Fourth of July Fun!

From the mountains to the prairies,

To the oceans, white with foam,

God bless America, my home sweet home!

We kicked off our Fourth of July fun last Saturday afternoon with a trip to Lake Murray! We went to Grandpa and Ning’s house after nap time to swim, ride the jet skis, play in the water, eat a delicious dinner, and then finally go see the fireworks in Grandpa’s new boat! All of the kids loved them, but I so wish we could have captured J’s excitement! It was so much fun, and the fireworks were well worth staying up way past bed time!

Sunday after church, lunch with the Hensons, picking up groceries, and cleaning up at home, we headed over to Nanny and Pops’ to swim, grill out a yummy dinner, play, eat lots of yummy desserts, and shoot of some more fireworks! And the sparklers are always a big hit too!

And today was a fabulous Fourth full of family, friends, freedom, and fun! Kathy and I started the day bright and early with the “Born in the USA 4 Miler!” I made it home before everyone else was out of bed, and then we enjoyed white powdered donuts, blueberries, and red strawberries for breakfast! Daddy also read us the Declaration of Independence. After some playing, relaxing, and Tour de France watching, we spent some family time running a few errands around town and having lunch at Wild Wings, one of our favorites! While Jordan and I came home to take a nap, Jeffrey took Sarah Ann, Reece, and Carson to see Cars 3! It was a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon! The kids decorated some delicious sugar cookies after the movie, and then we went to spend the evening with some sweet friends! We had dinner, enjoyed catching up, played with lots of toys, and enjoyed a fun fireworks show with the Harmon’s, Seeby’s, and Heydt’s! What a great day celebrating America’s birthday!

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