Broadwell Academy, Weeks 33 and 34

We spent time over our summer break last year continuing on with our math lessons, journaling, doing lots of reading, and reviewing our states and capitals, so we were able to bank up some days for the 2016-2017 school year. Plus, we also had some extra co-op days, field trip days, and travel learning days that gave us even more flexibility! And that led us to our final two weeks of school at the beginning of May….

Week 33: We started this week off with our co-op’s field day! The kids had so much fun doing relay races, playing tug of war, getting soaked during the water wars, having a picnic lunch with friends, and getting their face (or arms) painted. Tuesday was our usual library and Spanish day, and this week we learned about Spanish names for animals. We finished up our first language lessons this week with a poetry and grammar review! The kids did great! Carson did his letter X and Y activities this week too! The kids also created a plant poster labeling all the parts and took one final math assessment on Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, we ended our Asia unit with Daddy teaching us about Israel and telling us about his time there!

Week 34: Hooray! We made it to the final week of school! Monday morning while Carson was at preschool, the big kids took a zoo class on endangered animals. They really enjoyed it and loved getting to pet a ferret! We finished more spelling, writing, and reading this final week. Sarah Ann completed another short story, taking it through the whole writing process. She also finished the final Magic Treehouse book this week, which means she read all 28 this school year! Reece also finished his sixth reader for the year, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much his reading has grown! He has worked so hard! Thursday we did a continent and world review game, and Carson finished his alphabet activity curriculum with the letter Z! Way to go, Carson! We spent part of the day at the state museum with some of our friends on Thursday too! Friday we finished up our final assignments, did our end of the year questionnaire, celebrated our last day of school!

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