a few fun firsts

after trying out karate last week, reece officially started this week and got his very first karate uniform and white belt! he has been doing such a great job, and we are so proud of him! he has been learning some pretty awesome karate moves too!

photo 2

sarah ann also had her first math assessment this week. the curriculum we are using does a little written and oral assessment every 10 lessons. when i told sarah ann that we were going to be taking a little math “test,” she said, “oh, now this is what i was going to be nervous about!” but of course she did wonderfully and did it all correctly!

photo 3

carson also got to have his first bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast yesterday. he is quite the messy eater, but he actually did really great keeping most of the milk in the bowl and getting it to his mouth! and he even asked for “mo, mo, mo!”

photo 1

last night we had one more big first at our house! sarah ann, reece, and jeffrey “camped out” in the backyard in daddy’s new tent for the first time! to be honest, i didn’t think they would make it all night long. but after watching a movie on the lap top, telling bed time stories, and giggling until they finally settled down, they all slept soundly all night long! sarah ann and reece were so excited, and they had so much fun!

photo 4

photo 1

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photo 3

Family Devotions

One of my most favorite times of the day is when we all come into the living room, attempt to settle down a bit and have our family devotion time. Jeffrey reads us a Bible story, we study our Awana lessons, practice our scripture memory verses, and pray together before heading to bed. It’s not always calm, Carson is usually running around, Reece might get giddy when he’s praying, and Sarah Ann’s probably trying to dance or sing, but nonetheless, I’m so thankful for the time that we spend together learning God’s truth, giving thanks to the Lord for all He’s done for us, and growing together as a family!

photo 1-132

Listening to Daddy read our Bible story

photo 2-133

This is how Carson closes his eyes while we pray!

Bath Time

photo 1

Laughter is timeless,

Imagination has no age, 

And dreams are forever!

~Walt Disney~

Bath time brings lots of laughter and lots of imagination! Last night we had a kitchen set up for smoothies and fresh squeezed lemonade. Then it became a science show where Reece was using spider juice in his concoctions. They could stay in the bath and create forever! And who needs bath toys when you have plastic cups, water bottles, and spoons from Menchies? I’m so thankful for their laughter, imaginations, and dreams!

photo 2

simple pleasures

a few quiet moments to myself when the rest of the house is still sleeping, and the new study from the she reads truth app.

sarah ann still likes to sit in my lap during devotion time at co-op; she’s loving the one-on-one time.

nap time and quiet time, bless you!

the sounds that reece makes when he’s playing superheroes; they sound so real and he gets so into it!

monday afternoon trips to the library, and how excited the kids get about new books.

the moment that jeffrey walks in the door from work.

all sitting down to eat dinner together and talking about our days.

playing outside and taking evening walks in the cooler weather.

jumping in puddles from the earlier rain.

our family devotion time, and hearing sarah ann and reece memorize scripture.

the way carson cannot go to his room to go to bed without going around the house and giving everyone a hug and a kiss.

getting ready for fall; it’s my most favorite season!

being in the bed by 11pm and everything on my to do list is done!

i’m so thankful for these sweet and simple pleasures on a busy monday!

**family friday**

jeffrey took the day off on friday for a fun family day! we started our day at hiwire, which was so much fun! there was only one other family there while we were there, so we basically had the whole thing to ourselves! everyone had a great time jumping and racing and playing dodgeball! and the best part was that daddy got to be there with us to play!

after hiwire, we came home and packed up for a day trip up the the north carolina mountains! first we met meme at sky top apple orchard! there was a chance of rain all day long, but it was absolutely beautiful (and hot) when we got there. we picked apples, played on the playground, saw the animals, went on a hay ride, had apple slushies, and got apple doughnuts all before the rain came in! it was such a great trip, and the kids did a great job picking apples, especially when they got to climb the trees to get them!

when we got done apple picking, we went to visit granny! we all went out to dinner at olive garden, and the kids had a great time talking and playing with granny! it was so great to see her and share some sweet hugs!

before heading back down the mountain at bedtime, we stopped by meme’s house to get our pajamas on, see their new kittens, and pick up some more of daddy’s old toys! we had a great visit, and the kids were sound asleep on the way home after a busy and fun day!

