Summer of Love, Part 1

He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”

Luke 10:27


This summer is our “Summer of Love!” We started the summer off coming up with a list of ways that we can love God and love others, and then we have put those into practice each week! We are so very thankful for all of the activities that we get to participate in and the fun things we get to do each week, but we, including Mommy, are always learning to have an attitude of gratitude and to be aware of how we can love and honor God in all of our summer activities and love others in all the things that we get to do, including being a good friend and helping others! The kids are also participating in “Mission Lexington Kid Cadets” this summer, and they have really been made aware of many needs right here in our area and how we can help. We have been donating some of their most needed items, especially food, during the summer. The kids earn stars on their badges each time they donate, and they will have a celebration at the end of the summer! And we, of course, are doing some “summer school” and loving God with our minds by keeping our brains sharp and doing lots of reading! During the end of May and June, the kids worked so hard on their summer reading logs, and we have been learning about the Armor of God with our LifeWay Summer R.E.A.D. activities. We also spent June doing some reading comprehension review and finishing up our geography and South Carolina daily work activities. It’s been our routine to do that in the afternoon after quiet time while we have a snack, and we don’t really want to be outside in the hottest part of the day! So we usually spend the mornings out and about, and then have the afternoons at home before theatre, karate, and t-ball (which finished in June).

The big kids finished up school on May 11, so we really got our summer off to a pretty early start! And actually on their first official day of summer break, Sarah Ann, Reece and Carson all went the last homeschool zoo class of the year and learned all about the oceans! Carson and Jordan still had school that week, but we got to spend an afternoon at Flight Deck with friends, take our weekly library trip, spend the night with Nanny and Pops, play in the rain, collect bugs all over the backyard and go back to the zoo and see the new baby giraffe, Amelia! Our friends were in town from LA for a good part of May and June, and we are so very thankful for all of the time we got to spend with them!

The next week we started off with a sleepover with Averie and Finn while their Momma was on a mission trip, Jordan celebrated his last day of school, celebrated Carson’s graduation from preschool, enjoyed lots of time outside and in the rain, and spent the most wonderful day at the Isle of Palms! And we also continued on with our usually evening activities–dance, karate, and t-ball, but we for sure enjoyed the slower mornings and more laid back days!

Finishing up May we enjoyed lots of time with family for Memorial Day and Pops’ birthday, and spent time with friends that week at Chick-fil-a (our favorite), Saluda Shoals Splash pad (before school got out and it got crazy), have another sleepover with Nanny and Pops (while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a triple date with friends), and spent a morning at Waterfall Junction splashing, exploring, digging, building and playing games!

June began with dance recitals and registering for next year, and the kids were so happy that American Ninja Warrior returned and we could start watching again! It’s one of their favorites every summer! Monday we took a trip the park and Caroline spent the day with us, and Tuesday we celebrated some of our friends’ last day of school and saying goodbye to Jen, Landree and Hudson with lunch at Groucho’s, dessert at Pelican’s, and playing at Ella Ray and Addison’s! We also got to go to Caroline’s pool party, which is such a treat at the beginning of every summer! We went to the zoo when Sarah spent the day with us, and got to swim with Nathan, Anna Claire and Charlie one morning too! And we ended the week with the Kid Cadet kickoff and taking a tour of Mission Lexington and then spending the day at Edventure!

And for our last week for now, the kids attended worship arts camp at FBC Columbia. This is definitely one of their favorite parts of summer! Jordan and I spent the mornings running errands for the beach or going to his doctor’s appt, but we also had some fun too! He enjoyed having all the attention, got to watch a little more TV than usual one day, ha! while I organized school notebooks, and he got to go bowling with friends on Friday morning before watching the other three perform. We also got to spend an afternoon swimming at Nanny and Pops’, having a picnic at the park downtown after camp, and enjoying some lazier afternoons and doing summer school after having to get up and out the door early each day!

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