Brothers and T-ball and Karate, Oh My!

These brothers sure know how to argue and fight with the best of them, but they also love each other and support each other and play so very well too! Just today they had to go to their room for arguing (and were suppose to be quiet), but they ended up building and creating and playing together the whole time. And tonight they came inside from jumping on the trampoline calling themselves the “wrestling bros” and had to do everything exactly the same the rest of the night, even matching pajamas! They absolutely know how to drive each other crazy, but I am so very thankful that they have each other as brothers. And I’m so thankful for all of the ways that they are so alike and so different!

Carson, our sports man, played t-ball again this summer, and he had a great season with the Gators! He loves to bat and go after the ball in the field. It was a quick and fun season, and as always, we are so proud of how hard our determined little athlete practices and plays! He would run to the ball and get it to first base no matter where he was on the field. He also did a great job hitting with a pitch. Plus, there’s not much of anything that’s cuter than my sweet boy in a ball cap and white baseball pants!


Reece also had another big karate test a couple of weekends ago! This was the first time I have been able to see him test in a while, and he was so focused and determined for the whole two hours! He did memory work, weapons, kata, self defense, basics, and so much more that I could never be able to remember how to do. That boy loves him some karate, and he was so happy when he found out that he passed and is now an orange belt/black stripe. Charlie and Anna Claire came with us to his rank graduation, and then we all celebrated with dinner and custard at Freddy’s! Way to go, Reecey!


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