A dream…

…is wish your heart makes when your fast asleep!


Don’t let your heart be filled with sorrow

For all you know tomorrow

The dream that you wish will come true!


There is a tired that you can only understand after you’ve been to Disney World. It was wonderfully exhausting, wonderfully special, and wonderfully magical! Dreams really do come true!

I’ve got so many pictures to go through, and so many posts swirling in my head. And we’ve also got a big birthday to celebrate this weekend too! So lots of updates are coming soon! We are so thankful for these sweet and special memories!


Broadwell Academy, Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5: U.S. Symbols

Monday is co-op, and it was team spirit day! We happily supported our Auburn Tigers! The only other things we do for school on Mondays are handwriting and geography. We also go to the library on Monday afternoons to pick up all of our books for the week.

For the rest of the week we continued learning about U.S. symbols. This week we learned about the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the bald eagle, and the White House. We have been created a book that include the different activities and sheets we’ve been doing. We also did a science experiment with pennies to see why the Statue of Liberty turned green. Reece was really into this week too! I usually plan for Sarah Ann to do her math, language and letters, reading, handwriting, and geography during the first part of the day, and then we do our “theme” reading and activities in the afternoon.

We also enjoyed a fun field trip to the zoo at the end of the week with some new sweet homeschool friends!

Week 6: Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

We kicked off our pumpkin week on Sunday when we went to Clinton-Sease Farm and Pumpkin Patch with Daddy! I’m so thankful that he also gets to be part of the kids’ schooling.

After co-op on Mondays, the young entrepreneurs class sells food or other things outside. We finally remembered to bring money this week, so Sarah Ann chose to buy a sack lunch and a cake pop. She also used one of her dollars to get inside the rabbit cage and hold a bunny. It was definitely the highlight of her day!

Each day during pumpkin week we also did a pumpkin activity. Monday we learned about the life cycle of pumpkins. Tuesday we learned a pumpkin poem and drew pumpkins. Wednesday we made pumpkin cookies and enjoyed them with popcorn while watching a pumpkin movie called “Too Many Pumpkins.” Thursday we painted pumpkins, and Friday we got to do our science investigation with Daddy. He took the day off for us to go to the fair, so we did school in the afternoon and he helped us measure and weigh our pumpkins. We also put them in the tub to see if they would sink or float. It was a fun way to end our week and to use the pumpkins that we had picked out at the farm!

Broadwell Academy, Weeks 3 and 4

While looking back through my plan book and pictures on my phone, I have quickly realized that I’ve been horrible about taking pictures of our school days. I’m really going to work on that because I definitely don’t want to forget about all that we’ve been doing!

For our third week of school we began a sort of ongoing theme with our U.S. National Symbols. We started off reviewing the Pledge of Allegiance, reading about our flag, making a flag, and learning all about the Star Spangled banner. I found so many great books at the library, and Sarah Anna and Reece both really enjoyed learning about it all. We also ended the week with a fun gymnastics day, making patriotic brownies, watching a movie about the American flag, and Sarah Ann also got to go to an American Girl day at the library!

Since Fall arrived during our fourth week of school, it was of course the perfect theme for the week! We listed all the things we know and like about fall, went on a fall nature hunt, made fall cookies, enjoyed the cooler weather, learned about why the leaves change colors, and read “The Leaf Man” and made our own! Awanas is a favorite part of the week, especially when Sarah Ann got to bring Anna Claire with her for “Bring a Friend Night.” Nanny also took us to HiWire on a morning off, and we took another little “field trip” to Edventure with Daddy to see the dinosaurs and the butterflies before those exhibits closed.

It usually takes us about an hour and a half to two hours to get school done each day. I love that we can take a morning off and do school in the afternoon or break it up a little bit throughout the day. One of Sarah Ann’s favorite parts is that she gets to¬†wait and to some of her reading with Jeffrey before bed. It’s definitely always a learning and growing process, and I’m so thankful for a great first month!


Karate Test and Fall Festival

There’s been some big things going on for our big boy over the last few days!

Saturday morning Reece had his very first karate test for his yellow tip on his white belt. He had to do his self-defense moves, and he did awesome! We are so proud of him! We found out on Saturday night that he passed his test, and he was so excited!




Tonight Reece had his last fall festival at preschool! He has been so excited about singing their “pepperoni pizza song” on the stage! Reece sang so loud and did such a great job! We also got to see Reece’s classroom, and he showed us all around the room and the discovery center, which is his favorite! I can’t believe it’s his last year of preschool!



Boo at the Zoo 2014

One of the kiddos’ favorite fall traditions is going to Boo at the Zoo! To be completely honest, Jeffrey and I don’t really understand all the hype–it’s crowded, you can’t see many of the animals, and you really don’t even get all that much candy. But nevertheless, the kids get so excited about going, and it’s definitely become something we look forward to each October. Today they couldn’t wait to wear the new Halloween costumes for the first time. They were so happy and proud! We, of course, had a wonderful time with our friends Todd, Maria and Sarah. The kids danced, ate candy, watched a magic show, did lots of trick or treating, and even got to see a few animals before they went “ni-ni” as Carson says. It was a perfect fall evening to be outside, and I must say that Dorothy, Jake and Captain America make every experience so worthwhile! Happy Halloween, everyone!