Sweet Spirit Summer, Week 8

This week our fruit was oranges, our fruit of the Spirt was faithfulness, and our Bible story was Noah’s Ark and God’s promise to not ever flood the earth again!

This week has been a bit trying–with the rain and humidity, our van had to be put in the shop, and oh, these 2 boys in our house have some serious tempers. Carson might even rival his big brother!

But God is so faithful–the rain and the van made us slow down a bit, enjoy some extra quality time and cuddles together, and I’m loving the new SheReadsTruth app! It was been so challenging and encouraging!

And of course there is a grand light at the end of the tunnel–our cruise heads out Saturday!

But before that, let’s take a look back at our week….


  • Story time was all about baseball and the kids got their medals for completing the summer reading program!
  • A trip to the mall to play on the playground and eat lunch with Nanny since it was rainy and yucky outside
  • Daddy came to watch Sarah Ann at gymnastics!
  • Then we had dinner out and Daddy took the kids to Target to all pick out a new toy! Can you say rotten?


  • We had two play dates on Tuesday! We had a sweet visit and play time with Mrs. Carolyn, Nathan, and baby Emma before meeting Mrs. Elizabeth and Elijah at McDonald’s for lunch and more play time! It was such a fun morning!
  • The afternoon was spent playing with Legos and doing school.
  • Tuesday night before baths we ate some orange push pops, since oranges aren’t my kiddos favorite fruit to eat.


  • We had preschool play date at church. We danced, sang, had our Bible story, colored with chalk, and had lots of fun playing with our friends.
  • We took lunch to the Church’s house and swam outside with them. It was a perfect day for the pool. Before going home for naps we stopped by Sonic happy hour! Yum!
  • Wednesday afternoon we also did school–graphing, numbers, and letters. Oh my!


  • We were homebound for the day on Thursday, but we had a great day! We had a play date at our house Thursday morning with some sweet friends. All the kids had a great time playing!
  • After more legos and finishing up school for the week on Thursday afternoon, we played outside in the pool and sprinkler until Daddy got home from work. It’s a tough life for these kiddos!


  • Miss Emily join us for story time and breakfast at Chickfila, and then we ran a couple errands to finish getting ready for the cruise.
  • We played outside, ate lunch, napped, packed, cleaned up, and painted our orange pictures before picking up Daddy from work.
  • The kids picked Taco Bell for dinner and then we took them to Monkey Joe’s before taking them to Nanny and Pops’ house for the week. Reece was so super brave going on all the jumpy things, Sarah Ann was happy to check another thing off our bucket list, and Carson really liked the icee! It was a fun little “see you later” evening before our time apart!

Well, it has been another fun and fruitful week–and there is so much to look forward to next week! Happy weekend, everyone!

My Three Amigos

photo 2

Sarah Ann and Reece drive each other crazy, but can’t stand to be apart either…

They have always had this sweet bond, being only 17 months apart…

They are the best of friends…

They have loved their baby brother from the beginning…

But they are now, slowly but surely, letting him into their little world…

He loves to chase them and play with them…

He loves to give them goodnight hugs and kisses…

And even when he tries to mess up all their legos, they love him being around…

And it is such a sweet blessing to watch their relationships grow…

And to happen upon sweet moments when they are all happily playing together…

I’m so glad that they have each other!

And I’m so thankful for my three amigos!

photo 3

social saturday and sunday

a sweet birthday for a friend from preschool, a special visit from aurora, and lots of yummy icing…


cooking out, swimming, and playing badminton in the rain at nanny and pops’ house…

photo 1-129

free kona ices, thanks to 2,00 likes on facebook! such a sweet treat on this humid afternoon…

photo 2-130

swimming, eating pizza, and hanging out with dear friends at the pool this evening–6 adults and 8 kids make for quite the exciting evening…

photo 3-94

jeffrey says that the kids and i like to keep our social calendar busy, but we sure do have lots of fun! and we especially love it on the weekends when daddy gets to have fun with us!

now let’s bring on monday! it’s going to be a great week!

Sweet Spirit Summer, Week 7

I cannot believe that summer is halfway over! I’m sure I say this every summer, but this season has been flying by! And it’s been so much fun!

This week we talked about goodness and God’s creation, and our fruit was one of our favorites: watermelon!

Monday: Storytime at the library was all about superheroes! We also had a picnic in the living room, gymnastics and dinner with our sweet friends, the Leviners, at McAlister’s!

Tuesday: Charlie came to play with us Tuesday morning and then we all went to McDonald’s after we picked up Anna Claire from art camp. The kids had so much fun playing together, especially Carson–he wants to do everything the big kids do! We did school on Tuesday afternoon, lots of fun this week with geoboards, graphing, letters and counting!

Wednesday: We had church on Wednesday morning, and the kids thought it was so much fun to paint with kook-aid and eat lots of watermelon! We also had lunch at Moe’s with some of my small group friends, did school, and made dinner for our neighbors and friends who recently had a new baby. Sarah Ann loved seeing that sweet baby girl!

Thursday: We took another wonderful trip to the IOP on Thursday! The weather was great, and I don’t think the kids have ever been covered in so much sand! They were a mess! When we got back AC and Charlie came over for dinner and to play so that Devin and Kathy could celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Friday: This morning we went to story time at Chickfila, and we made marshmallow Olafs! We had breakfast, played with friends, and made a trip to Target before having Sarah And Maria over for lunch and to play! After quiet time and nap time, we finished up school for the week, painted our watermelon pictures and then Daddy took us to Krispy Kreme tonight before bed! It was a sweet ending to a good day and great week!

a worthwhile weekend

photo 2-128

friday afternoon sarah ann, reece, and i loaded up the mini and headed towards atlanta. we met uncle jeremy and aunt melanie half way for sarah ann and reece to go spend the weekend with them in georgia! sarah ann and reece were so excited, and they had an absolutely wonderful time! friday night they went to the varsity for dinner, played, and watched “the pirate fairy” before bed. saturday they took a trip to kennesaw mountain (and reece was so excited about riding the bus to the top), ate lunch at stevi b’s, and then stayed at the pool the rest of the day (which sarah ann absolutely loved)! sunday they went to the park and had mcdonald’s for lunch before getting back on i-20 to meet me. they both had so much fun and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it! thank you, uncle jeremy and aunt melanie, for loving on our bigs all weekend! they can’t wait to do it again!

photo 1-127

and while the bigs were in atlanta, carson got to spend the weekend with nanny and pops. he loved having all of nanny’s attention, even in the middle of the night! he played and colored and ate and loved on nelson all weekend long. and he’s definitely spent the last couple of days catching up on some sleep!


jeffrey and i enjoyed going out to dinner at antai and carrabba’s, sleeping in, and cleaning out the garage and attic. i’m always thankful for sweet alone time with my man, but i sure do miss all the noise and chaos when the babies are gone. they were all so excited to see each other on sunday! i love how much they love each other!

photo 2

it was definitely a wonderful and worthwhile weekend! thank you, sweet family, for loving on our babies all weekend long!