What I’m Loving Wednesday


This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Oh the Lord’s faithfulness and grace, after a not so smooth start to our week, is so very good! We got back into our regular Wednesday routine today, and it was a sweet, sweet day! So here are some things I am loving this Wednesday…

I began my Lent study this morning, and I am looking forward to preparing my heart for the Easter season. If you are looking for a great study, check out She Reads Truth!

My small group and the Group Me app! We are all in constant communication–sharing prayer needs, encouraging one another, and making plans to spend time together! We also started our new study today, and I am so exciting about diving into 1, 2, and 3 John this semester. I am praying big things for our group!

The kids favorite thing to “play” since we’ve gotten home from Disney is to make their own “shows” by singing all of their favorite songs from all the different Disney movies that they love. Yesterday was the Lion King, today was a Disney Princess compilation, and tomorrow is apparently going to be the Little Mermaid. Sarah Ann does all the vocals, and the boys play the instruments. Oh, their imaginations are so much fun!

A smooth school day! Starting back to school after vacation is rough, so we eased in slowly and today we got all of our lessons completed, and the kids did great! Plus, getting to spend the night with Nanny tonight was pretty good motivation!

And a solo trip to Target and date night with Jeffrey at Jason’s Deli! That’s a good, good ways to end the day!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


survival mode

survival mode. that is what we have been in since we returned from disney world. the stomach bug paid 3 out of 5 of us a visit, just like it has every time we’ve gotten back from the happiest place on earth. seriously? how can the happiest place on earth give you the stomach bug three times in a row?

but even though i’ve been a hot mess, and it’s felt like we’ve just barely been surviving, we’ve also had some sweet moments and good days.

luckily this bug was quick and short lived, so we spent sunday resting and then everyone was feeling much better! the kids pulled out all the toys and did great playing together while jeffrey slept and i did lots of laundry! sarah ann and reece also loved watching “honey, i shrunk the kids!” they think the playground at hollywood studios is so much fun, so they were so happy to watch the movie once we got back! and thanks to carson’s birthday presents, he was also quite content and occupied most of sunday too!

monday morning came quickly, and carson spent some time with nanny while the big kids and i headed back to co-op! they were so excited to start back, and it is going to be such a fun semester! sarah ann is taking circle time, artists and their art, legos, and chorus. reece is taking circle time, yoga, all about animals, and space 101. i know i say it all the time, but we love co-op!


and as much as we love vacation and needed this weekend to rest and recoup, it’s always nice to get back into the regular routine. we had early morning dentist appointments today, and all the kids are cavity free and did awesome! so we also enjoyed a late breakfast and ice cream at chickfila before taking our usual tuesday trip to the library! this afternoon we slowly rolled back into our school routine, and we are ready to hit the rest of this week head on. hopefully by this weekend we won’t be in survival mode anymore!


Carson Turns 3, Part 2

I had planned all of Carson’s birthday party, including all the food details, before we left for Disney World and planned to do the shopping and errands when we got back on Friday. Well, life doesn’t always go as planned. Reece got sick, so the errands couldn’t be run, and the laundry and unpacking had to linger a little longer…

So yesterday evening I decided to change it all up. I let go of expectations and plans, and decided to focus on what really matters in the end–for Carson to be with the people he loves most, to enjoy the fellowship with his favorite people, and just soak up these moments of my youngest not being a baby anymore…

And in the end, it was the most laid back, easy, yummy, and fun celebration for our sweet boy with our family and sweet friends! We all enjoyed dinner at Moe’s, had a delicious safari cake with just the right amount of decor, enjoyed spending time together, and loved watching Carson open more presents. And oh, I wish you could have seen his sweet face when we opened his presents. So much joy and so much sweetness! And I don’t think Carson could have been happier!

Thank you, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melanie, and Annalee for coming all the way from Georgia! Carson was so excited to see his “Annawee!” Thank you, Nanny and Pops, for always celebrating our wild man! And thank you to the Hensons for always loving on our sweet boy! We are so thankful and grateful for you all!

Carson Turns 3, Part 1

We kicked off Carson’s birthday celebrations last Wednesday with his preschool class! Carson was so excited about his “D” plates and all the snacks he picked out to share with his classmates! His class is so sweet, and we had so much fun celebrating with them! He loved everyone singing to him too!

Thursday we took a trip to Edventure with Nanny, Pops, Luke, and Tommy to do a little more early celebrating! The kids could stay there forever, but after a lot of fun we did manage to convince them to leave once they knew pizza and cupcakes were on the menu for lunch! Carson was so excited to open his presents, especially the blue watch that he had really wanted! We also had so much fun decorating cupcakes and singing happy birthday to our sweet boy!

We left for Disney World on Friday, and Carson was super happy to wake up there Saturday morning on his official birthday! He kept saying “I’m three! I’m three!” He opened his new camera before heading to Animal Kingdom, so that he could take pictures while we were there. After a fabulous day at Animal Kingdom we had dinner at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge to celebrate Carson one more time! They brought Carson a special ice cream for dessert, and he got to blow out a candle while everyone sang to him. He was super shy, but super excited too! It was such a sweet day celebrating three wonderful years with our sweet boy!

An Offering of Love


“No task is too trivial, no assignment too small. Educating our children is an offering of love we make to the God who was so gracious to bestow them upon us in the first place.”

