Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise!

Give thanks to him; bless his name!

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever,

and his faithfulness to all generations.

Psalm 100:4-5


“We give thanks to God not because of how we feel but because of who He is.”

~Ann Voskamp~

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 13 and 14

Week 13!

Monday: On this cold Monday morning we had great day at co-op and then we did our science experiments with rainbows, colors, and light waves on Monday afternoon.
Tuesday: We had our field trip to the airport and our trip to the library on Tuesday morning, and Tuesday afternoon we completed our grammar, reading, sight word, and math work. Plus we spent lots of time outside in the beautiful sunshine!
Wednesday: We do our reading/language work after Bible study at church and then we spent some time at the Gibson soccer fields playing on the playground and enjoying a pizza picnic with Averie and Finn. Wednesday afternoon we did our math lessons and then spent some time making thank you pictures for veterans and making a “hero” book. the kids also wore red, white, and blue to awana!
Thursday: Thursday morning we had our field trip to Clinton Sease and then had lunch with some friends from co-op! Thursday afternoon we finished up our school work before karate and dance. We love Thursdays!
Friday: Jeffrey took half a day off work on Friday so that we could spend the afternoon at Edventure, so the kids worked hard to get all their work done on Friday morning. We finished up our study of the Northeast states with Vermont, had our spelling test, did sight word review and finished our week with our math lessons. It was a good, good week!

Week 14!

Monday: Today was pajama day at co-op, so the kids basically rolled out of bed and hit the road! Monday afternoon we spent some time reading and then did our science work. This week we learned about mirrors and reflections, and the kids loved getting to use carbon paper to make secret messages.
Tuesday: We spent most of the morning running errands and taking our weekly trip the library, so we did most of our school work Tuesday afternoon. We started our southeast unit in SS and learned about Alabama. We had Alabama BBQ pork for dinner, which was super yummy!
Wednesday: Sarah Ann and Reece did their reading and writing after Bible study, and then we went to the park with friends! Both kids did measuring activities in math on Wednesday afternoon and then we learned about Arkansas before heading to our last Awana for the fall.
Thursday: We helped box OCC boxes Thursday morning and made our Pilgrim books in between loads. Reece and Sarah Ann both love to draw, and they have really enjoyed reading their books over and over again. We had lunch out, and then after some rest time we finished up a quick and easy school day and read our favorite
Thanksgiving books.
Friday: We helped with OCC boxes again on Friday morning and then had lunch in the car on the way to our Native American field trip. We pushed through with some math, sight word, and grammar review on Friday afternoon before going to the the co-op’s fall drama productions with Anna Claire and Charlie on Friday night! It was so much fun!

We are now enjoying taking a week off from school! We had our final co-op of the semester on Monday, and the kids were so sad to see it end! We are already looking forward to next semester! And after taking a week off hopefully we’ll be ready to push through until Christmas break! It’s going to be a full and fun couple of weeks!

weekend wonders

slow mornings and sleeping in. saturday morning breakfast at krispy kreme. pete the cat activities at the library. helping load operation christmas child boxes. lunch, naps, and football. and an auburn win! an evening walk and making cookies. lots of bubbles in the bath. a sweet morning at church. our weekly lunch at san jose with the hensons. lots of time in the sunshine. nutcracker rehearsal. grilling out for dinner. preparing for a new week. pajamas, popcorn, and pillows. cuddling up to watch “the lion guard” before bed.

it was a weekend of laid back plans, lots of fun outside, enjoying time with friends and family, and time to rest and recharge for another week. it was a simple weekend, but it was filled with lots of weekend wonders. these sweet days are good for the soul!

field trip fun!

a couple of weeks ago we went to the columbia metropolitan airport for a field trip. they took us on a tour of the entire airport, and we even got to go through security and see a couple of planes take off and land! the kids had an absolute blast, and i think their favorite part was watching all of the luggage come out in baggage claim. sarah ann and reece are also asking about when they get to fly for the first time and that they want to go to new york!


that same week we also got to go to clinton sease farm! we were suppose to do this before halloween, but all of the rain moved it to november. but we could not have asked for a more perfect day on the farm! the weather was cool, but not too cold. sarah ann went through the big maze with mrs. kelly and riley, while reece, carson, and i played on the playground with sadie! sarah ann loved the big maze, and all of the other mazes too! the boys had so much fun sliding, playing in the sand, running through the corn snake, and playing on all the farm equipment! it was such a fun morning with sweet friends!


yesterday we took our first trip to the robert mills house for one of their homeschool fridays with co-op! it is beautiful, and we had a great time learning about south carolina native americans, which also worked perfect with our thanksgiving studies! the kids made a map of where the native americans lived in south carolina, made corn husk dolls, decorated sticks and learned how to play a game with them, made beaded bracelets, and played some relay games like the congaree and catawba indians did. it was so neat!


field trips are our favorite, and we are looking forward to some more christmas field trips before the end of the year! we are so thankful for our wonderful co-op!

