Those Summeerr Nights!

Right before Father’s Day, we had our annual Father/Daughter date night and Mother/Son Date night with the Henson’s! It’s one of our favorite year traditions since 2011! This year the daddies and daughters got all dressed up and had dinner at Chick-fil-a and got to take a limo ride too! The mommies and boys had dinner at Groucho’s, went to Reece’s karate class, and ended the evening with Pelican’s!

We also love summer nights when we don’t have anywhere to be! Homemade pizza, popcorn, pallets on the floor, and watching the new Beauty and the Beast! Home is where my people are, and I sure do love an evening with them!

Tuesday and Thursday summer evenings bring theatre and karate, and I love being able to watch my babies do what they love! They work so hard, and they make this Momma so proud, and it makes all the driving around town and all the miles worth it!

And that also means Tuesdays are also Taco Tuesdays, another one of everyone’s favorites! And paper plates for the win!


Jeffrey and I also got to have a date night out in Lexington to the Root Cellar for a delicious dinner and to the new Icehouse Amphitheater to see Edwin McCain with some friends! We’ve seen him four times now in concert, but this might be the most memorable. It poured for about the first hour and we were all soaked, but then there was also the most beautiful rainbow that came out after the storm! We had such a great time, and I’m also so thankful for a date night with my favorite guy!

And there’s really no better way to end our hot summer days than freshly bathed babies, snuggles while watching American Ninja Warrior, and rubbing my sweet baby boy’s back while he falls asleep!

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