Jeffrey worked together first, and Jeffrey basically wrote down exactly what Reece said. Then I copied it all down onto handwriting paper, and finally Reece spent several days copying it all again into his own handwriting. He worked so diligently and got it done just in time! The final part of Reecey’s yellow belt test was of course the actual karate test. It lasted about two hours long, and they went through pretty much everything he has learned up to this point, and they also had to do lots of running and pulling weights around the parking lot. It was quite the serious test! But he did an awesome job, and we owe a big thank you to Nanny, Pops, Sarah Ann, and Carson for cheering him on! We anxiously awaited to receive the email that he passed, and he was so excited when he found out! Last Friday night we went for his rank graduation, and he officially received his certificate and yellow belt! And we are so very proud of him!

Tonight he went to his first yellow belt class, and he immediately got to begin working on his new kata and using his first weapon, the bo! It was quite the exciting night for our little yellow belt! We are looking forward to all that he will learn over these next few months!

Way to go, Reecey! We love you!

Fourth of July Festivities!


Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!

We kicked off our Fourth of July festivities on Saturday. Reece went to his first drop off birthday party for a friend from co-op, Daddy and Carson watched soccer and took a nap, so Sarah Ann and I enjoyed a girls afternoon out to Menchie’s and the nail salon!  I got a pedicure, and Sarah Ann got her fingernails and toenails painted red, white, and blue for the holiday! It was such a fun afternoon with my sweet girl! After dinner, we picked up Reecey and drove out to the lake to go watch the fireworks with Grandpa! And they most definitely did not disappoint! The kids had so much fun watching them!



Sunday morning we were all sporting our patriotic attire for church and then had lunch at San Jose with the Hensons. Doesn’t everyone eat Mexican food to celebrate America’s independence?!? Ha! Not long after running a couple of errands and getting home, our dear friends from Georgia came into town! The kids were all so excited to see each other, and they had a great time playing! They always pick up right where they left off! We spent Sunday evening swimming, eating, and playing at Nanny and Pops’ house, and the pool is about the only way you can be outside in this South Carolina heat. After dessert, Jeffrey and Kevin put on a fireworks show for us, and it was the perfect ending to a really fun day!



And today was a wonderfully fun and relaxing Fourth of July! We spent the morning at home and then after an early lunch Jeffrey and Kevin went to the movies while Brandi and I took all the kiddos to the zoo for the afternoon! It was really hot, but it was also really fun! We spent the first part of our time there visiting the animals and cooling off in the air conditioned buildings. Then we headed over to Waterfall Junction for some time to splash! The kids had blast, and they were all worn out by the time we left! Next up we met the guys  for a trip to Kona Ice, and then spent some time at home cooling off and resting. We went downtown for dinner so that we could introduce our friends to Wild Wings! It was so yummy! And we finished off the Fourth with some fireworks in the cul-de-sac before bed! The Fourth of July is so much fun, especially when is it spent with such great friends!





Doctor Visits and Pool Play Dates!


This week was full of doctors appointments and play dates at the pool! We started off the week bright and early Monday morning with an ENT appointment for Carson. He was so brave and such a trooper through all of the conversation, questions, and exam, and he is now scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids removed in just a couple of weeks. Even though we are not looking forward to the surgery and recovery, we know that this will make him feel so much better and sleep so much better too!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings each kiddo also had their respective well visit. They all did awesome, and no one had to have any shots or immunizations, so it was pretty much a breeze! Carson’s visit today was a bit traumatic since he had to have his finger pricked, but the Pelican’s snowballs this afternoon totally made up for it! We are so very thankful for our healthy and happy babies!

Here are their well visit stats for this year….

Sarah Ann….

Height: 51.25 inches

Weight: 58 lbs. 4 oz.


Height: 48 inches

Weight: 44 lbs. 6 oz.


Height: 38.5 inches

Weight: 31 lbs. 6 oz.

And while we definitely spent some time at the doctor’s office this week, we also got to spend lots of time at the pool with some of our sweet friends during the afternoon! It was a perfect way to spend these hot summer days! Our kiddos can’t ever seem to get enough of the pool, and we are always happy to enjoy these sweet, sweet days with friends and family! Oh summer, you are just too much fun!