Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween from these cute little pumpkins, who have had a blast being Jack Sparrow, Mal, our ninja boy, and Thomas the Train over the past few days! We have had so much Halloween fun this week! We started off our Halloween activities with Halloween books and snacks in the living room. We’ve watched a few of our favorite Halloween movies, decorate monster cookies and rice krispy treats, and went to J’s trunk or treat at his school and Nanny and Pop’s fall festival at their church! We got to ride lots of rides and do a lot of bouncing. Daddy also rocked our church’s trunk or treat as “Russell” from Up! We’ve had so much fun with family and friends, and I’m so thankful Daddy does all the hard work when it comes to carving our jack-o-lantern. The kids were great helpers too! Carson took a special trip with just Mommy to St. Stephen’s Fall Festival last week, and J also had his first field trip to Fox Farm and got to hunt for a pumpkin. We enjoyed yummy donuts from Krispy Kreme, and today we made pumpkin quesadillas for lunch! Yum! Carson had a special Halloween snack at school today, and the big kids and I got to go visit J’s class while they did pumpkin sensory activities! And just in case we didn’t have enough candy, we trick or treated all around our neighborhood this evening and then sorted and checked out all of our candy! What a delicious ending to super fun Halloween week!

Mommy’s Little Pumpkins

October started off feeling like summer, but it is now finally feeling fall-ish in South Carolina! I was so happy to finally wear jeans and long sleeves last week! Fall is my absolute favorite, and we sure are having fun!

I’m learning to not use the work “busy,” and instead focusing on the word “full.” Our days are full, but we are getting to do what we love, spending time with friends and family, enjoying each other and all that God has created, and hopefully making the most of our time! And we are thankful for it! I’m thankful for these fun fall days and watching my babies dance and play soccer and go to karate and memorize scripture. I’m thankful to see them with friends and to fill our everyday with learning opportunities! These are full, fun fall days that we’ll always be so grateful for!

A couple of weeks ago some of our friends had Friday off of school, so we all met up for lunch and then spent the afternoon at Clinton Sease Farm! The kids had so much fun riding on the hayride, picking a pumping, and playing on the playground! I think they would have stated there all day if they could! The weather was cool and cloudy, which was perfect for an afternoon outside! And last Friday we went to Wingard’s Market to go through their corn maze and paint a pumping with the triplets! Everyone had fun going to the maze over and over again and painting their little pumpkins with lots of fun colors! We also got to enjoy a picnic at the park before heading home to finish up our school work.

Our October fun is just getting started! Mommy’s little pumpkins have a fun week in store, and I’m sure Mommy and Daddy will be sneaking lots of yummy candy at night before bed! Ha! There are some definite perks to having four kids collecting candy!

Fall Family Fest and a Field Trip!

Last Monday night Carson had his final Fall Family Fest at St. Stephen’s Preschool! Everyone did an awesome job singing on stage, and Carson was so excited to be able to show us his classroom and some of the work and art projects he has been doing in class! We sure our proud of our sweet boy!


And the following morning, Carson and I also got to take his first field trip of the school year to the Lexington County Museum! We spent the morning down on the farm learning  about farm animals, farming, barns, and scarecrows! The kids all had a wonderful time! Plus, a little quality time with my baby boy is always so much fun!

Low Country Lovin’ Day 4

We woke up early on our final day to pack up, clean up, and eat a big breakfast before heading back downtown! The kids were so excited about visiting the SC Aquarium! We went once before when I was pregnant with Carson, so we were definitely looking forward to visiting again, and it most definitely did not disappoint! We got to explore lots of SC fish and reptiles and see what their habitats are like in the different regions of South Carolina! We also got to see the divers in the tank, touch starfish and dogfish and sea urchins, and enjoy all the aquarium had to offer! And the kids most favorite part was definitely feeding and touching the stingrays before we left! It was quite the fun ending to our Low Country trip!

Thank you, Jeffrey, for such a fun family getaway! Thank you for all your help and just going along with all the plans I come up with. Thank you to Nanny and Pops for keeping J while were were gone! I’m sure he had way more fun with y’all than he would have had with us.

Oh, vacations sure are sweet, and I’m so very thankful for such an educational and memorable trip together! Low Country, you are definitely a favorite!

Game Day!

Game days sure do look different than they did ten years ago, or even five years ago. The days of watching College Gameday in our pajamas on Saturday morning are long gone, and this past weekend I watched more college football on my phone than I did on the TV. And “Game Day” really should probably be “Game On!” from the time we wake up until the time we crash into bed. But I wouldn’t trade these days now for anything else. They are full, but they sure are the sweetest!


Saturday morning started off bright and early at the soccer field! Reece had a great game on offense and defense, and his team won 7-2! He has learned so much this season, and he is really enjoying soccer! Carson sure was missing Daddy on the field, but he still had an awesome game and scored 5 goals! That boy loves to score! Sarah Ann’s team has grown together so much this semester, and she’s still our “Defense Queen.” Her team won 5-0, and all three teams are still undefeated! It was been such a great season, and I sure do love being a soccer mom to these sweet soccer players! And being married to the cutest coach is a nice perk too!


