Alarm Clocks


Sarah Ann had been asking me for a clock for her room, so one day a couple of weeks ago, I took the crew to Walmart to grab a few things, and Sarah Ann, Reece, and Carson all picked out alarm clocks to put by their beds. Now, my sweet girl is a night owl, just like her Momma, so she didn’t necessarily want the alarm clock for waking up. She wanted to be able to plan out her the time she has in her room to read, write, draw, and color before we have her turn off her lamp and go to sleep. And while she’s done awesome with that, it’s a good thing that she didn’t really want the alarm clock to wake up, because she has slept through it every single morning that she’s used it! Her brothers, on the other hand, have woken right up, turned off their alarms, and hopped out of bed! Reece likes telling me what time it is over and over again, and he wants to set his alarm clock every single night! And Carson just likes that his alarm clocks has a green light on it! 

“Let’s embrace the wonder hidden in the ordinary… because these are the moments that are full of possibility and promise.” –Melanie Shankle


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