“Teaching from Rest,” Sarah MacKenzie

This was my first read of 2016, and it was so timely as we began our second half of the school year. Oh, thank you Jesus, for these children and for the opportunity to be their mommy and their teacher. My prayer is that above all else, they will know You!


Colossians 1:10-14

“….Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”


Happy 3rd Birthday, Carson!


Oh, sweet Carson, I remember this day like it was yesterday. But now here we are, you are three years old! You have been telling me that you won’t be my baby anymore because you are three, but no matter what you will always be my baby!

This has been a big year for you! You started preschool and Puggles, and your separation anxiety has gotten so much better! Last week you actually didn’t want me to pick you up from your class at church. You were having too much fun with your friends! You love preschool, and you have grown so much this year! Puggles is also a favorite, and you work hard to memorize your lessons just like your brother and sister do. You love to sing and dance, play the guitar and drums, “do work” every chance you get, follow your brother and sister around, play hide and seek, throw the “hot-ball” (football) with Daddy, climb on everything in the house, stay up late and sleep late, read your favorite books over and over again, eat at moe’s and chickfila, play on the computers at the library, paint and make things with play dough, wrestle with nelson, spend the night at nanny and pops’ house, drive your jeep around the cul-de-sac, and be with mommy at all times. You always say the silliest things, make the silliest faces, and keep us laughing all the time!

Carson, you are such a joy! I carried you in my heart for a long time, then in my tummy for 38 weeks, but I could have never imagined how much more amazing you would make our family! The Lord is so faithful, and I know that he has some incredible plans for your future! I pray that you will bring glory to Him in all you do! We love you, Carson! And I hope that you had the happiest birthday at the happiest place on earth!

Love, Mommy



Today’s Post is Brought to You by the Letter P…

PLAY TIME: While I was getting lunch ready on Monday, I told the kids that they could play in the living room, and I loved seeing how they brought all their favorite things together. The Lego guys were going shopping at the Small Mart to buy the Shopkins, and the Shoppie went camping with Mickey and Pluto. They don’t always get along so well, but I’m thankful for the sweet moments with they are all playing together!


PARK: Yesterday felt so great outside, so we packed up our lunches and headed to the park for a picnic and to play! The kids played spies and put on a circus act for me. Carson just totally hangs right in there with Sarah Ann and Reece these days! And we were so grateful for some time outside between the rain and cold spells.



PAJAMAS: Today Carson had pajama day at preschool while they learned about hibernation, and tonight was also pajama night at Awana! The big kids love the special nights at Awana, and Carson was so happy that he got to wear his Jake pajamas all day long! Now can Mommy wear pajamas all day long too?



PLAY DATE: We also got to have a fun Mardi Gras play date today with Anna Claire, Charlie, Nathan, and Emma because they had an early release day. The kids all had so much fun playing, but their absolute favorite thing was that we could see them on the TV from the cameras in Nathan and Emma’s room. They couldn’t believe they were on TV! These sweet friends have been having play date since they were born, and it’s always so much fun when we can get together and catch up!



Broadwell Academy, Weeks 19 and 20

Week 19: This proved to be a fairly laid back and normal week for us. The big kids went to art class on Monday, while Carson was at preschool. We enjoyed lots of time outside in the afternoons in the warm weather. We have been plugging right along with all of our lessons. We learned about West Virginia and Virginia this week. The kids spent the night with Nanny one night, so we worked really hard that next afternoon to get all of our work done. I am thankful for flexible kids and a flexible schedule! We also took our fun field trip to Greenville to see the Wizard of Oz exhibit, and then finished up the week learning about fossils with Daddy.


Week 20: Monday morning we had co-op registration, but we did manage to do a bit of school on Monday afternoon. It was MLK Day, so the kids illustrated pictures that went along with a short story of his life, and they also wrote and drew one of their dreams. I so loved seeing how differently they think and illustrate. We also go to the library on Tuesdays, and we are thankful for laid back Tuesday mornings to do our lessons. We finished up our study of the southeastern states this week, and reviewed all our states and capitals and added the animals from the southeast to our graph. It was a chilly week but we did manage to get out for a bit in the afternoons. One day we literally played freeze tag in the freezing cold! Thursday we had a pajama day, which the kids loved, so we also cuddled up to read our fossil books and watch a fossil movie on our bed, popcorn included. And we ended our week with our 100th day celebration and our field trip to the state museum to check out the fossils!


snow, shopping, and a sweet saturday!

a couple of weekends ago, grandpa and ning came over to celebrate a belated christmas! the kids had so much fun opening presents, giving presents, and spending the afternoon playing and reading with grandpa and ning!



grandpa and ning also gave the kids gift cards to toys r us, and reece has been anxiously awaiting the day when he would get to go shopping to pick out some new toys! and saturday was finally the day!

we woke up to a small snow dusting on saturday morning, and the kids were so excited! and it was definitely my kind of snow day…just enough snow to taste, throw a few snow balls, make a snow angel or two, and put some really big smiles on my babies’ faces! but it was still all gone by lunch time!




after spending the morning at a friends’ house enjoying the snow and getting a belt on our car replaced, we headed over to harbison for lunch and shopping! and it was so fun to see how the kids shopped and what they picked. reece was slow and methodical, and it most definitely had to involve legos and star wars. sarah ann was done in about 5 minutes! she knows how to shop, and she knows what the wants! and sweet carson, i know i have said before how much he likes to “do work,” so it was no surprise that he picked out a little lap top and cash register! i would definitely call our shopping trip a success, and it was perfect for a cold january saturday!