Thankful Thursday

It’s been a good week, and here are some things I’m thankful for on this wonderful Thursday…

1. Library books–I’ve have been requesting and holding books to use for school, and it has worked wonderfully as I’m planning my themes!

2. Pinterest–So many of our activities, plans, and science experiments have come from pinterest. I love going there for ideas. Sarah Ann and Reece had so much fun this week when we did an apple volcano activity!

3. Dinner with friends–We got to have dinner with some of our dear friends that we don’t see often enough. I’m so thankful for the friends that God has blessed us with, and it’s even better when I don’t have to cook and the kids eat free!

4. Play dates and the park–This week we had the whole park to ourselves when we went for a lunch play date with our friends Lucy Mills and McClain. Today we met another homeschool family at the park and the girls loved playing together, and then we got to have a fun lunch at Chickfila with a friend from college. Yesterday Anna Claire, Charlie, Nathan and baby Emma got to come over to play when they got out of school early! Sarah Ann, Reece, and Carson were so happy to see their friends!


5. My small group at church–We are getting ready to read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker, and we have such a fun, diverse group yet we are also all moms just trying to love and serve our families! It’s going to be a great and challenging semester!

6. Homeschooling–So many thoughts are constantly swirling in my head that I want to post about homeschooling, but really mostly that I just love it! I love the flexibility, watching Sarah Ann learn and hearing her read, having lazy Thursday mornings and doing school in our pajamas, and so much more!

7. My man and my babies–I’m thankful, so very thankful that God has called me to love them, serve them, encourage them. I’m so glad they are mine!

8. Today as we remember 9/11, I’m thankful for those who serve and sacrifice for our country. I know that I will never forget where I was or what it was like to see the planes hit the towers. I’m thankful for God’s sovereignty, and that He is always in control!

9. And tomorrow is Friday! After a busy week at work, Jeffrey is taking the day off and we are heading to NC to go apple picking! I’m so thankful for a fun family day, and it totally gets to count as a school field trip!

busy little broadwells

we are settling nicely into our new fall routine. reece is really enjoying preschool, and sarah ann is doing so well with kindergarten! they are also so excited that awanas has started back! carson is always so laid back and along for the ride. this season is definitely going to be busy, but it’s also going to be so much fun!

last thursday sarah ann went back to dance class, and she was so happy to be back! when we did our devotions that night before bed she said, “thank you, jesus, for ballet!” she doesn’t get to see anna claire quite as much now with school, so she’s looking forward to having dance class with her on thursdays!


monday was another big day for sarah ann because she had her first day at the lexington homeschool co-op! she was so excited to wear her new dress and take her new backpack, which came from the “girl meets world” collection. every monday she will go to co-op and take four classes: rainforest explorers, ballet, spanish fun, and art! she absolutely loved it! she got to meet some new friends and really enjoyed all of the activities she did in her classes. i think it is going to be a perfect fit for us! and a very special thank you to nanny for taking care of the boys each monday while sarah ann and i are co-op!

photo 1

today after nineteen months of following sarah ann and reece around, carson finally got to go to his very first story time just for him! he was so shy at first and kept looking for sarah ann (who was out playing on the computer), but once the puppets came out he started smiling and laughing. and by the end of story time, he was dancing and chasing all of the bubbles! i’m thankful that he will get a little time that is just for him when we go to story time each week!

photo 3

photo 4

and lastly for our busy little broadwells, reece went to his first karate class tonight and he had the best time! tonight they worked on several different self defense moves, and he couldn’t wait to practice them on daddy before bed! he was such a great listener during class, and he couldn’t stop smiling! but i think he’s also looking forward to when he can “fight” too!

photo 5