My Reecer


Oh, my Reecer! I feel like his baby days are all such a blur because we were in survival mode. But these days I feel like I see him growing up more and more each and every day! He has grown so much in his friendships this year. He’s had to step out of his comfort zone a bit at co-op, but he has done so awesome, and he is such a loyal and sweet friend. He also takes such great care of Carson, and he had thrived in that role of being the “big brother” in their room. A few weeks ago, Reecey also went to his first sleepover down the street at Charlie’s house. He had an absolute blast and said that he didn’t even miss us. He’s always been our shy and timid one, but it has been such a joy to see his confidence grow this year. He loves Awana and works so hard to memorize his verses each week. He also works so hard in school, from handwriting to reading and math. He’s really started to enjoy drawing and art more, and he is also so focused and diligent. When he makes his mind up about something, there is no stopping him until he has his way. And he becomes more and more like his Daddy everyday.  The gray hairs that I currently have on my head are most likely from my Reecer, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is my joy. I love you, Reece Piece!




what i’m loving wednesday

november is flying by, but we’ve been having lots of fun. so for tonight, here’s a few things that i’m loving this wednesday, when i really need to be sleeping…

1.operation christmas child boxes–yesterday the kids and i went shopping for their boxes. they were so excited and couldn’t wait to get them packed and decorated. and oh, sarah ann’s precious words as we prayed for the children that would receive the boxes. i am thankful for opportunities to serve with my babies and watch them learn to love and help others.



2. this little boy talks non-stop, in the silliest voice, and half the time we don’t even know what he’s saying. he loves to wear his thomas hat and jump, jump, jump! and we have been loving this fall weather and lots of play time outside in the afternoons!


3. sometimes on wednesday mornings  you just need to make a sonic run for some sweet tea and slushies with your big kids, all before 9:30am! they work super hard on wednesdays getting all of their school work done in between mommy having bible study and carson being at preschool. and sometimes you just need a little sugar to kickstart your full day!


4. and of course i’m loving date night at chipotle with jeffrey and a solo trip to target! in the midst of all that happens throughout our weeks, i’m always thankful for quality time with jeffrey to catch up, talk about life and the world, and our babies! and a little alone time to recharge is always good too! now bring on the rest of the week! i’m ready for you!

happy birthday to me!

a wonderfully easy friday morning of school. an afternoon at adventure with daddy. a nap in the big bed with carson. and my favorite birthday tradition–dinner with jeffrey at the melting pot! so much cheese. so much food, and so much chocolate! and lots of quality time with jeffrey too. a very relaxing saturday at home with my family. opening gifts. wings for lunch during the auburn game. another nap with carson! playing outside. having breakfast for dinner. and cuddling up to read before bed. a sweet morning at church and lunch with nanny and pops at carrabba’s! and ending a most wonderful weekend with dessert with friends and preparing for another week! it was such a sweet birthday weekend, and i’m pretty sure 32 is going to be a great year! happy birthday to me!




“I your boy!”

Whenever I ask Carson if he’s my baby, he always says, “No, I your boy!” And, oh, my boy brings us so much joy each and every day! He is always making us laugh and smile, and he definitely keeps us on our toes! Oh, Car-Car, you’ll always be my baby and my boy! So here are a few little snippets from my boy’s week….

He loves to tell stories and play with puppets, and his favorite line is always, "how you doing?"
He loves to tell stories and play with puppets, and his favorite line is always, “how you doing?”
We've ended the dreaded cold and cough season, but I definitely didn't mind the extra cuddles the other night. Especially when he came out of his room, climbed in my lap, and said "I need you."
We’ve entered the dreaded cold and cough season, but I definitely didn’t mind the extra cuddles the other night. Especially when he came out of his room, climbed in my lap, and said “I need you.”
He had his first school sprit day on Wednesday, and he was so proud of his preschool shirt!
He had his first school spirit day on Wednesday, and he was so proud of his preschool shirt!
Carson has always been so laid back, and that it still definitely the case, especially on Thursdays. We drop Sarah Ann off at dance, go take Reecey to karate, and go back to pick Sarah Ann up from dance before heading home. And the whole time he just goes with the flow and happily rides in the car with his snack and toys! Sweet boy! Before long it will be his turn!
Carson has always been so laid back, and that it still definitely the case, especially on Thursdays. We drop Sarah Ann off at dance, go take Reecey to karate, and go back to pick Sarah Ann up from dance before heading home. And the whole time he just goes with the flow and happily rides in the car with his snack and toys! Sweet boy! Before long it will be his turn!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 11 and 12

Week 11: Whoa, this week was full and fun! In addition to all of Halloween activities, the kids worked super hard on their math, spelling, language, reading, social studies and science. We had dress-up day at co-op, which the kids loved! In social studies, we learned about New Jersey and New York, so of course we had to enjoy some yummy new york style pizza at a local pizzeria! The kids really like the super big slices. In science we finished up our solar system unit by creating two solar system models, one on paper and one 3D model with Daddy. He always makes school fun! The kids have also been working so hard on all of the memory work for awana. Sarah Ann and I got a wild hair and totally switched her language curriculum this past week, and we are loving it! Reece is doing awesome with his sight words, and it is amazing to see how his handwriting how come so far since the beginning of the year! The weather was so perfect on Thursday, we just had to go to the zoo! After we did some morning work we packed up our lunches and enjoyed a super fun afternoon at the zoo!

Week 12: November has been a great month so far. I think this week was actually one of our most “normal” weeks since school started. We continued through the northeast with Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. We made a liberty bell and got to see some yummy Hershey chocolate too! In science we began a new unit study on rainbows, mirrors, and light. Science experiments are always a favorite afternoon activity, especially when you get to make shadow puppets in Mommy and Daddy’s closet. In math we’ve been doing lots of measuring, fractions, patterns, and comparing numbers. Sarah Ann has been doing a lot of work with sentence structure and parts of speech, and I just love being able to see all of it come together! She’s such a hard worker!

We are just keeping on keeping on, and I can’t believe that we are now one third of the way done! The days aren’t always easy, but it is always so very worth it do our learning together!