8 months old!


Today Carson is 8 months old! This time last year we had just found out that he was a he, and now he’s been here for 8 months and I can’t remember life without him! We are so blessed!

For Sarah Ann and Reece’s 8 month posts, I posted 8 things I loved about this stage, so now I get to add to my list about my time with my newest sweet boy…

1. I love hearing him “talking” on the monitor when he wakes up in the morning, and I absolutely love the big smile he gives me when I got to get him out of his bed.

2. Oh, I absolutely adore his toothy grin. He is currently getting two more top teeth and it’s so cute!

3. He is going to be a total mess. I can see it coming. He sits in the bumbo on the counter in the mornings while I finish getting ready, and he pulls everything out of my makeup basket every single morning. He also recently discovered the DVDs on the bookshelf in our living room and he is constantly pulling them off.

4. Carson man likes to be near me at all times. When I’m in the kitchen he usually hangs out in his little car walker, and boy can he move it all over the place. I have to watch out for my toes, because he tries to run them over!

5. He loves food! I definitely don’t think I’m going to have to worry about him being a picky eater. He has had lots of types of baby food and some table food too including bread, biscuits, tater tots, mac and cheese, green beans, peaches, and mashed potatoes. He also makes this grunting noise when I stop feeding him.

6. He is such a flexible baby. He just totally goes with the flow. He is a champ at going out to eat, playing during soccer practice, running errands and sitting in the buggy. I guess Sarah Ann, Reece, and I have made him an on-the-go person too, just like us!

7. He however is not a fan at all of nursery at church. Separation anxiety has set in, and in a major way. During church he can usually be found on someone’s hip walking up and down the hallways.

8. He has this little bit of hair on the top of his head that always sticks up, and it has to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! Oh, I love, love, love everything about this sweet boy!


oh, saturday!

an early morning soccer game that went soooooo much better than last week! reece went out and played every time he was suppose to, and he even got a few kicks in! we were so proud of our wild man! (and he has some pretty cute fans too…)photo-592

a super fun birthday party at edventure, and it was the first time daddy got to go with us! sarah ann, reece, and carson loved having daddy there to play with! i think they would have stayed all day long!


a late lunch at jason’s deli, with three super excited and crazy kiddos. you would think that at some point we would learn not to go out to eat, ha!


college football, a gamecock victory, order pizza for dinner, playing and laughing, baths and bed time!¬†oh, saturday! you’ve been busy and wonderful! why do you always have to go by so quickly? please come back soon!

our sweet girl


how can our sweet girl almost be five?

every day she becomes more and more grown up! and every day we become more and more alike!

she is so full of life and so very creative!

she loves to make videos, dance and perform shows, tell stories, and write and draw all day long!

today i got to chaperone her class field trip to the pitter platter in downtown lexington. she had a great time drawing and coloring a fish. she takes her artwork so seriously!

i’m so thankful that i got to spend a little one-on-one time with our sweet girl today!


fabulous first days of fall

we kicked off the first days of fall with some fall activities…


F was for FOOTBALL. saturday afternoon we put on our auburn gear and made some noise makers to shake during the football game. carson really liked shaking his very own noise maker too! we ordered wings (perfect football food according to daddy) for dinner and played our own little game of “pin the football in the goal.”



A was for APPLES. we used apples to make apple prints with paint, enjoyed some of our delicious macintosh apples from sky top, and talked about johnny appleseed!


L was for LOTS OF PUMPKINS. monday afternoon we stopped by a little pumpkin stand to pick out some little pumpkins to paint. the big kids were so excited to see pumpkins again. after dinner they drew on their pumpkins and then painted them.



L was for LEAVES. today we made a fall tree craft with lots of colored leaves and had a branches and leaves for snack, which were made out of pretzels and fall colored m&ms. it was also the perfect fall afternoon to enjoy our snack and make our craft outside! and carson loves, loves, loves to be outside!


now we are looking forward to lots more fabulous fall fun!

hello fall!

hello fall!

we’re so glad you are here!

there is so much to look forward to…

cooler weather. evening walks. more football. afternoon picnics and playing outside. jumping in the leaves. the pumpkin patch. the south carolina state fair. boo at the zoo. halloween. thanksgiving. sarah ann’s birthday. mommy’s birthday. carving pumpkins. fall festival at school. soup, chili, and cornbread. watching the leaves change colors. sweaters, jeans, and hoodie sweatshirts.

oh, how we love fall!

it’s definitely this mommy’s most favorite season!



First Soccer Game

Today Reece had his first soccer game! He was so excited all morning and looked so cute in his jersey and soccer gear!

The game started, and he couldn’t wait to get out there! He ran all over the field, scored five goals, and Jeffrey and I definitely thought to ourselves “He is going to be a soccer legend. This will give him scholarships to get him through college, and then he can become a famous doctor!”


The game started, and he didn’t want to be away from me. When it was his time to go out on the field, he just cried. He wanted me to run on the field with him. He had several chances to kick the ball and chase it, but instead he just looked at me like “Momma, what have I gotten myself into? This is not what practice is like. I want to go home.”

But in the end, even with Carson missing his nap, Sarah Ann wanting to play tea party the whole time, and Reece not wanting to actually play soccer, we somehow survived the first game! And it can only get better from here…..right?!?!

yo ho ho!

yo ho ho!

don’t all pirates eat doughnuts for breakfast?

thank you krispy kreme for a great start to our thursday!

sarah ann and reece had so much fun getting all dressed up for “talk like a pirate day!”

even carson got in on the action and enjoyed a few bites of a doughnut! i’m pretty sure he’s a fan!

i’m so thankful for all of these little pirates!





vampire baby

around our house we call carson our “vampire baby.”

he would prefer to never sleep and stay up all hours of the night if we would let him, and all of his ear infections didn’t help with his sleeping. early this morning i heard him just talking away to his little stuffed frog! so since vampires stay up all night, carson would fit right in!

carson also had his lateral incisors come in before the central ones, so it looks like he has two little sharp vampire teeth right on top! it looks awfully adorable, but man do they hurt when he bites down!

well last week at the library we just happened to find a book called “vampire baby.” it is such a cute story about a brother who thinks his sister is a vampire and wants to give her to a vampire family…but in the end he says “she might be a vampire baby, but she’s my vampire baby!” sarah ann and reece love the book, and we have read it over and over again this past week!

sarah ann and reece sure do love their very own vampire baby!



our monday afternoon

we hit the ground running this monday morning with preschool for orange and green days, a trip to publix with my little man, and organizing fall clothes. before we knew it the school day, lunch time, reading time, quiet time and nap time had come and gone.

so since the weather was so nice, we headed to virginia hylton park to play and enjoy some time together! carson loved swinging while reece and sarah ann slid, ran, and climbed all over the playgrounds.

i’m so thankful for a relaxing and fun monday afternoon after a busy monday morning!

here’s to a new busy but wonderful week ahead…







a sweet saturday

fall like weather. a trip to target with my boys. organizing fall clothes. college game day on espn. playing, napping, and relaxing. spending time with my aunt and uncle from florida. my all out gamecock girl getting herself ready for the game. dinner and football with friends. carolina and auburn victories! war eagle! and go cocks!