the view from here

a perfectly fall-like afternoon. cloudy and cool. lots of running, jumping, and climbing. watching their imaginations at work. and so many smiles and laughs. the view from here sure is pretty great!

and while it could have been a dreary, busy, and long monday… i’m choosing to enjoy the view and be thankful! thankful that we got to play outside, for lots of fresh air, for new to us fall clothes, and for sweet moments with my babies.

“this is the day that the Lord has made. i will rejoice and be glad in it!”


Quality Time

photo 1

Jeffrey had the day off work on Friday, so we took a trip downtown to Edventure and have lunch at Jason’s Deli. The kids were so excited to show Jeffrey the dinosaurs, the vet area, and all of the other exhibits. I think that they could have stayed there all day–Jeffrey included! We had a great time, and we were so glad to have some quality time with Daddy after a busy couple of weeks at work!

photo 3

Friday night was also a special treat! Jeffrey, Sarah Ann, and Reece went back downtown to see the Marvel Universe Show at the Colonial Life Arena! The kids were so excited about it all day, and they had so much fun! Sarah Ann and Reece couldn’t wait to tell me all about it, and Jeffrey said that all of the special effects were really neat. And I’m pretty sure the kids enjoyed their snow cones, souvenir cups, and new toys too!

photo 2

While the bigs were having fun with Daddy, Carson and I headed over to Harbison so that I could go to Old Navy. Since we still had some time before bed, we took a trip the mall to play on the playground and get a cookie snack from Nestle! Yum! Carson was so shy at first on the playground; I think he didn’t know what to do without SA and Reece being there. But we had lots of fun, and I’m thankful for some good quality time with my littlest love!

photo 4


Yesterday Jeffrey saw something online about the musical “Once,” so he just decided to look it up to see if might be coming to Columbia, Greenville, or Charlotte at some point. Well, lo and behold, it just happened to be at the Peace Center this week! So after a quick call to Nanny, we bought tickets and decided to make a day date of it! We took the kids to Nanny and Pops’ house this morning and headed to the upstate. We had lunch at La Parilla, went to see the show at the Peace Center, took a way to Falls Park downtown, and then had dinner at P.F. Chang’s before coming home! It was such a wonderful day with my favorite! And a big thanks to Nanny and Pops for spending lots of quality time with the kiddos today; they had the best day!

Fall Favorites!

We have had a fabulous first week of fall. Other than the bits of rain, it has been perfect weather for being outside and enjoying the cooler temperatures! We have painted fall trees, taken a nature walk, collected colored leaves, made our own “leaf man,” read lots of books about fall, and watched a movie about how leaves change their colors. It has been such a fun and busy week!

We all know that fall is my most favorite season. I love hoodies and sweaters, thanksgiving, going to the fair, my birthday, and of course college football! I’m always sad to see summer go, but there’s just something so wonderful and magical about fall.

So this week I also asked the kiddos what there favorite things about fall were, and here’s what they came up with:

Sarah Ann: “My birthday! My birthday! I’m going to be six!”

Reece: “Jumping in the leaves and being Captain America for Halloween.”

Carson: “Ba, ba, ba!” He really likes football too!

I’m so looking forward to lots more fun and special memories with my sweet babies this fall!


some things they say


reece says some of the silliest things. here are two of my most favorite recent quotes…

when he saw carson climb up on a box and stand up, “well, i was totally not expecting that.”

and when i was trying to call the kids to dinner and i couldn’t get all of their names out, “sometimes i feel like you don’t know my name!”

oh, that boy!


sarah ann is all into making future plans right now.

“mommy, when i grow up i am going to be a mommy and also make movies. so i will need you to keep my kids while i go to work and make movies.”

“when can we go to hollywood? i might need to live there one day when i am making movies.”

“can i get a phone when i am eleven? i will text you.”

she also has all of her birthday parties planned out until she is like 15!


carson has also begun saying lots more words, and he has gotten very loud! he loves to yell and squeal.

here’s a list of the words he’s saying…

ba: ball

ma: momma

da: daddy

na na: nanny

op: pops

da: dog

eece: reece

ease: please

uce: juice

boo: book

uh: up

he-o: hello

i uh ooo: i love you (with lots of squealing)

a few fun firsts

after trying out karate last week, reece officially started this week and got his very first karate uniform and white belt! he has been doing such a great job, and we are so proud of him! he has been learning some pretty awesome karate moves too!

photo 2

sarah ann also had her first math assessment this week. the curriculum we are using does a little written and oral assessment every 10 lessons. when i told sarah ann that we were going to be taking a little math “test,” she said, “oh, now this is what i was going to be nervous about!” but of course she did wonderfully and did it all correctly!

photo 3

carson also got to have his first bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast yesterday. he is quite the messy eater, but he actually did really great keeping most of the milk in the bowl and getting it to his mouth! and he even asked for “mo, mo, mo!”

photo 1

last night we had one more big first at our house! sarah ann, reece, and jeffrey “camped out” in the backyard in daddy’s new tent for the first time! to be honest, i didn’t think they would make it all night long. but after watching a movie on the lap top, telling bed time stories, and giggling until they finally settled down, they all slept soundly all night long! sarah ann and reece were so excited, and they had so much fun!

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Family Devotions

One of my most favorite times of the day is when we all come into the living room, attempt to settle down a bit and have our family devotion time. Jeffrey reads us a Bible story, we study our Awana lessons, practice our scripture memory verses, and pray together before heading to bed. It’s not always calm, Carson is usually running around, Reece might get giddy when he’s praying, and Sarah Ann’s probably trying to dance or sing, but nonetheless, I’m so thankful for the time that we spend together learning God’s truth, giving thanks to the Lord for all He’s done for us, and growing together as a family!

photo 1-132

Listening to Daddy read our Bible story

photo 2-133

This is how Carson closes his eyes while we pray!