Friday Five

Here’s five random thoughts on this Friday night, and a cute picture of my babies….

1. I’ve been on the warpath since the new year began cleaning up and cleaning out. We have gone room by room, closet by closet, throughout the whole house! Four full trash bags later, and lots to donate too, Sarah Ann’s room is finally done! And now I’ve just got the boys’ room left to do! Oh, the Legos!

2. My babies love them some “Fixer Upper” just like their Momma. Tonight they got to watch a show before bed, and they all quickly agreed on a recent episode of “Fixer Upper.” Sarah Ann said, “It’s the only show we always agree on!” Very true, sweet girl, and I don’t mind one bit!

3. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily big on New Year’s resolutions, but it’s always a good time to reflect and evaluate, and maybe set some new goals for the year too. One small goal I set was to always put the laundry away each day before I go to bed. With six people, I usually do a load a day, but I had gotten a bit lazy about getting it put away the same day. So, here we are almost three weeks in, and I’ve stuck to it so far! It’s not always fun putting laundry away at 11pm, but it always feels nice once it’s done!

4. After a rough morning, we spent a much need, absolutely beautiful afternoon at the zoo! We’ve missed visiting the zoo, and it definitely put us all in much better spirits! Y’all, this parenting gig, this teaching and loving and disciplining and guiding, is not for the faint of heart, but it’s so, so, so good too!

5. And now I must sleep! It hasn’t been easy getting in 10 miles a week with all this cold weather, but I haven’t missed it yet, and tomorrow morning I’ve got my first race of the year! It’s always fun to run for a good cause, even if it’s going to be cold! Aaah! Goodnight!


winter weather

well, south carolina has had quite the winter weather so far this january! we had our longest streak of cold weather, and a few days when we we never got above freezing! there were a couple of days when we didn’t get to go outside, but even on the cold days, the kids would still want to bundle up in the afternoons to go play basketball or jump on the trampoline for at least a few minutes!

thankfully over the last week we’ve had a couple of warmer days, and we absolutely loved being in the sunshine! there’s just something about a warm afternoon and lots of fresh air!


yesterday preschool was cancelled for carson and jordan, because they were predicting some winter weather. well, we didn’t get any of the snow that we were hoping for, but we definitely made the most of our day with some of our sweet friends! it was a fun day filled with school, playing, eating, laughing, and enjoying the few snow flurries that came down!


now it looks like its going to warm up over the weekend, so maybe we can say goodbye to this super cold winter weather and get back to our usual south carolina winter!


this is us…

Broadwell Academy, December 2017

Broadwell Academy is back, and we have 80 days left to go! This school year has flown by, but it has been so much fun! Maybe now that we are four years in, we’re finally getting this thing figured out a little bit. Ha! We are enjoying our curriculum, really focusing on what’s important to us, and leaving lots of time to play and explore!

December was a quick month for us, but we got a lot done in two weeks! We took a field trip to the Governor’s mansion with co-op. It is beautiful at Christmas, and we even got to meet the first dog, Mac! We also went to see the ballet “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and spent two field trip Friday’s at the state museum and Edventure!

Reece started some multiplication in math and did more measuring, money, and fractions. He also made a 100 on his final math test before the break! Sarah Ann completed her multiplication mastery book, and I’m very proud of how hard she worked through it. We also did spelling, Writing with Ease, First Language Lessons, and handwriting. Reece finished his first handwriting book, and his handwriting has improved so much! And he has really enjoyed the Draw, Write, Now book series and getting to draw too! Sarah Ann’s cursive is so pretty, and she loves to write in cursive all the time! For our read aloud chapter book, we read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” and then got to watch the movie and see the play too! The kids loved it! We also listened to another Humphrey the hamster adventure in the car when we were driving all over town, and of course, we enjoyed reading lots of Christmas books, especially by the tree!

We had our co-op registration today, and we are looking forward to starting back soon with some new classes! We are ready to get back into our routine and finish this year well! I’m thankful today and everyday that I get to be their teacher and their mommy!

