Sweet Saturdays

As summer winds down, we’ve been “working hard” to finish up our summer bucket list. We still have a couple things left, but we’ll make sure they are done before the summer official ends in September. We’ve done a lot of things on our list during the week, but we also really love it when we get to do our activities with Daddy on the weekends.

Two Saturdays ago we took a trip out to the lake to visit with Grandpa and Ning. We rode on the boat, swam in the lake, did a little fishing, and Daddy even did some paddle boarding. After a delicious dinner, Grandpa also took us for a ride on his new golf cart. It was such a fun evening on Lake Murray!

photo 1

This past Saturday we took a day trip up to Greenville to spend the afternoon at the Discovery Island Water Park. It was so much fun! We had a storm delay, but it also made the park a lot less crowded! Sarah Ann’s favorite part was the tube slide that she got to ride with Jeffrey three times, while Reece and Carson just preferred to play in the pool area. After the water park, we got to meet up with our sweet friends, the Perkins, that we hadn’t seen in almost a year. It was so great to catch up and spend some time with them over dinner! Before heading back to Columbia at bed time, we made a trip to Cabela’s outdoor store and to Sweet Frog for some yummy frozen yogurt!

photo 2

Sweet Spirit Summer, Week 12

We just finished our 12th week of summer, and only one more to go! We are really enjoying these last couple of weeks that have been laid back and full of fun!

Monday morning we celebrated everyone going back to school by taking a trip to the zoo–which was finally not crowded! It was hot, but it was lots of fun! We rode the carousel and train, fed the giraffes, played on the playground, climbed the rock wall, had a picnic lunch, and of course visited all the animals!

Tuesday we played with our sweet friends Lucy Mills and McClain, ran some errands around town, took an afternoon trip to the library and started our last week of summer school!

Wednesday we met our friends at Mellow Mushroom to celebrate Mellow Mushroom’s birthday. It was so crowded but really yummy! Our friends Jonathan, Shelley, Jackson and Sam are moving to NC, so we are thankful for a fun lunch with them before they go! We also went swimming at the Church’s house and did school. While Sarah Ann and I went our celebrating her tooth coming out, Jeffrey and Reece went to visit a local karate school and have dinner at Groucho’s. Carson spent the evening with Nanny and Pops and definitely enjoyed all the attention!

Thursday brought another trip to the Isle of Palms! It was a wonderful, wonderful day at the beach–not very crowded and lots of fun! We spent lots of time in the water and under the pier. I’m so thankful that my babies love the beach as much as I do! Thursday night the kiddos also got to spend the night with Nanny and Pops while I had bunco and Daddy worked late.

Friday was a relaxing and restful day after a busy week. We had lunch at Moe’s, napped and played, and finished up our last day of summer school! Reece finished his alphabet workbook and Sarah Ann completed her reading and math books! They have both worked so hard this summer. I have loved seeing them learn and grow this summer! It was a great way to try out homeschooling and gets lots of practice for the year ahead!

And now it’s time to enjoy our last week of summer! Bring it on!

A new adventure begins…

Well, we have begun a new adventure in our house–losing teeth! About a month ago, Sarah Ann said it hurt her tooth when she took a bite of her snack. I asked her to show me which one, and sure enough one of her bottom teeth was loose! She was so excited! She had lots of fun wiggling it with her tongue, and at the beginning of this week it was barely hanging in there!

It came out on Tuesday while we were at a play date with some of our sweet friends. There is a short little video below where Sarah Ann tells you all about her tooth coming out, the tooth fairy coming, and what she got with the tooth fairy money!

photo 2-132

Wednesday evening Sarah Ann and I had a little date night out with dinner at Moe’s, dessert at Menchie’s, and then to Target to use her tooth fairy money. It was so great to spend some quality time with her. She even requested that we all wear black and white, Rebecca included.  I am so thankful for this sweet big girl with one less tooth!

photo 1-131



Paradise, Part 4

Our final day on the cruise was another wonderfully relaxing day at sea on the Carnival Paradise. We slept in, ate lunch, relaxed on the deck, played shuffleboard, read and napped the afternoon away!