And while Sarah Ann might be the “Defense Queen” on the soccer field, she’s also always and forever our “Dancing Queen” too! This year she auditioned for the Ensemble at the dance studio, and she is so excited to be dancing in Ensemble I. This past Saturday they had their first performance at the Ridge Spring Harvest Festival, and she absolutely loved it! She loved the long rehearsals, dancing with the big girls, getting to curl her hair, and wear her jazz shoes outside. The Ensemble group did an incredible job, and they were so much fun to watch! And Sarah Ann is definitely looking forward to more opportunities to dance soon!


And if our day had not already been exciting enough, we ended our sweet Saturday with a trip downtown to see the Gamecocks play soccer! It was so much fun to watch them play, even if they didn’t pull out the win. They were all so into the game, and it was a perfect fall evening to spend under the lights cheering Carolina on! Thank you, Jeffrey, for taking us to the game! Game day, you sure were good to us!

Low Country Lovin’ Day 3

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and drove over to the IOP to do my long run on the beach. I totally think I could get use to running on the beach everyday! The kids must have been worn out from our day before, because they slept until after nine when Jeffrey finally woke them up to go down to breakfast before it ended! So, we took our morning slow eating breakfast and getting ready before heading out on our adventures for the day!

Our first stop on Saturday was over on John’s Island to visit the famous Angel Oak tree. It took every ounce of the kids’ self control to not climb all over the huge tree, but they succeeded! The Angel Oak was beautiful, and we are so glad that we stopped by!

We grabbed a quick lunch and a little Auburn football at Jason’s Deli, and then headed on to Charles Towne Landing to explore the first settlement! We got to see a merchant ship, hear the cannons go off, see where the Native Americans lived, and the beautiful home and gardens of the plantation owners. We also got to see several South Carolina native animals in the Animal Forest area. And let me just tell you that all my people were such troopers! Saturday was hot and humid a lot of walking, but they did it, and they were awesome!

And once again we decided to end our day at one of our most favorite places, the IOP! I couldn’t believe it, but Jeffrey and the kids jumped and splashed and swam in the cool ocean! They thought it was the most fun ever to be playing in the ocean as the sun was quickly going down! We grabbed Subway for dinner, took a quick dip in the hot tub, and then finally rested our feet while watching a little college football before bed!

Vacations with my people are just the sweetest!

Low Country Lovin’ Day 2

Friday morning we woke up, got ready, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel before heading to Patriots Point. First we took the ferry out to the Fort Sumter National Monument. The kids loved the boat ride, and we saw a few dolphins while waiting to dock at the Fort. The boys especially loved the cannons, and we all really enjoyed walking around and learning all about the fort! It definitely has brought about some great discussions about our country’s history and the Civil War. It was a beautiful morning!

After our boat ride back, we were all ready for some lunch, so we drove over to Shem Creek to eat lunch. We ate at Water’s Edge, and Sarah Ann and Jeffrey couldn’t get enough seafood while we were on the coast!

Our next stop for the day was back to Patriots Point to explore the U.S.S. Yorktown, U.S.S. Laffey Destroyer, U.S.S. Clamagore Submarine, the Medal of Honor Museum, and the Vietnam Experience Exhibit. And boy, did our crew want to see it all! They explored every floor all of the ships, climbed in and out of airplanes and helicopters, and walked their little feet all over the place! Reece has been drawing ships ever since we got back, and I’m pretty sure this was his favorite stop on our trip! Sarah Ann was excited to see another dolphin, and Carson loved getting to climb into an airplane! We learned so much about what life was like on the ships, and we just couldn’t get over how they could fit so many people, weapons, food, and machinery on one ship, even if it is really big!

And since we were so very close to the beach, we decided to end our day with a quick trip over to the Isle of Palms. The kids played in the sand, jumped in the waves, and were just as happy as me to be putting our toes in the sand again! We picked up pizza for dinner, took a dip in the hot tub, and then all crashed into the bed after another great day in the low country!

Low Country Lovin’ Day 1

For the last few years we’ve taken a fall break family getaway! It has definitely become something we look forward to each year, and this year was no exception! Since we are studying South Carolina geography and history this year in SS, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend a few days in Charleston! So not only did we get to enjoy a fun family vacation together, we also got a lot of hands on schooling accomplished too!

We headed to Charleston on Thursday morning, stopped for lunch in Orangeburg, and then went straight downtown. We spent the afternoon going on our first carriage tour, walking down King Street, visiting Rainbow Row, swinging at Waterfront Park, reminiscing at the Pineapple Fountain, walking through the market and down East Bay, and enjoying dinner on the rooftop at the Charleston Crab House. The kids’ favorite part of the day was definitely the carriage tour! We learned lots of new information about some of the historic areas of Charleston and got to see a lot of the old churches and beautiful homes! It was certainly a fun first day!

And another one of our kiddos’ favorite things is staying in a hotel! It brings them so much excitement! We stayed in an great suite at a hotel in Mount Pleasant, and the kids were so happy to find the pool and hot tub! The pool water was a little chilly, but it didn’t stop the big kids from getting in. But Carson much preferred the hot tub! I think we could all get use to being able to “lax in the hot tub” every night before bed!