Christmas Break

Tomorrow Carson heads back to preschool for pajama day and Broadwell Academy will officially be back in session! We have had a wonderful, long break filled with lots of slow and lazy mornings, playing with friends, spending time with family, enjoying evenings around the table with nowhere to be, and staying up late. Here are a few more Christmas break memories…

17 for 2017


before we get too far into 2018, here’s a little look back to some of my favorite memories from 2017. it was a year full of learning and growing, loving and trusting, doing new things, doing hard things, and never giving up. oh, jesus, thank you for your never ending grace…

beginning the year by finally receiving our foster car license.

taking our most favorite vacation ever on the disney cruise!

welcoming three sweet boys into our home–antoine, theo, and jordan.

celebrating birthdays with a paw patrol bowling party, a lego building party, and a descendants two girls night.

carson beginning his final year of preschool.

finishing another great year of homeschooling and starting our fourth year with a third grader and second grader.

our family fripp trip! always a favorite memory.

a fun end of the summer family getaway to charlotte–southpark mall, carowinds, and discovery place.

weekly errand dates with my babies–something we all looked forward to!

watching sarah ann shine on the stage in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and at theatre!

reece’s reading grew by leaps and bounds, and i couldn’t be more proud.

oh carson, my little athlete–soccer, t-ball, and basketball.

jeffrey getting his dream guitar, and listening to him play it!

my girls’ trip to louisiana, texas, and the silos with jennifer and holly!

running my first half marathon!

having six stockings on our mantle this year and four piles of christmas presents in the living room.

the day in and day out–being a mommy and a wife, loving my family, date nights with jeffrey, teaching my babies, cooking, laundry, driving the kiddos here there and everywhere. this is my greatest joy!



Happy New Year!

When Sarah Ann was almost two months old, Jeffrey and I snuck off to a have dinner out, get a hotel, and sleep all night long on New Year’s Eve, and from then on it has become our tradition to not be with our kids on New Year’s Eve. Ha! Jeffrey says, “why mess up such a good tradition?” The kids, of course, love being with my parents, and Jeffrey and I always enjoy getting to end another year with one more date night! And this year was no exception! 

Sunday evening we drove down to Atlanta and had dinner at P.F. Chang’s, one of Jeffrey’s favorites, before checking into our hotel. We had a restful evening reading, watching a movie, and watching the ball drop in New York to bring in 2018!


Sweet Carson almost made it to midnight at my parent’s house, but he just couldn’t hang anymore and fell asleep at 11:45! And he didn’t even move when the balloons dropped at midnight all around him! Sarah Ann and Reece, my little night owls, had no problem staying up well past midnight to kick 2018 off right!


And even though we didn’t get the win, I can’t think of a better way to spend the first day of 2018–in Atlanta at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, watching my Auburn Tigers play football with Jeffrey, my most favorite person in the world! It was a fun, but very cold day!


2017, you were quite the year! Lots of growing, learning, exploring, new experiences and challenges–but we made it only by His grace, and we are definitely better for it! And now 2018, we are ready for you! Let’s do this!

december to remember

i’ve spent most of the month posting about all of our christmas fun, and we’re still having lots of fun over the christmas break…

but here are a few more memories from our december to remember…

i can’t believe that 2017 is nearly done. it sure has been quite the year!

christmas is here, bringing good cheer!


christmas eve was such a sweet day! we began our morning at church, and carson was a great wise man during our bible story! we enjoyed lunch out at outback, and then spent the afternoon at home playing basketball on their new goal, cleaning up the house, and making and decorating cookies for santa. we helped during the first christmas eve service at church, and sarah ann and reece got to help in the preschool room. they had so much fun and were great helpers! in between services, we got to enjoy some milk and cookies and then we attended the second service. it was a beautiful time of slowing down, worshipping, listening, and focusing on jesus’ birth. in the midst of all the christmas activities, this is what my heart so longed for and needed. after church we came home to get cuddled up in our christmas pajamas, eat breakfast for dinner, look at christmas lights one more time, and read our bible story before bed! thankfully after a full day, the kids went to sleep quickly, and then momma and daddy got to work! it was quite the productive evening, and we crawled into bed at 1am with everything ready to go! i always thought it was fun being a kid on christmas, but being a parent is even better! i was so excited to see everything out, and i couldn’t wait to see how the kids reacted in the morning!

i head noise in the living room a little before 8 on christmas morning and came out to find reece reading a book, surrounded by gifts! he so sweetly said that he would finish his book before we woke everyone else up, and then the fun really began! the kids were so excited to open their gifts and see what else everyone got too! and everyone was quite happy that the things they wanted most just happened to be there too–the barbie dream house, the jungle lego set, a motorcycle, and a bike! we spent the rest of the morning eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast, playing with our toys, watching the disney world christmas parade, building lego sets, and braving the cold to ride new bikes and motorcycles! nanny and pops came over for an appetizer lunch and to see all of the new gifts too! after more play time and rest time and finally getting dressed for the day, we went over to nanny and pops’ house to spend the evening with them and Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melanie, and Annalee. The kids had a few surprises waiting for them right away, and then we enjoyed our traditional Christmas dinner! Yum! And then came more presents, lots and lots of presents! We all had such a sweet evening playing, talking, laughing, singing, dancing, and getting into matching pajamas before bed! And there were definitely five kiddos we were ready for some sleep after a wonderful, wonderful Christmas day!