After our restful afternoon, we got dressed up one more time, went to see the Shout! show before dinner, and then enjoyed one last delicious meal in the dining room. Every single night I got the same dessert–the warm chocolate melting cake. Oh my! It is so good!




I am so thankful for the sweet memories and awesome time that we had on our cruise! Now it’s time to countdown until around 10 year anniversary getaway!


Sweet Spirit Summer, Week 11

Last week we spent lots of time with our sweet friends before they headed back to school this week! Summer is quickly winding down, but we are going to soak up every last minute of it! We have been reviewing our fruits of the Spirit and really trying to put them into practice!


  • Swimming and lunch with Anna Claire, Charlie and Nathan
  • An afternoon of Candy Land and a trip to the library


  • Carson’s 18month well visit
  • Lunch with Mrs. Maria and Sarah
  • Popsicles before bath time are our favorite!


  • A super fun and messing morning with sidewalk chalk paint, oobleck, and playing in the sprinkler with friends
  • Lunch and swimming with Amaya at Nanny’s house


  • Hello, Isle of Palms! Our favorite place to be on a Thursday!


  • Our first trip to Hiwire for a friend’s birthday party!
  • Swimming and lunch at the pool with Chappell and Bridges
  • Popsicles and silly string before bed!

my girl

photo 1-130

my girl is growing up before my very eyes. she is brave and outgoing. she is becoming so independent, and she is such a great helper around the house. she is so nurturing to her little brothers. my girl has such an imagination, and she loves to draw and write and create beautiful pictures. she has worked very hard this summer on her math and reading, and she is looking forward to really getting into school in a couple of weeks. she is so excited about having school in her pajamas! a few weeks ago she amazed us all when she put together the entire house of her new lego friends set. she worked so diligently and patiently. i love seeing her mind at work! today she moved in the 314 building at church, and she loved the new environment! she so enjoyed the bible story, play time, crafts and snacks! she has also recently enjoyed waiting “girl meets world” and requested some of their d-signed clothes for the beginning of school. we went to kohl’s this afternoon and she got to pick out her outfit for the first day of co-op. i must admit that she’s got pretty good taste! my girl will be six in just a couple of months, and i feel like time is going by too quickly. but it has been such a joy to watch her grow, and learn, and experience life! and i know that the best is yet to come! i am so thankful for my girl and all the these sweet moments i get to experience with her!

Paradise, Part 3

Before our sweet vacation gets too far away from us, I need to finish blogging about it! I don’t want to forget about all the fun we had!

We slept in a bit on Tuesday morning and ate breakfast while we docked in Cozumel! And we could tell it was going to be an absolutely beautiful day!

We knew we wanted to go to the beach and visit all around the island while we were  there, so we found a “company” that rented jeeps for us to drive ourselves all around Cozumel! We definitely decided that this was the absolute best way to do it because we could see what we wanted to see, do everything on our own time, and check out all the local spots too! Plus, how often do you get to drive a super sketchy jeep around another country?

Our first stop was “El Cedral” which had a small Mayan ruin, a church, and some local shopping where we got Sarah Ann a cute dress! We then continued our drive around the back side of the island and the beaches were absolutely beautiful! The water was so blue! We stopped at a restaurant that also had a beach area to enjoy some time in the sun and ocean. We had lunch, went swimming, and relaxed on the beach before continuing our trip around the island! Before turning our jeep in, we also stopped at another ecological park to see some more of the ruins. By this time we were all a little hot and worn out, but it was neat to see the remains of the temples. Next we drove back to the city, turned in the jeep, and finished up a little souvenir toy shopping for the boys!

Once we got back to the ship we had a little time to relax and get ready before dinner and the talent show. Once again dinner was delicious, and I was really impressed by the people who participated in the talent show! They are way braver than I would ever be!

It was another wonderful day of vacation! It is time to go back yet?