Throwbacks and Thankfulness!

Here’s a little throwback to all of my babies’ first trips to the pumpkin patch!

Sarah Ann, 2009, 11 months

Reece, 2010, 6 months

Carson, 2013, 9 months old


And there is always so very much to be thankful for…

Wednesday afternoons with my boys while the princess is at hip hop class. On days when the world seems hard, my babies always remind me of childlike faith, simple joys, and the goodness of the Lord!
This sweet dancer got a very important letter in the mail last week! She is going to be a trumpeter in this year’s Nutcracker. We can’t wait to see her perform on the big stage! Watching your kids discover their passions and working hard and persevering and shining is such a joy!
“Play is the highest form of research.” ~Albert Einstein
Date night with Jeffrey always comes at just the right time during the week! It’s a crazy, beautiful life, and I’m so thankful to have him beside me the whole way through!

Fall Break 2016, Part 4

Before ending our getaway and heading back to SC, we went to the Blowing Rock! It was absolutely beautiful! The kids enjoyed looking out over the mountains, climbing the big rocks, and exploring the area! It was the sweetest ending to our fall vacation, and the views were the sweetest too!

“For behold, he who forms the mountains and creates the wind, and declares to man what is his thought, who makes the morning darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth–the Lord, the God of hosts, is his Name!” Amos 4:13

The kids did great on the way home, probably because they were worn out from all our adventures! We made a stop for Chick-fil-a once we got back in SC, and then we made it home in time to get our wiggles out for a few minutes before heading to bed. Thankfully we had the rest of the weekend to rest, unpack, and recover! And while the trip might have gone by quickly, we’ll definitely have the sweet memories for forever!

Fall Break 2016, Part 3

after breakfast on the last morning of our getaway, the kids took one more morning dip in the hot tub before packing up and heading out. it was an absolutely beautiful day with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine, and we were looking forward to another great day in the high country! we stopped for lunch at the “come back shack,” which as absolutely so good, in boone before heading to tweetsie railroad! tweetsie railroad is a fun, little amusement park with a real steam engine and a wild west/country theme! the kids loved the train ride, magic show, dance shows, the sky lift, and of course, all of the rides that went round and round and round! we had such a fun time, and the kids already want to go back! it was certainly a sweet family fun day!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 7-8

week 7: co-op. talk like a pirate day. a pajama morning. reading and writing. spelling and handwriting. jackson pollack in art class. weekly library trip. playing in the rain at the park. school on the go. hello, fall. more park time and lots of fresh air. measuring, multiplying, and time in math. mexican food, the day of the dead, the book of life, and learning about mexico. the letter f is for frog and tornados!

week 8: team spirit day at co-op. halloween shirts and library trips. making snack sacks. spelling rhymes, reading comprehension, the letter g is for gumball, and starting “james and the giant peach.” painting like monet on the back porch on an beautiful afternoon. addition, money, geoboards and graphing in math. starting our studies on volcanoes in science and south america in social studies.

Carson’s Fall Family Fest!

Monday evening Carson had his Fall Family Fest at preschool. He had a cold over the weekend, but thankfully he was feeling better by Monday evening because he did not want to miss singing on stage! He did such an awesome job, and the 3’s classes sang such a precious song! After the performances, Carson got to show us all his classroom, and he proudly showed us the purple oval that he sits on during circle time. He also loves the home living area, with the cash registers! No surprise there! Ha! We are so very thankful for St. Stephen’s and Carson’s sweet teachers, Mrs.Erica and Mrs. Ashely!





Fall Break 2016, Part 2

We woke up Thursday morning to real fall weather, and the kids were so excited! They cuddled with with blankets in the living room of the cabin to eat their breakfast and watch a show before getting a little arcade time in and then taking a morning dip in the hot tub! The kids couldn’t get enough of it!

Our big adventure for the day involved our first family hike! We went down to the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiked to Cascade Falls. All of the kids, including Car-Man, did awesome! It was a bit chilly and foggy but that didn’t stop them from climbing, exploring, and jumping all the way to the waterfall and back! We then headed back to Boone to eat lunch at an delicious restaurant, The Local, and then walked around downtown a bit more to the Mast General Store and Junalaska Park for some time on the playground! The weather was beautiful, and we loved spending the day outside out and about together! And before heading back to the cabin for the evening, we stopped by the country store for some firewood and ice cream!

We spent the rest of the evening resting and relaxing at the cabin! The kids played spies and secret agents all throughout the cabin, we ate dinner and watched football, and then enjoyed some time on the porch roasting marshmallows and playing in the hot tub again before the kiddos crashed into bed! And lastly, it was time for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy the hot tub and cuddling up for football, cinnamon rolls, and milk before bed! Oh, time away together is always such a sweet treat!

Six and a Half!


Reecey has been anxiously waiting for this day to arrive, and it’s finally here! He is officially six and a half!

Our Reecey Piecey is strong willed and determined. He’s loyal and sincere. He’s got the best of both worlds when it comes to having a big sister and little brother to play with. He’s just like his Daddy in about every way, but he loves his Momma’s cuddles and kisses. He’s our strong little ninja, and he’s so very brave! He likes to sing and dance to Michael Jackson and the Wiggles. He eats all the time, even though we have no idea where it goes. He tells the silliest jokes and can totally crack himself up. He loves to wrestle, fight, and play spies and ninjas. He loves to explore and has the most creative imagination. His favorite subjects in school are science, social studies, art and math. He likes to sleep in his sleeping bag on his bed, and his pillow pet is still his favorite comfort item, and it goes everywhere with us! He likes to do magic tricks, watch movies, listen to books on cd, and he’s always up for an adventure! 

We are are so proud of you, Reecer, and we love you very much! I can’t believe that you’re halfway to seven!

Fall Break 2016, Part 1

After seven full weeks of school and heading full swing in our fall routine, we were all ready for a break to rest and recharge a bit, especially Mommy and Daddy! And so our fall break came at just the perfect time!

On Tuesday, we spent our first day of fall break at the zoo! For the first part of the trip we splashed, played and ate lunch with our friends at Waterfall Junction. Then we took the tram over to the zoo side to see the animals, climb the rock wall, and ride the train and carousel. We also got to see the sea lions do lots of their tricks and eat a lot of fish too!


While Carson was at preschool and Sarah Ann was at art class on Wednesday morning, Daddy, Reece and I packed up the van and picked up lunch so that we could head out of town as soon as they were finished! And can I just say that the kiddos are such great travelers! They play with their toys, sing, snack, read books, watch movies, and don’t usually ask us too many times if we are there yet! They did awesome on the way up to Boone, and we made it all the way to our cabin without stopping at all! I think they were just so excited to get there!


We spent the afternoon checking out the view and wandering through the cabin. The kids wanted to check out all the rooms and games and TVs and especially the arcade table!



Then we spent the rest of the evening eat dinner at a delicious local pizzeria, Capone’s, and exploring downtown Boone! It is such a cute and fun little downtown area, and App State is right in the middle so there was always a bustle of activity too!



Our cabin was about 20 minutes north of Boone in Vilas, NC, which was a simply beautiful area! And after a quick trip to the store for groceries, we made it back to the cabin in time for the kids to get in the hot tub before bed! They loved the lights and all of the jets, and they made up nicknames for all the different seats depending on how the jets felt. Crazy kids! Thankfully, after a fun first day, the kids were tuckered out and Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy the hot tub on the deck before bed too!