October Photo A Day

1. Where you stood–in the shower! And thanks to my sweet husband for always keeping it clean!

2. Lunchtime–Kids eat free at Moe’s on Tuesday, so we enjoyed lunch there before running some errands! It’s one of the kid’s favorites!

3. This happened today–I was all by myself, so I enjoyed my very own Reese’s pumpkin…and I didn’t have to share with anyone! It was heavenly!

4. What you read–This was my 2nd time reading “Redeeming Love,” and it is simply incredible!

5. Shadow–our shadows on the beach in the Bahamas!

6. I’m thankful for–I’m so very thankful for Jeffrey, and our time away, and our time together! It was wonderful!

7. Light–our afternoon at Junkanoo Beach was full of sunlight!

8. Angle–a picture of our cruise ship as we were heading back to the port.

9. Red–Chickfila! We spent our morning here eating breakfast and playing! Those kiddos melt my heart!

10. Emotion–Pure excitement as we rode the train at the zoo! We ride it every time we go, but I love how excited they get every single time!

11. Something close-up–My new tennis shoes. They make my feet very happy!

12. On the table–Sarah Ann wanted to make “soup” for her pet rock today. It included milk, water, apple juice, honey nut cheerios, candy corn, and marshmallows. I love her imagination!

13. Landscape–Remembering our Bahamas trip, and the beautiful landscape of the Atlantis and blue water from Nassau. Is it time to go back yet?

14. Makes you laugh–Oh, Reecey man keeps me laughing all day long, especially when he is being a superhero!

15. Dinnertime–Celebrating at San Jose. Those two sure do love their Mexican food!

16. Something you wrote–well, I typed it, printed it, and cut it out. Now we’re ready for our 15 days of fall fun!

17. Fruit–our afternoon snack of green grapes! Yummy!

18. Made you smile today–I love the bond that Sarah Ann and Reece have. They always want to be right beside each other.

19. Letters–Mellow Mushroom, those letters make me very happy! I’m so thankful for a girls night out with sweet Bible study friends.

20. 4 O’clock–I wake Reece up from his nap at 4:00, and he is usually in a daze while he watches a show as he’s waking up.

21. Calm–Sarah Ann cuddles up right next to me while I rub her head and she falls asleep. I love those calm, sweet moments.

22. In your town–Sarah Ann and Reece’s preschool in downtown Lexington. They call it the castle school.

23. The view from here–eating lunch outside on the back porch and checking out the new toys r us catalog!

24. Weather–the weather was perfect today! We enjoyed the whole evening outside playing and having dinner on the back porch.

25. People–my two favorite little people enjoying a morning at the park! We are loving this fall weather!

26. Listening to–Sarah Ann and Reece riding their tricycles in the cul-de-sac. Sarah Ann loves to go fast, and Reece is getting it all figured out!

27. Morning–we enjoyed a wonderfully cool, breezy, cloudy morning at the pumpkin patch!

28. Looking back–After spending the night with Nanny and Pops and spending the morning playing and eating at the mall, Reece couldn’t stay awake any longer. This is what I saw when I looked back in the back seat–Reece asleep face first in his pillow pet!

29. Moon–I couldn’t remember to take a picture of the moon, so I googled it! Ha! Life in 2012!

30. Clothes–Sweet baby clothes for our new sweet baby boy!

31. Anything you choose–my sweet little ones ready to trick or treat! Happy Halloween!

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