Space and Art Camp

This week Carson attended space camp at preschool, and he had the best time! He learned new songs, all about the planets, gravity, enjoyed playing outside on the playground with friends, and happy to be back at preschool! And now he’s set on being an astronaut for Halloween and when he grows up! Oh, I sure did miss my big boy while he was gone, but seeing his smile when I went to pick him up every day and having him tell me all about his day was so very sweet!


While Carson was at space camp, Sarah Ann and Reece had art camp at Lexington Paint and Pour with Mrs. Stacey! They had a wonderful time working with clay, painting a canvas, making paint blob pictures, creating string art, making stamp pictures and stained glass paintings, and having fun with old and new friends! I loved seeing all of their art pieces and how they have grown in their art! And now they are counting down the days until art class starts again in the fall!


And can we all just say hallelujah!, because for two mornings while they were all at camp, J also had speech for an hour, so this momma had two hours to sit and plan and read and journal! It was quite the treat, especially with my Sonic sweet tea in my hand!



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